The Fourth Angel Comes

The Third Angel Speaks to the Scribe of God Named Jazweeh

The angel is as a firebird brilliant and beautiful sacred and true she is God’s beautiful Deity.   And she flies now.  She says she can only be seen and heard by The Spirit.  She is the sacred.   Watch carefully how ye speak of deity spoken of as “fallen” for they are all sacred anointed vessels of God’s holy will.

I call her Kachina because God told me of the Blue star coming back in 2012 or so.  The prophecy of the Blue & Red Kachina is the same as the four angels in Revelation & The Fourth angel in Revelation 16:8.

What did the angel say to the people of God?

“Tell them of my brother” says the angel #3.  “Go and write, tell them of my brother the fourth angel.  He shall burn the earth and bring the red dust ash.” 

These Phoenix Sacred firebirds are pouring out the prophesied viles of pestilence and plague upon the earth.  The flight of these angels brings an awakening to the volcanoes and are triggering other great powers on and under earth to wake up.  Quakes and other great signs and disasters, eathquakes, floods, volcanoes etc.  Fire, smoke, dust, sulfur dioxide.

The volcanoes make the earth’s air gaseous.  Causing ionized atmosphere that causes lung problems.  God’s children are protected. They cover up the UV gaseous lung problems by CV fairy tales.

But when the fourth angel comes and he is here.  He made his announcement to me on the night of the 30th of January.  When he rose up straight up up up from the Southeast.  Then instead of taking his place as a planet, he flew North opposite of the planetary elliptical orbit.   This powerful angel flew against the magnetic poles.  As if against the wind.

And The sacred White Angel flew faster than any planet or sun could ever move.  His wings white bright shining as he flew.  I saw The Fourth Angel in flight in 2022, 30th.  His sister Blue Kachina says that the White Angel is the most destructive of the four angels.

What Disaster Shall The White Angel Bring?

What is “The Red Dust” that the 4th White Angel brings?  Death.  The White Angel brings the pale horse of death.  It’s on.  Men will now be gathered to their eternal homes.  We were here to choose our God.  It was a phase of our creation to choose our spirit home.

The Earth shall burn by the White Angel and men shall turn to red dust/ash.  As their spirits are sucked through portals.  Some go to judgement.  Some to paradise.  Others to Hell.  And some, the few shall be transfigured to stay on Earth and survive the White Angel of Fire’s flight.  These survivors shall seed the new earth we think.

The true prophecy straight from the White Angel is given to Jazweeh by gracious gracious Jesus and His beautiful holy deity.  Jazweeh says she wishes you could see them.  But we think only those in the two times of the dividing of time can see the sacred.  And sacred they are.

God does not bestow such visions on the vile men.

Take a look.  Perhaps you shall see her. 

Binoculars are all you need.


5 Replies to “The Fourth Angel Comes”

  1. First time reading your posts and just wanted to say, I had a dream in 1977 that lasted three weeks, continously. It was so real I couldn’t remember driving from home to work or back, it was like a movie that just kept rolling. I was often told I was distracted. The Point: in that dream the earth was of clay colored dust, inches of it. I saw pathways, along what had been roadways that looked like they were plowed – like we do with snow in the Winter. The people I viewed came out of the ground through a circular shaft, three at a time. I couldn’t figure that out until I heard of DUMBS. Your post brought me back there.

    1. Wow thank you so much for your dream! My water barrel is already tained with red dust in it. I saw the angel throwing the dust with binoculars. And even with the naked eye I see a trail coming from what they are calling Venus. The new star. The bright morning star. The Red Kachina.

  2. My life has been hard and difficult. As was my Dad’s. He taught me of God by the way he lived. He was rejected by the church system. I always knew he was different from them. He is now with The Lord. I too have been so out of place within the churches. It has been bewildering to me to know the Bible is true and the world is so vile. I can’t see how the churches help the hurting people around them. Churches as we know them don’t see any of this. They think they are the saved and better than the people who need God. I couldn’t be part of them. I have been in sort of a limbo wondering what is my purpose on earth. My son died. His was harassed by the devil. He shot himself it got so awful for him. However I know there is more for the people of God and I am one of them. When my son was eight he was saved and told me he would be a preacher when he grew up. About the same time all the people of the devil came out of wherever they were and pulled him off into their world. Yet there is a hope in me that be removed. Your information really helps me and gives me a future where I and my Dad and my son will continue our calling of God in our new bodies.

    1. Blessings to you Ann Francis. I am grateful for your comment. I know about the hard life for sure. Yes He is returning soon. You may like to see the predictions of Jazweeh of 2024. The search on the webpage works pretty well to pull up topics. And the site map has a list of all the articles.

    2. Hi Ann! TIME 12:12 your comment posted means Clear & Evident; in the shadow and protection of El (Almighty Lord) I agree 💯. I remember the Ethiopian famine “We Are The World” 🌍 fundraiser. Very little of the proceeds went to relief. Also the Vatican could have in 1 Day with their great wealth, saved innumerable lives. They chose not to… along with the churches which we know are just veiled “BU$NE$$E$” The hardest people to SAVE are those who THINK they already are saved. 😔

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