The Mystery of Salvation of the Soul

Spiritual Trust is built on Experiences .


Do not expect to trust God 100%.  Why?  Humans are not capable of trusting in God one hundred percent.  If they were there would be no need for eternal Hope and Faith two of the greatest spiritual gifts given to all of mankind.

As I said before…its where the Faith is applied that makes or breaks the spiritual condition of the man/woman.  STAY WITH ME THIS IS NOT ONLY IMPORTANT ITS HIGH & HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE FROM THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD.


In 2nd Corinthians 13 it was written that the greatest ETERNAL gifts given to men from God are Love, Faith, and Hope eternal.  Where your Hope is there also your treasure it.  Love is an action toward others of goodness, empathy, and giving from the heart.  This is Love.  The greatest act a man can commit on Earth is to lose his life while in the act of saving someone else.  It’s the get out of jail free card.  Collect $200 and be on your way!

And so the Monopoly man loses his monocle as great signs and wonders both deceptive and of God fill the earth.

Die So Another May Live?

For sinners the great work of selflessness that returns great spiritual rewards must be done in Truth of heart.  So, none of us can plan to do such a miraculous selfless act on Earth.  Not with underlying selfish motives would it be the same act of purity.

The get out of Jail free card is one of spontaneity applied without plan or manipulation.  It happens in an instant.

Okay you guys likely already know this.  Onward with the revelation of the day.  What about this ‘TRUSING GOD’ thing?  First a man must know his own heart to know he really doesn’t trust God fully.  Not fully.  Not to the point of becoming utterly FEARLESS.  Because if we trusted God 100% we would be afraid of nothing.  Faith is Eternal. Trust is Earthly, intellectual and emotional.  Why?  There is no telling what God will do or require of us.  We just don’t know what is.  We see dimly as through a smokey glass.

THE WOLF NOW ABIDES WITH THE LAMB.  And what of the Lion & Lamb?  The Lion has left the books to the wolf.  God’s words abide forever in Heaven.  No more shall vile men desecrated God’s sacred words of Truth.

What About the Copy Paste Gospel Presented on Youtube by So Many Truther Christians?

Copy paste gospel says. “Just believe in the works of Jesus”.   They quote  Blood blood blood they say put Faith Jesus’ works and His shed blood.

I was not there when Jesus died.  I know Him because I have sought after Him my entire life.  Jesus reveals Himself to those who need Him, call upon Him, and they put their Faith and Hope in God.

Evidence of Jesus

“Faith is the substance of things Hoped for and the evidence of things not seen”  Do not underestimate works of Faith.  Prayer itself is a work of Faith.  “Seek and ye shall find God” is a work of Faith.



Born Again experience changing one’s own heart thus behavior.

The Baptism of The Holy Spirit that comes with a great spiritual experience.  This is no small thing that goes unnoticed.

The Spirit of Jesus the power of His name on Earth by which comes miracles.

These things are what happen when you seek God by prayer and the laying on of hands.

The New Gospel

It goes on to read in the new gospel that “your saved by Grace through Faith”.  Well I remember that scripture as opposite and now inverted.  FAITH was first then “through Grace”.  Grace is about forgiveness.  The new gospel trades personal Loving forgiveness for something called “remission of sins”.   “Remission”?  Wtf a mechanical personless result?

No eternal ‘Love of God’  toward us needed with “remission”.   Remission of sin is a legal action.  A courtroom event.  Say the magic words and your remitted clean and new a sinless creature.  None of that heartfelt desperation and fear of death needed that triggers a man to either seek God in Truth or RUN LIKE HELL & HIDE.  That’s why people like this new gospel.  It’s easy and its shallow.  It requires no repentance, addressing guilt, shame, regret, remorse, etc.  A man can just continue to bury all guilt and never address his fear of death.

“Remission takes the work and the personal Love, Grace, Mercy, Patience & relationship out of the Forgiveness of sins.  It takes God out of the mix bringing intellect into what should be and is a very emotional process.

How does a man become one with himself?  Only through God’s process is this possible.  Until a man addressed the flesh spirit battle within him he cannot become one with himself.  He can’t receive the 33.3% spirit he needs to become 99.9%.  He remains the 66.6% the number of man without the spirit of God.


We believe so.  When I was first born again the first several years I was already being changed.  My heart was already being cleansed by Jesus.  We receive God’s Spirit when we seek and find Him at some point.   The Baptism of The Holy Spirit is about spiritual gifts and becoming part of the Kingdom of God with great works of Faith.  

There is spiritual work to be done in the Heavens.  God includes His children in that work.  Just because a child of God is a baby in Christ he is still saved.  This is my reasoning that I reason out.

God made us in His Image.  God is Love.  He didn’t die for my sins.  HE died to take the keys to death and Hell so I too have these keys when I seek and find Jesus with my whole heart.  By Hope and by Faith I am saved from death and from eternal annihilation.

What About the Blood Gospel?

Is not blood part of the flesh?  Was Jesus’ blood sacred?  You betcha.  Is his shedding of blood how we are saved?  Do we put our Faith in Blood itself?

Okay I have to be careful here because Jesus’ shedding of blood was connect to His Death.  It’s part of the plan of salvation.

If all I needed to be saved was Jesus’ actual blood in the physical I could find it and paint a cross on my head with it just as they did with the lambs blood during passover.

Jesus’ Blood Was Sacred Because He Is The Son of God & He Was Without Sin.

But also there is no “seek and ye shall find” in the blood salvation story.  Rather “Flesh and Blood CANNOT INHERIT THE KINGDOM OF GOD.  Neither is belief the same thing as eternal Faith &  Hope.  My guess is this…His blood is part of the spiritual key included in His death process.  From His belly flowed rivers of living waters.


When a man seeks God with His heart and prays he asks God for things.  He starts a relationship seeking God with His heart.  God reveals Himself to the man who seeks.  It’s a spiritual relationship.


This means exerting the courage to ask God for help by changing one’s self at core levels.

Example-  What if I have a besetting sin?  I am attached to it.  I don’t want to give it up but I feel guilt over it.  I go to God  and build up the courage it takes to ask Him to remove the sin that part of me enjoys.  Battle flesh spirit.  And I keep asking.  Change my heart.  Change my mind.  Change everything.  This takes courage and a first step in letting go.

The more God delivers us from in life the more we get to know Him.  And Him us.  He gets to know us.  The more Truthful and heartfelt our prayers toward God the better the relationship.   We apply our FAITH to God.  We apply our Hope to God.  In turn God is our treasure in Heaven.  We may not be capable of 100% trust but our Faith is growing.  We are now nurturing Faith & Hope for eternal life by Faith.  100% Trust is not possible as long as flesh is involved.

“Build up for thyself treasure in Heaven that cannot be stolen or perish.”

Meditation is also good because by it you can reach your spirit guides and your higher self for encouragement and wisdom.

“Then remain these three eternal gifts, Faith, Hope, and Love, but the greatest is Love.  And THEN when the perfect comes/returns we shall know as well as we are known by God.


On the most part the BLOOD OF JESUS is a mystery and a sacred story called ‘Passover’ in the old testament.  Jesus went out like a Lamb He will return as a LION.  While on Earth He performed the greatest work of Faith possible.  He was without sin (we were told in scripture) and that is why He was able to take the keys to death and Hell.  “Grave where is thy sting?  Death where is they power?”  We choose to believe this because it makes sense to our heart and it lines up with our experience.  We are not going to have 100% belief in every tradition and doctrine of men.   And we shouldn’t.

THE BIBLE IS NOT GOD and should NOT be called by God’s name “The Word of God”.  Jesus was the only pure word of God.  Many of His words have left Earth.  At this point His words abide in the hearts of those who know Him.

The books one and all are all marred in this new reality.

“And then the Spirit returns to God who gave it.”  Ecclesiastes

“Then remain these three eternal gifts, Faith, Hope, and Love, but the greatest is Love.  And THEN when the perfect comes/returns we shall know as well as we are known by God.   

How dare this new gospel (that Jesus warned us of) call & accuse Jesus’ work on the cross as being “crucified through weakness”.  PISH POSH.   While Jesus’ works on Earth were the greatest most courageous work of Faith under God’s Yellow Sun.   This was God’s plan powerful and without flaw.  The liars WILL have their day of judgement for this blasphemy.  When He said we would do greater works than this He likely meant the miracles because we have a calling to be Holy Spirit filled and do also great works of Faith under God’s, now, white Sun.

2 Replies to “The Mystery of Salvation of the Soul”

  1. Mike, thank you sir. I have a question.

    What did you mean by this statement?

    Meditation is also good because by it you can reach your spirit guides and your higher self for encouragement and wisdom.

    And you alluded to the changes in our Bibles, mentioning the wolf and the lamb, an by saying,

    THE BIBLE IS NOT GOD and should NOT be called by God’s name “The Word of God”. Jesus was the only pure word of God. Many of His words have left Earth. At this point His words abide in the hearts of those who know Him.

    The books one and all are all marred in this new reality.

    I have also noticed the changes, so much so that it is hard for me to pick up my Bible to read any more. Any suggestions?
    I have told my daughter and her husband about this, both missionaries, they think I am off my rocker, but I know I am not.

    I used to listen to you on YouTube, is there any where that I can listen to you now?
    I get a lot out of what you have to say.

    Again thank you, hopefully you will read this before planet X hits our earth. LOL

    Have a blessed day.

    1. This is Jazweeh. Mike from around the world isn’t able to tend to comments at this time. He is on Pastor Paul Begley’s youtube channel often. He is very busy. On this site we have Laura Rand and Jazweeh the seer who do answer comments when needed. Your question I am equipped to answer. You see the changes? You are blessed beyond measure. There are both deceptive signs and wonders and God’s signs and wonders at play now. Two realities. The difference is that most of the bible changes are a desecration to God’s words. Whereas God’s signs and wonders are ‘mandela effects’ that are harmless, signs and wonders. God also provide signs in the skies, and other miracles that do not involve lies of deception, just miraculous changes. Song lyrics changed. Well known movie lines, changed. Names of food changed. The missionaries you speak of are beyond your help. Why? The time (we think) has passed for testimonies of Jesus to change the hearts of men.

      We are in the hour of judgement. The missionaries you mentioned have the right, the free will to choose lies over Truth. They will not see even if you prove Truth to them. God has a special salvation arrangement for those who are under the strong delusion. They Love not the Truth. And so God (because of His promise of salvation) will save the believers to a place that is somewhat an illusion of paradise. They believe in Jesus but they have no hunger and thirst for righteousness. They do not side with Truth if their is a cost. So God gives them their paradise of white light peace. By mercy and Grace with Faith they are saved. I know this because of a vision.

      I saw my own Dad in the white light peace of eternity. My heart was sad in the vision/dream because he did not hunger for the things of God. Truth, great knowledge, wisdom, and the desire to share Truth with mankind. We have to let them go because they chose the lies by free will. They prefer their reality of safe harbor. As for reading the Bible. I know Truth from lies. Some of God’s Truth is still in the books. Occasionally I read it looking for residual Truth. Seek God by prayer. Fervent prayer and meditation in Jesus by praying for protection over you during meditation is how I seek God. Seek and ye shall find. Knock and it shall be opened. Draw nigh unto the Father and He shall draw nigh unto you. Seek diligently. And seek again. And keep seeking by prayer. Be transparent before God. Show Him your whole heart to fix it and heal you. And He will.

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