Finding The Holy Grail

What Is a Holy Grail?

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The holy grail is a legend and mystery throughout time.  A “grail” quest is said to be the search for a Holy & sacred object.   A vessel device or trident said to have magical power and therefore sought out by the knights of Arthurian legend.   The term grail also denotes the Golden Cup or drinking vessel of honor and privilege. Hence the first “Holy Grail” being the Golden Chalice Jesus drank from at the last supper.  The precise etymology of the term “Grail” remains uncertain according to

Some say and I believe that to find the holy grail in one’s own life.  Is the quest of all of mankind’s reason for living.  To know one’s own true and thorough spiritual & sacred calling leads to great fulfillment and true purpose.

The Holy Grail is not only to find one’s true meaning behind each purpose throughout the journey.  But at the end of the combined journey of lessons there are answers.  To follow one’s own heart is vital in finding the Holy Grail of Life.  The grail is a puzzle, a kind of tapestry which cannot be read in full until the final piece of life is put into its place.

Then as a rushing river which follows the path it created by Truth and by choices, one’s meaning of life is finally understood.  The why’s and the how’s, the what-fors are all being answered with great meaning and understanding.  This is the Holy Grail which few people find. And each person’s journey is to be original and different from the others.

“Is it not the Creator’s privilege & His right to create some vessels for honor and others for destruction.”

The beginning from the end.  God doesn’t not actually create a group of people called “goats” fated to destruction.  But rather he sets forth templates.  Four to five sacred templates for mankind.  And by free will and our choices we step into our destiny.  Out template of God.  So….if you act like a goat you shall become a goat.  “The beginning from the end.”  This is how free will and predestination & free will are both Truth.

And by the vessels of destruction the children of honor learn vital life lessons.  Sheep and Goats.  Wheat and Chaff.  And the new term, “Hay and stubble”.

How do we Know that the War for Souls is Finished?

How do we know it’s harvest time?  We see miracle prophecy fulfillments. And more.

Those who received The Holy Spirit of God are lead by The Spirit.  These children of God were given supernatural gifts early on in their journey of searching for God.  These gifts primarily were for the work in the fields of grain.  Gifts which help encourage believers.  And miraculous gifts which testify of God’s Love toward mankind.  Gifts such as healing, and deliverance from spiritual bonadage.  The gifts were to help God’s children survive.  And to give His children understanding and fulfillment.  The gifts help the children to understand the value of Truth and the need for all of the Armor of God.

If I was not delivered of demons would I know they exist?  If I was not magically healed time and time again would I know Jesus The Great Physician.  And if did not receive the heart wrenching gift of intercession by God’s higher language, would I know that the war for souls is FINISHED?  No.  I would not.

You cannot know Jesus unless you seek God and then God leads you to Jesus.  You cannot know Jesus unless you get to know Jesus by interaction.  The Holy Spirit stopped all intercession for souls in and around 2017-2018.

God did not leave us in the dark.  He showed us His plan and now He is showing us the fulfillment of His plan.  I don’t know that anybody is getting “saved” at this point.  The work is done.  God’s children have fulfilled their Holy Grail.  I do not speak for the Gentiles.  I don’t know their plight except that they are 1/2 blind watchmen bent minds are under the strong delusion.    It seems they have a form of godliness yet they know nothing of The Holy Spirit of God.  It’s hard to watch them embrace the writings of The Dark Lord of this world.  But they made their choices.

Let them call the bibles by Jesus’ title.  Let them quote blasphemous scripture blinded to its meaning.  Let me embrace debauchery and crime by reading the words of curses aloud.  They wait for the son of man while we wait for The True Son of God.  They wait for Joshua while we wait for Jesus.  And while the bible change magically on the shelves to nonsense and vile passive disgust they see nothing.  Will the Gentiles be saved by God?  I DON’T KNOW.

The most powerful Grace that I am given saved me from self destruction and from becoming a dark soul of the world.  The preachers are praised for their lies.  People want to be close to them.  They pack the corrupt churches to hear lies and blasphemy.

IT DOESN’T LOOK GOOD FOR THOSE GENTILES who are under the Locust Creed and lead astray by the rule of the iron rod.  The towers of babble have their asses.

But Jesus said only a mustard seed of Faith in God is needed for salvation.  So for their sake we say we Hope that they are saved by Faith.  But we know they are not going where we are going.

We will not have to endure those who prefer the lies in our lives much longer at all.

For the children of God we had only two options.  Either follow the rule and ways of this world to be popular and loved and praised by mankind.  Or follow our hearts and be lead by God into the Spirit of Life and Light.

Yes I am speaking as if it’s over and as if it’s too late for salvation.  As long as a man has breath he can pray to God and repent. But the mark has gone out.   The righteous are sealed.  We sit in the waiting room of patience and the story of Songs of Solomon used to read.  We wait and we wait.  We are truly in the waiting room.  What else can we do except wait.  I have follow Jesus since I was twenty seven.  I received His Spirit in His Name when I was 30.  He delivered me from death.  I am not wrong. I know what time it is spiritually.

“Wait I say wait on The Lord God Almighty”.  Because we think God The Father will soon take His Holy Spirit from Earth along with those who have it.   Perhaps there are two seven year tribulation periods.  One for Gentiles and one for Israel the people/children of God.

“And The Spirit returns to God who gave it.”

And then (after God takes His Holy Spirit from Earth) the gift of desperation shall fall upon the veiled Gentiles perhaps lifting their veils.  Idk. Perhaps God shall deliver them from the Locust.

Option 2-[Israel the people]’s tribulation period is also the tribulation period of the Gentiles.  In which case they won’t have seven more years to pray to God in Truth from their heart.

At this point I feel I am writing to the wind and nothing more.

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