Prediction or Prophecy

The Scribe Feels He will Soon Depart.

As the Lion left the lamb to the wolf by Isaiah 6 x 11=666.    So too shall the Lions leave Earth to the wolves.

The many made their choice between Truth & Lies. 2nd Thess. 2

Most likely the Lions (144/133) shall depart Earth without anyone noticing.  Why would they notice?  Most Christians are under the strong delusion….sorry.  This isn’t easy for Jacob to watch.   They sleep by the vail they know not evil from good.  The sacred tree has withdrawn from them.  They shall not be “as gods having the knowledge of both good and of evil”.

Perhaps where they are going they have no need for such knowledge a place of no evil intent.

Christians who claim to be awake and even see some signs of Jesus’ coming, yet they sleep.  The vail is not yet lifted from them.   Lets hope that what the books say about the Locust & strong delusion are not all together true.  Much is skewed.

God will take His Holy Spirit from Earth.  This statement was in the bibles.  Now gone.  That means those who have His Holy Spirit Baptism shall depart.  And then return with Jesus in power by His mighty Spirit of Love.  For they drink from the well of power.  They see by Spirit & by Truth.  They have not removed their armor.

Who are the Lions?  They are and have been for quite some time, God’s spiritual army on Earth The 144.  Make no mistake the 144 are defined as such by their actions.  Not by their color, creed, sex, political status, or place of habitation and/or birth.  These things, do not a 144 make.

And God’s words went up like a scroll black & white now forever fixed in Heaven. The Word of God is Jesus no other.  To call the desecrated bibles by God’s Son’s holy name is blasphemy via idolatry.  I often wondered why the words in the bibles warned so often of idolatry.  Thinking “nobody is naive enough to worship some statue even if it talks.”  Little did I know the book made by men’s hands and now re-made magically by the author of confusion I did call it by God’s Holy name.  I was wrong.  No more.  Jesus and Jesus only is The Word of God who became flesh to bring us God’s words.  And to defeat death.

The Christians are trading forgiveness by God’s Greatest Spiritual Gift of Love for a legal doctrine claiming their “purchase” as if they are some commodity to traded, bought, and sold.  And the author of confusion calls itself God calling the books by God’s holy name.  Swelling idolatry has deceived the religious who trade God’s Love for a desecrated legal document that WAS once a holy place, to put their Faith in a work of man’s hands rewritten by the wolf himself.

This knowledge is now to be seen only by those who avoided the Locust consummation.   Those who are not under the strong memory loss & fake Locust memories.  They have retained their knowledge of good and evil.  They have not lost the sacred tree.

Satan’s quote of God’s words was for a reason.  “And ye shall be as gods having the knowledge of both good and of evil”.

Why would Satan say that?  Do not all men already have the knowledge of evil & of good?  Not anymore, not concerning the bibles they don’t.  Only His sheep know His voice yet the many, so many call the desecrated books by God’s name.  They quote desolate scripture calling it holy and they remember not that the bibles were very different just 6 years hence.

It is my obsession to expose this Truth to the many who are under the strong delusion.  Yet in 6 years time NOT ONE PERSON WHO DOESN’T REMEMBER THE ONCE HOLY BIBLE HAS COME BACK TO REMEMBRANCE.  My words, it seems, are in vain.

Only those who relate and already see and remember will get anything out of what I am saying over and over.  Its time for me to quit trying to change people who have made their choices.  God in Heaven help me to let go.  Again.

“The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them.”

No more.   “And the Lion shall lie with lamb and eat straw like the Oxen.”  And all tears shall be wiped away for those in Heaven and on the New Earth.”

See bible change Logs at

And so now the wolf lies with the lamb in Isaiah 11 x 6 = 666 Or Isaiah 11:6.  The author of confusion has left his signature on this verse.  Do you not remember?  


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