Mike From Around the World had a Dream

Mike from around the world had a dream back in 2014 or so about some getting shot on the stone steps.

Scroll to John’s Video.

We think he is talking about Donald Trump or Biden one or the other.  Listen to what Watchman for the great day channel “John” and Ronnie have to say about the Paul Begley born video.  If you don’t have Pastor Paul Begley’s channel here’s the link for his latest video with “Mike from Around the World” guest speaker.  Here also is the link to Pastor Paul’s website 

We Like and thank both Pastor Paul Begley and our favorite “Mike” the high security clearance Pentagon insider who predicts for us coming events accurately.  We do think Mike may be retired.  Or he is instructed by some elite to leak certain top secret information to the people of the U.S.

Truthers who seek Truth and who also revere God Almighty and Hope in the coming Rapture unto Salvation are commonly Mike’s most avid listeners.  Mike cannot show his face but we think this depiction may be quite accurate.

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  1. Please .. I’ve been forewarned and I didn’t understand for years and my sleep dreams are telling me.
    I want to talk to you

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