Either We are in “Jacob’s Trouble” or “Great Tribulation” Either/Or

Jesus’ Prophecy Disclosed.

Red Kachina

The prophecy fulfillments at the bottom of page in yellow are not written by Mike.  These are by Jazweeh the intercessor who is 144 and sees the fulfillment of Jesus’ words to us. Not all are the eyes.  We are not saying that if you do not agree or do not see the prophecy coming to pass your not saved.

Let’s establish some spiritual Truth.

Knowledge is not salvation.  This means that we can categorize people by what they know of spiritual end of days occurrences but we cannot categorize them spiritually by what they know where salvation is concerned.  God looks upon the heart.



A person may know nothing of the bible, of doctrine, of prophecy etc. and he could still be saved by Faith & a heart that seeks God in Truth.  That’s just the way of spirituality. God doesn’t go by man’s rules.  Nor is spirituality like going to school and being indoctrinated into ridged mind sets by which we are controlled.

Time to take off the gloves.  Call us prideful, deluded, or deceived but we shall tell the hard Truth now.

Do We Brag if We Tell Those Under the Strong Delusion What is?

Do We Withhold Information just to appear humble?   Or Share in spite of the unbelief of those who have consummated with the Locust?  Do we risk casting pearls of knowledge before unbelievers who may mock?  We believe Jesus spoke in parables for just that reason.  It was better that the masses didn’t understand than for them to mock at sacred words of Truth.  For their own good.  The then the time was not yet.  Its now.

And so we go I Jazweeh will now commence to show you what is.  This means to tell you where we are on the prophetic timeline.  With words of warning. The 144 have experience with demonic oppression and spiritual bondage.  We have come out of great tribulation and learned our lessons.

How & What Do We See When So Many Other Christians cannot see the fulfillments of Jesus’ prophecies?

First of all we proclaim fulfilled prophecy.  That God poured out His Spirit upon all flesh.  This is why Christians see that we are in the end of days.  The many who do see the end of days see by carnal signs & by the feeling in their heart.  They do not see supernatural spiritual signs & wonders.  This means they are perceiving on the most part in the natural by things like politics, dreams, famine, pestilence, TV, some natural signs in the skies, and a feeling deep in their hearts which God provided them by His Spirit.

God poured out His Spirit but He did not lift the vail off everybody except the chosen few.  Signs and wonders are

The few, received The Holy Spirit by prayer and the laying on of hands.  Most 144 are over the age of 50.  They are the warriors of God, intercessors who speak in higher languages.  They have knowledge of scripture but hey also are open to the supernatural to think out of the box.

Evil is as Evil Does

Not “evil is as the church proclaims evil of things that are good”.

They would have to be open minded due to their life-long process of being formed as clay in God’s hands.  They had to walk the prodigal walk of death.  They had to learn God’s eternal gifts of Faith, Love, Hope, & Grace.  They like Jesus have the keys to death and hell.

The 144 know forgiveness by God’s Love not “remission of sin” by some rule of legalism from the rulebook.  They learned what it is to be a child of God rather than religious by saying the parroted words.

I Hope in God’s inspired words that “His Grace is sufficient for me”.  Amos 8:11 & 12 is here.  A famine of God’s words.

God’s Elect who do not have bible knowledge would likely be the 133 who are endowed with gifts of Love, Faith, Hope, And value Truth.  They have a heart toward God and praise Him with their heart, mind, soul.  Not according to men but rather according to the leading of The Holy Spirit of God.

The Holy Spirit is The Comforter

Most Christians claim they have The Holy Spirit.  And perhaps they do.  Is receiving the Holy Spirit of God an unnoticeable event?  Not to us.  But many Christians say it was an automatic unfeeling thing.  Yet they never received The Holy Spirit by the laying on of hands and prayer by Jesus name.  Perhaps it is another aspect of The Spirit that comes unnoticeably.

The Holy Spirit I speak of is for supernatural gifts of the Spirit, for Truth, & for discernment.  The Holy Spirit comes with great evidence and a spectacular feeling of being encompassed by oceans of Love. One will speak other languages thereafter.  And have new gifts supernatural.   Often people who are desperate for God’s touch due to pain & suffering have sought out His Spirit by running from church to church receiving prayer to find Him.  These days of spiritual opportunity, (we think) are passed.  To become the clay in God’s hands is a life long process.  A process that includes deliverance, and healing, revelation, failings, and resets and the prodigal walk.

God can bestow His Spirit in any way He chooses.  This is merely an outline of my experience with His Holy Spirit.

The Spirit of Jesus

Just because a man has not received The Holy Spirit in this way we still Hope salvation for those under the vail with the locust filling their head with lies.

We Hope the Spirit of Faith in God or Jesus is enough for salvation. Are we shamed for using the word “Hope”?  No.  We wear the Hope of the helmet of salvation.  We know there is no certificate of salvation or rulebook certificate to bestow on those who are saved.

There is only the Lamb’s book of life and our Hope in Jesus that our name appears in it.

Not all are the eyes and the mouth breathren. But at some point we hope the Christians under the vail will begin to be teachable.  For the 144 are by default called crazy or labeled Satan by them.   They proclaim others as being “blind” because they see not the end of days.  But to the few the many are also blind, those who proclaim others to be blind are to us spiritually blind.  It’s fairly ironic.

We who see Jesus’ prophecies fulfilling are also experiencing Jacob’s Trouble.  We find that also odd since we are pretty sure it’s a supernatural. bible change and new verse.

Why?  We don’t go by man’s rules and neither does God Himself.  Some of the new bible verses are actually true.

As for the vailed Christians who see the end of days, when will they turn from their idols (the bible & beast system) and listen to God’s Truth? We fear it will require the gift of desperation, just as that same gift enriched the awareness of the chosen few.  The chosen few whom the bibles call “Israel” and are not Jews.  To us Jewish is just a religion called Legion by Jesus.

The many will not suffer as the 144 did for so long of years of tribulation.  We have come out of great tribulation.  But I fear next is the furnace of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego .  They, the many will go through their great tribulation in a much shorter span of time while some are set to survive Earth as a fiery furnace.  We shall seed the New Earth new nature as it is God’s will for us.  We may have to be raptured as some point as protection.  And then perhaps put back on Earth.  Theory.

The elect know that God knows better what their heart needs than they themselves know.  It’s true.  This knowledge requires becoming the clay.

The prerequisite to seeing Jesus’ promised end of days signs & wonders is what?  Truth revealed to the few? For me, I finally came to know my own heart.  Reject shame.  I  became who I really am. Truth & transparency are essential.  I removed the mask that I created.  By allowing the influence of the beast system to tell me who I should be I became who I was not.  Reprogramming isn’t easy.  https://recoveryfarmhouse.com/

Which Prophecies of Jesus Have the 144 Already Seen Fulfilled?  The Timeline of Prophecy Revealed.

He showed the 144/133 (His warriors & those who go before the throne) the sacred signs here now. The beast (red dragon),

The Strong Delusion and the Abomination of Desolation we see in full view. 

Seems the locust from the pit is the common factor a vail of sorts.

 T.M.O.T. Beast both forehead & other.

The Two witnesses revealed as healers & killed in the streets while the whole world watched.

Miraculous signs in the sky.

Two sacred angel deities- miraculous, fiery, amazing circling Earth.  Blue & Red Kachina.

The desecration of the holy place x2,

I.D. of the F. Prophet (who actually prophesies for years on end publicly by inside info called The Oracle….) &

THE Anti Christ public figure mothers name Mary  This man brought in #2 mark O’ Beast-the poison fallen angel tech. Also a forehead mark is here by supernatural means.
Look at foreheads

Signs & wonders miraculous Mandela effects thousands saved by seeing these endless miracles that Christians are blind to.  Example-History changing.  My car was always blue.  I walk outside-my car is red.  Everyone remembers that my car was always red yet it was always blue until now.  That is the Mandela effect.  About 15%-20% of mankind see some Mandela effects.  See Brian Stavely on YouTube or “Wake of or Else”.

What is being trodden under foot by blind Christians?

Clearly-They trodden down God’s sacred words.

Parable turned prophecy of the talents- end times redistribution of supernatural gifts.

And new gifts of the Spirit directly connected & needed for the end of days,

Fulfillment of Amos 8:11 &12.

He gave 144/133 retention of the sacred tree of knowledge of Good & Evil regarding the Holy place.

Those who lose knowledge of evil do trodden under foot the holy place.

Mass idolatry.

The new Jesus & the desecrated new gospel revealed.

To see the dividing of time before us a miraculous ongoing amazement.

Two times. & One time. Two realities at large.

The Rev. 12 woman’s great works of Faith as intercessor by burdens w/travail.

Revelation 12 woman’s task & her identity in real time (not to dispute the event celestial).



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  1. Thank you for all the info! It’s late at night and I surley should climb into bed! Lot’s of Love brothers in Christ.

  2. Wow have been on a long time. This clay will truly be open to the Spirit of God. Truth and transparency! Really will be studying the word and opening all the scriptures I wrote down of the One Church! Little flock, etc. Oh Lord always keep me in the truth!
    When I’ve wanted to go under the fray, I go to Paul and Mike around the world! Amazing stuff. Find it hard living with people who are closed minded but learning what to share and what not to!

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