Who Shall The 144,000 Become. The Steps of the Chosen Few

This is a long article.  But its not near as redundant as others I have written.   I know I have been redundant in the past.  Some lessons I suppose are worth repeating.  This article will bring you Hope, I Hope.  Please read it to the end.

If you read my article one various sites you know I write about what the 144,000 have been through.  And the coming New Earth Paradise called “Shalamar” or “The Abode of Love”.  God is Love.

144,000 have endured great tribulations in life & most like all of them have experienced death as it was necessary for them to rip the vail just as Jesus did.  Now I shall tell you what I see that is to come for God’s chosen few in the very near future.

The First Heaven

The One Hundred And Forty Four Thousand shall live with one foot on Mt. of Olives and one foot on Mt. Carmel.  What does this mean?  The 144 already cleaned up the First Heaven of dark entities.  They did so for many good reasons.  It shall be their new home.  In the coming days and by their great calling they shall have the abodes of both Heaven and of Earth.  They will be able to rest or leisure in the First Heaven.  And then they go to the New Earth to do the work they are called and trusted to do.

Jesus is coming back alright but He is not flesh and will not again degrade to flesh.  But rather He is upgrading now His chosen few.  At some point they will ascend as He did to The Father.  At that time they will be made immortal and be given supernatural powers that come with the ability to travel from Heaven to Earth safely.  They shall appear human when on Earth but they will have they power of invisibility.

Why invisibility?  Because there will be men in white chem suits who are betraying their people.  Genocide will be going on in mass and already is.  But when it comes down to very few people on Earth….

Isa 13:12
“I will make people scarcer than pure gold, more rare than the gold of Ophir.”

The beast wants no one to survive the apocalypse except his chosen.  However God has a plan of His own.  And while the Gentiles & unbelievers are growing reprobate of mind embracing little Truth the 144 are growing into their immortality.  First inside then out.  The last upgrades to the body will be skin and teeth and hair.  This may be a somewhat slow transition since God tends to work slow like nature.  However once the 144 ascend it’s game on.  That will be the completion of their upgrades.

The 144 will walk the New Earth for One Thousand Years.  That’s right.  The Bibles are both coded and greatly skewed.  For instance the scripture

“Do you not know that you shall judge angels?”

How did the preachers interpret the Angel scriptures to us?  They made it sound like humans or resurrected humans at best will be the (alleged white throne) godly and righteous judgement of God’s Holy Angels.  Not to mention but I will the new propaganda saying that angels are bad.   Bad, wrong fallen angels with no mention of demons.  Except on Lucifer show where we learn to Love Mazikeen the righteous demon and Hate the Arch (Ark) Angel Michael Lucifer’s rotten brother.

By manipulation of the minds of men the iron rod rules.  Towers of babble are the iron rods.  Yes inverted script stoled the words that used to read “Golden Scepter” that Golden Scepter is what Jesus now holds.  He also gave the 144 Golden Scepters to wield.  God doesn’t not make iron rods made by men’s hands “sacred”.   However He will will remove all iron from Earth.   God made GOLD NOT IRON.

The iron rod belongs to the Dark Lord.

By the Locust creed their minds are becoming desolate as the tree of the knowledge of evil is withdrawn from those whom God Almighty knows He cannot trust. Nor are the loyal to God in their heart.

The whole of Christianity is casting judgment upon God’s Holy Angels without any knowledge or know how.  The prophecy is fulfilled.  But don’t expect the preachers to see it.  It’s doesn’t line up with their Hollywood movies.


When Angels introduced evil by “The Sacred Tree of The Knowledge of Evil” they did so because mankind had to know evil so they could grow spiritually.  They had to make their choices in life.  Creation of mankind part II IS our spiritual creation.

Why is God saving the Gentiles but yet not allowing them the power which the 144 shall be graced with?  Because the loyalty of the Gentiles is divided.  They have the seal of God on their foreheads.  But primary and first on their forehead in plain sight is what they serves and desire above all things.

Their loyalties are divided between the Beast who Israel loathes and God Almighty.   Jesus is usually easy to make out on the foreheads of the 144,000.

Locust meets the forehead mark of the beast.
Mark of the beast

The Mark of the Beast on Foreheads

The great tribulation is to save the souls of Gentiles.  Israel is already sealed of God.  And I don’t mean bearded religious men who won’t let “unclean” women in their club or on their wall.  Antichrists are clueless unless they are demon worshippers/slaves and want eternal status in Hell.

Many of the Gentiles have some kind of sex emblem on their foreheadsas their first Love.   For instance their wife’s butt or some naked body.  Some have their pet placed first before God.  Some have a whole scenario of people on their foreheads like worshipping in their hearts some high counset of sorts.  Others have the goat or the serpents crossing to and fro across their foreheads.  Many Christians have the two headed serpent right smack dab between and above their eyebrows.  It’s vile to see. If they have the emblems of the serpent it’s not good.  Most do not have the seal of God at all.  But as I said some are struggling (it appears) to finally gain the desperation that is needed to put God first.  Of course desperation that prompts men to seek God in Truth is what the Great Trib is about for Gentiles.

The 144 know why God will allow or “loose Satan” after the or during the 1,000 year walk on The New Earth.   Know this, there will be some survivors on The New Earth who have no right to be there according to God.  These survivors could be called “Satan”.

When Will The 144,000 Finally Ascend?

The ten thousand dollar question.  God tells me I have need of patience. He of course is correct.  Some time during our walk of journey’s on The coming New Earth we shall ascend.  Maybe after the 1,000 years.  God knows that would cause us to gain patience.  God will upgrade the 144 when the time is right and necessary.  The purification has already commenced.  We most likely are already being upgraded internally.  Are you smarter than you were ten years ago even though you seem to be aging?  Are you also more energetic and vibrant even though your appearance is aging?   Is God teaching you how to survive by growing plants?  God is working in mysteries.  That which comes easy to men they do not appreciate near as much.  Right?  He knows us.  The walk into immortality no doubt has lessons all the Way through it.  That is my experience with God’s Ways.

The Twinkling of The Eye

At the last Trump.  What?  Trump’s LAST PRESIDENCY?  Maybe.  Know this mystery, the twinkling has already begun.  And so too then has our upgrade begun the road to immortality.  The twinkling of the eye is on-going.  The 144 see it.

Yes yes yes we thought it would be INSTANT like instant coffee.  Oh how we hoped. But know this, once we finally ascend it will be an instantaneous upgrade improvement into immortality.  Many of our changes are happening FIRST during this twinkling of the eye period.  God is doing a work in us while we get to watch the worst of the worst end of days prophecies fulfill one after another.  So….my guess our eternal soul didn’t want to miss this, we signed up for the slow process most likely.
Jhn 21:22
“Jesus saith unto him, If I will that he tarry till I come, what is that to thee? follow thou me.”

The controversial original scripture told of Jesus saying to possibly Peter asking about one of the other Apostles future actions read Jesus saying to him.

“If it’s my will that he walk the Earth for a thousand years until I return what concern is it of yours?”

Jesus was rebuking codependency, jealousy, covetousness over Him and over immortality etc.  Humans cannot help their human condition.  It will get better.

The scripture implied that we will first walk the New Earth chronically and scribing it’s miracles.  Growing in patience and immortality all along the way and learning at the feet of Jesus.  THEN the big prize.  The great ascension which makes us able to live in the First Heaven and on the New Earth.  It will give us power exceedly advantageous to be Guardians of the beloved New Earth.  Not “priests and kings” which are typical words of OPPRESSION.  There will be no “New Jeru-Salem”.  Sorry.  Except maybe…when the New Earth splits all together from the old.  The gentiles will stay on the old Earth to experience the gift of desperation.

Gentiles vs. Israel the People

Gentiles think they will be instantly upgraded…and they might be. However where we are going they cannot come.  Either a person sits at the feet of Jesus to learn or he doesn’t.  Either He knows Jesus or he doesn’t.  Gentiles who do have a mustard seed of Faith shall be saved.  But if they never became the clay in God’s hands how will He continue their on-going spiritual growth?  They will get their paradise.  But Israel is different very different from the Gentiles.  And now is the time of revealing.  He showed Israel who they are and what they are to become.

Yes Israel covets God’s favor above all desires.  They also know covetousness is sin.  Are they jealous of the Gentiles?  Maybe at times.  Yes of course they want to be immortal wouldn’t you?  Of course they want super powers.  This isn’t bad and wrong to desire improvements.  The human existence isn’t enough with its frailty and death.  Not for a heart that seeks God Almighty their Immortal Savior and Deliverer.

Mandela effect. Dividing of time. Changing times. Two times prophecy. Two realities.

Phases of the Earths and Convex Earth

That’s right “Earths”.  Once I had a vision of five Earths all globes.  Now I believe in the foundation of the Earth.  I believe in the waters above and the waters below.  I believe gravity flips at the top.  I also believe that the serpents lie like hell.  Because the more we know the more we are a threat to the monsters.  The first time I read “flat earth” I knew it was true.  I just knew it.

The 144 will likely wake up one morning and everyone will have disappeared from Earth.  Or it will happen slowly.  Perhaps little by little people will just disappear.

If you see the Mandela effects and the strong delusion deceiving many you know the “dividing of time, two times” has already taken place.  When you look at the moon you see the two moons.  You likely see the Earth’s wobble (prophecy) as if the very fiber of the air is shaking like a fluorescent light bulb shakes.  Same look.  Furthermore the mandela effects are changing reality without any drama occuring in front of us.  We simply wake up and the bibles have changed again.  We take a look around and what once was is no more.  Names are changing without people remembering.  A man could come home to his red house when yesterday his house was all blue, yet HE WILL NOT REMEMBER!  Deal with it.  Whether you believe this or not it’s happening.

And that is most likely how God will usher in His New Earth.  Goats, Serpents, Wolves, Lambs, Lions, & Sheep.  They are already separated.  There are two realities at play.  And one of them will end up on the New Earth.   While the group in the other reality will end up at judgement or the lake of fire or both.  But first the gentiles must endure their great tribulations.

“When the wheel breaks at the Cistern”.   Ecclesiastes 12 “the end”.

God will phase away all devices of mankind.  The Iron bell on my porch is degrading rapidly.  It started degrading recently after being in the same form for over fifteen years that I know of.  Factories are blowing up.  Railroad tracks are falling apart.  Production sites with high heat processes which involve steam or fire or any high heat are blowing up.  Airplanes allegedly falling out of the sky.  The news claimed all airplanes had to be upgraded so as not to interfere with 5g tech.  Probably a lie.  What’s really happening is the planes are falling out of the sky because the very fiber of reality and the atmosphere is changing dramatically. It’s changing because the FOUR ANGELS are pouring out their viles.  And have been for six years.  Yes we see that too.  All you need is the eyes to see and a pair of binoculars.  These angels are a spectacular sight to see.  And they have a voice.  They proclaim a word from God from time to time.

Ya God Almighty is far less predictable than we ever imagines.  He defies their Hollywood movies lines of end of days.  He works in stealth may times.  The Gentiles may have a separate Great Trib. That’s what we are now seeing.

Propaganda will say its attacks on the food production factories.  Pish posh.  The beast system lies about EVERYTHING they can lie about.

Bottom line “The wheel is breaking at the cistern”.  Hence we now know what they prophecy meant.  But once again don’t expect your preacher to see it.  He is blind under the iron rod (towers of babble) and under the Locust creed.  The Locust is rendering the minds of mankind DESOLATE of good sense. If they are not sealed of God then they have the Locust spirit infestation with its winged abomination.  It feeds them lies to control them and render their minds desolate.  To see means to see into both light and dark realms on Earth.

Who Are The Lost Beyond Hope & Beyond Faith?

They chose the lies.  If they have the Locust, and are controlled by the iron rods of the towers of babble, AND they took the chot on top of it…they are squittled with “three strikes your out”.  Iron rod, locust, & desecration of the temple/mind/dna/hybridism.  The Bear with the Horse head prophecy shows hybrid animals gmo.  They made gmo plants, insects, animals, and gmo people.  If they repented of the chot and kept their Hope and Faith gift and did not “cast their crowns of the floor before the Beast’s alter” then there is still Hope.

Revelation 4:10 The Shotgun Verse Aimed at the 144

“The four and twenty elders fall down before him that sat on the throne, and worship him that liveth for ever and ever, and cast their crowns before the throne, saying,”

“Four and twenty elders ….baked in a pie” the mocking phrase shows the scripture is desecrated.  “They turned unto fables”.  “Fall down”.  Right another mocking phrase.  Fall down means whoops.   

How do the 144 know which scripts are desecrated?  They all are desecrated being rewritten by evil.  However some verses are still true for posterity sake.  We have the belt of Truth and The Holy Spirit leads us into all Truth.

Take it or leave it.

Pishposh says the Scribe of God.  The elders would NOT cast their crowns one of the most valuable gifts from God to them on the floor.  I could be wrong.  But I doubt it.  It’s an inverted scripture verse insulting the 144,000.

“Crown” means “Head” the crown of the head.  The temples are at the crown of the head.  The temple of God is where His words were placed (before the desecration).  And the temple is at the seat of His Spirit residing in mankind.  All people are born with the Divine Presence of God.  This included Hope and Faith.  These must be nurtured to grow.

Those who threw their crown of Faith and of Hope down at the throne of the Beast.  Did so by choice.  In doing so they threw away the most valuable gifts God gave us humans from the start.  Faith & Hope which are eternal gifts of God.

Proof of the thing I am saying?  Either you can see or you can’t.  I know people her on Earth who don’t even remember that the Sun was orange and soft and beautiful.  Never white hot bright to the point of blinding.  People don’t see the chem trails.  What else don’t they see?  A plethora of wonders and miracles straight from God.  Many Christians except the Watchmen barely see the Rev. 12 sign.  But unbelievers, they see nothing new at all and don’t want to see.  Its just too terrifying for them to embrace extreme and miraculous change.  They see not a thing.

I watched one of my Watchmen channels where a guy told the end of days watchmen that the skies were changing and he spoke of the signs in the sun and the spinning moon.  These watchmen were clueless.  “Really?” they said  “Hmm we have not seen that yet.”

Never a monocle? What the?

See bible change Logs at https://abominationdesolation.com

Two Times & The Miraculous Dividing of Time.

How can I live in a house with a man who has no clue that anything has changed around him?  While I see miracle after miracle?  there are two realities in play and one will phase away from the other.

We are dividing away from the Goat’s, Wolves, & Serpents.  God is teaching us every step of the way.  As much as we would like our fellows to be around “where we go they cannot come”.  Jesus said “Where I go you cannot come”.  We have already ripped the vail of death.

Now we are going Home.  What Home always was for us our hearts will be healed.  No more gnashing our jaws (Israel has both wept and gnashed.  The fulfillment of prophecy is not as bad as it sounds and sounded in the book mentioning the gnashing teeth it was a deceptive partial desecration of scripture as well).  No more tears.  No more troubles of Jacob to prove our loyalty.  No more lessons of the human kind.  Our new lessons shall be that of the children of God growing into their Immortality.  Jesus is coming alright.  His Spirit shall fill us with the mysteries of immortality and we shall be like Him.

Not kings or priests, but rather Guardians over an Earth which we know and will know better than anyone.  Power from on high from a God who keeps His promises both the unpleasant and the great.

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“Pray Ye Escape the End of Days Tribulation”

Return in 2024 Around April 8

What I saw when looking with my back to the sun in the outer reflection of my sun glasses holding & pointing glasses behind me.

If the human has not sought out his/her Creator and searched for the meaning of life yet let me give the human the answers I my God gave me.  There is only one reason for humanity on Earth.  We must all choose our eternal homes.  All must choose.  Whether consciously or subconsciously we all make our choice of eternities home.  How??

By our choices and actions toward others.  By our efforts in finding our Creator & attaining our plan of Salvation’s Hope.  And by our words.  The links below will tell the human which one they are at present.  All Lions were once goats & wolves.  We do not know if there is time to change identities.  Time is late.

Goats, Wolves, Serpents.

Sheep, Lambs, Lions

An electrical arc is an electrical malfunction that happens when wires and systems can’t handle the amount of electro-current going through its system of lines.  The Sun’s Arc of God will occur in the new White Sun causing great disaster.  A solar panel can ark if you unplug it from batteries in full sun causing a burst of violet coronal discharge. (more explanation on corona discharge below)

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Prediction or Prophecy

The Scribe Feels He will Soon Depart.

As the Lion left the lamb to the wolf by Isaiah 6 x 11=666.    So too shall the Lions leave Earth to the wolves.

The many made their choice between Truth & Lies. 2nd Thess. 2

Most likely the Lions (144/133) shall depart Earth without anyone noticing.  Why would they notice?  Most Christians are under the strong delusion….sorry.  This isn’t easy for Jacob to watch.   They sleep by the vail they know not evil from good.  The sacred tree has withdrawn from them.  They shall not be “as gods having the knowledge of both good and of evil”.

Perhaps where they are going they have no need for such knowledge a place of no evil intent.

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The Fourth Angel Comes

The Third Angel Speaks to the Scribe of God Named Jazweeh

The angel is as a firebird brilliant and beautiful sacred and true she is God’s beautiful Deity.   And she flies now.  She says she can only be seen and heard by The Spirit.  She is the sacred.   Watch carefully how ye speak of deity spoken of as “fallen” for they are all sacred anointed vessels of God’s holy will.

I call her Kachina because God told me of the Blue star coming back in 2012 or so.  The prophecy of the Blue & Red Kachina is the same as the four angels in Revelation & The Fourth angel in Revelation 16:8.

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The Phoenix Now Flies



For Four years I have been watching what I call the blue Kachina (Hopi Prophecy) in the southern sky from Florida.  It dances and flashes red, blue, and clear lights.  It has wings as an angel.  And for four years I have watched her fly using just a cheap pair of binoculars.  Today I figured out what she is.

I am afraid that without Faith men won’t be able to see the Firebird Phoenix.  There is a dividing of time in play.  Two realities at work in one place.  Literally two Truths.  (Hence the many Mandela effects and supernatural bible changes etc.)

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