We Show You A Mystery of God. Prophecy Fulfilled Now.

The Golden Roach Scribe of God (writer Jazweeh.com) struggles with one foot in the supernatural and the other on Earth, carnal. 

Mt. of Olives carnal & Mt. Zion Spiritual.  One foot on each.  THINK! Do you remember a similar script?  Jesus setting down on TWO mountains, with one foot on each mountain?  "And He gave each of them a white stone"  Rev.2:17.    And the streets of Heaven are Crystals of many kinds.

And preachers called the crystals "evil" and of evil.   Along with meditation in Christ and essential oils of plants given from God that do heal.  All power scriptures for the people are being quickly removed from all existing bibles near and far old and new.  The event is covered by the strong (Strong's?) delusion.

 Nearly 30 fulfilled Prophesies, list below.

Wisdom proclaims Truth out in the streets and she is utterly rejected, being mocked & spoken of as delusional. 

Yet for her who knows Wisdom the human eyes keep twinkling.  With the twinkling of the eye that only she can see.

“We shall not all sleep (during the stasis), but we shall all be changed.”

However we Surmise that Most Cannot, WILL NOT Dare to Believe What the 144 Say & See.

It’s written (or was) that the Israelites are blind until the coming in of the gentiles…but I see something quite different.  I see many blind gentiles.


What is Coming according to Prophecy?  In a few words…THE HARVEST GATHERING.  The Lake of Fire.  And the New Earth.  Ye either head to one’s eternal home or head to the New Earth.  Old Earth is morphing into New Earth already it seems.  Yesterday I saw a red dragon fly.  All red.  There are many new neon colored creatures.  Are they all GMO creations?  Perhaps.  Or perhaps not.  I suppose they could be.  But with the sun turning white.  And all the other changes in the skies.  Including the rotating moon that rotates as it crosses the sky. The signs and wonders are many.  And will NOT be attributed solely to man’s debauchery.


#1  “Israel” means children of God.  If a human being chooses to follow Jesus and knows Him they are a child of God.  Their bloodline is of the bloodline of so called “Israel” by their Love for Jesus their blood occurs.

#2 Jews are a religious group.  “Legion” = Religion. Jesus has no Love for idolatry that puts tradition & Legalism above Spirit.

#3 Most of Jesus’ prophecy has already come to pass.  Which one’s?  See.

#4  We apologize that we must expose the inability of most Christians to see the supernatural prophecy fulfillments below.  We mean no disrespect.  We are however glad that they see the season at hand.  They are the majority.  God’s chosen few are a minority.  The 144 are His army on Earth.

The Forgotten Armor of God

5#  God does not expect sinless perfection.  On the contrary. He expects us to walk the Prodigal Son walk and to learn from it.  Father prefers (we think) transparency over sanctimoniousness.    Jesus is The Truth. Truth is the belt of Armor.  as is Hope the Helmet.   And Faith the shield.  Your testimony of good helps from Jesus your boots given by those who know Him.   Breastplate of Righteousness by Faith in Jesus.  Sword of The Spirit…Gods words given by The Holy Spirit.  Jesus is The Word of God who became flesh.  Pray without end.

Father is creating His children in His image while “Satan” is creating his children in his own image with beast.

Fulfilled Prophecies A thru Z

A. The desecration of the holy place called the abomination of desolation.  This is a two fold prophecy.  One is the body=temple.  Two is the place where God laid down His sacred words.  That’s right.  Turn the man into a beast, at least part of him.  And the once holy bible is greatly desecrated.  However the desecration of both of these are covered by the strong delusion. Those Christians who cannot see the many thousands of supernatural bible changes happening to ALL ALL ALL forms of bibles both old and new…apparently are either being protected from seeing the desecration for some reason (maybe to test Israel so as not to judge the 1/2 blind Christians).  Or they simply prefer the lies and their minds are the second desecration.  God is their judge.

U. The strong delusion.  What part of “give suck” don’t you understand?  We who see are not blind to passive evil. Nor was “give suck” in ANY version of ANY bible prior to 2017.  Need more proof of the desecration of the holy place.  Supernatural bible changes.   KEEP READING PROPHECY FULFILLMENT?  Or, see EYA censored or “wakeuporelse” on YT.  Or https://abominationdesolation.com for more bible change proof.

There are many of us who remember well the quite different, eloquent, respectful, articulate, and poetic KJVB but we are the few.  “Write what you mean & mean what you write” is no longer part of scholarly biblical precepts.  Truth is to the wind.  Precise wording is ignored.  Which brings me to my next prophecy fulfillment.

Desecration of men’s minds-The minds of the many Christians change by memories as if being reprogrammed away from Truth.  For instance on Monday the man remembers “A Loving Mother Nursing the infant” he read it in the bible.  Then the bible changes to “give suck” & what’s worse “Nursing Father”.  On Tuesday that same man WILL remember as history dictates “GIVE SUCK” and he will see no problem with a “nursing father”.    “Same as it ever was” he sings.  Same as it ever was.

The supernatural bible changes are our most STUNNING deceptive sign and wonder.  Watching this one is NOT EASY for the few.  We have worked at emotional coping tools to accept such miraculous & deceptive ongoing miracles. (the bible changes are on-going). Increasing as birth pains. PAINS not “pangs” whatever those are.  Betwixt betwixt said the witches to the naughty figs.  Bring out the fleshpots and the 

B. And they turned unto FABLES.  There are many movie script verses in bibles now.  Lines taken right out of Hollywood.  Movie lines that precede the bible scripts.  Example?  “You have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting.” This was in the movie “A Knights Tale”.  You will find better Old English in movies now than the new “middle English” found in the desecrated KJVB.  I am a scribe of God.  The overuse of the word “had” in todays programmed language is annoying at best.  People no longer speak English.

c. The dividing of time causing “two times” on one Earth.  We now have two realities on one Earth due to these deceptive signs and wonders.

d. Deceptive signs and wonders.  The desecration of all bibles replaced with blasphemy, nonsense verses, lies, sexual content, vulgar and vile paragraphs.  Spelling, grammar, trashed.  New words by the hundreds that we have never heard of.  There are several YT channels that cover supernatural bible changes.  EYA censored (her forth channel) is the most informed.  She had 40,000 subs on her first channel.  This reflects the many who see Mandela effects and supernatural ongoing bible changes.

e.  More abomination from the holy place.

He will claim to be God showing himself he is God.  The bible is now calling itself God by claiming God’s holy name. Making all forms of bibles the worst idol known to man.  The Christians many of them also call the book by God’s holy sacred name “The Word of God” is Jesus ONLY.  The bible is desecrated and nearly desolate.  We remember what was written just 6 years ago so much truth taken from Earth.  Amos 8:11 & 12.

f. Which leads us to our next prophecy.  Amos 8:11 & 12. The famine is here and the black horse rides.  God’s words rolled up like a scroll.  I saw it myself.  Black & white.  The sky will not roll up.  The scripture prophecy was changed and skewed.

g. Signs and Wonders of God. Many non Christians can see the signs and wonders. So many people in fact, that the secular made a label for them called “Mandela Effects”.   (see Brian Stavely on YT for M.E. proof) Miracles are now scattered all over our reality.  Both Christians and non can remember so as to see the miracles called Mandela effects.  Still YT Christians make no mention of the blatant miracles happening around us.  Seems many people’s main source of end of days info is the image of the beast’s voice (TV) to believe it as truth.

Obviously those who cannot see them will say they are lies of Satan and that the people who are turning to God because of these many miracles are “delusional”.  Again we don’t know exactly why the yt Christians can’t see the M.E. so they don’t make any mention of the many thousands of miracles/signs and wonders happening now.   Except perhaps they are again being protected because they don’t need to be saved?  Or perhaps Israel again is being tested so they don’t judge the 1/2 blind.  I say 1/2 because they are aware of the season we are in.  And they see political end times signs.   We are concerned however that the yt Christians are getting many of their end of days signs and wonders second hand.  From dreams and visions of others to The Image of The Beast’s picture show called “news”.

This brings us to the next prophecy.

h. The Image of the beast is here.  = TV  99% of what comes out of the image are lies.  Yet many people speak from both sides of their mouth.  The believe the news hook line and sinker while saying they are awake to the lies.  Its somewhat frustrating to watch.

I.   One World Gov. & Money system. & J. THE PALE HORSE Rides Now & has Ridden for quite some time.

The dollar & internet made the one world $$ syst. active.  Cann you buy from Canada?  Of course you can.  And any other country using your currancy. Obvious to us the beast system has been in place for quite some time.  What about all that death that has not happened the Christians proclaim.

Well they don’t know what we know about the plagues and the food.  Nearly every product you carry home from the store is CARCINOGENIC.  EVERY ONE IN TWO PEOPLE WILL (not might) WILL GET CANCER.  Cancer is a man made plague.  As is Diabetes, heart disease, and the rest of the newer (past 100 years) plagues caused directly from the beast systems food and products.   Millions of innocents SLAUGHTERED while the beast system pours poison on top of pain with their chemo and radiation.  Finish them off with the “cure” that kills.  And yet the Christians say “the end of days can not be here…nobody has dies yet” says Bob Barber with blind confidence.  Granted he is given prophecy by The Holy Spirit (we believe)….which brings us to our next prophecy.

K. God Shall Pour Out His Spirit Upon All Flesh

We know this happened because people who cannot see the fulfillments of prophecy are having prophetic dreams and visions along with awareness of the end of days.  Millions of people children and adults are having end of days dreams.  Visions are also happening to many people.


M.  THE RENOWNED Revelation 12 sign fulfillment on Earth.

Here I speak a mystery to you.  Who is the Rev. 12 Woman?  She is (they are) the children of God who TRAVAIL in prayer by The Holy Spirit.  They are the intercessors who by prayer and the laying on of hands received the baptism of the Holy Spirit with a great and mighty wind.  A wind that brings a man to his knees.  They had dreams and visions of the end of days now fulfilled.

With fiery trials they grew.  They walked the DEADLY prodigal walk.  Each 144 has likely died at least once.  This is necessary for them to see into the realms of the spirits below.  So as to war against dark entities.   And with much tribulation they carried out God’s will with deep groaning travail by The Spirit of God in them.  They know how and when The Holy Spirit came upon them with Great supernatural evidence of same.  They know travail.  They prayed for their own survival first.  And then they prayed the will of God for years and years on end by Travail.  Then when the travail stopped…in came the period of annunciation in 2017.  For 6 years they prayed the announcement of Jesus’ coming.  And now they rest.  They wait.  We wait.

For the 144 being born again is one event.  While receiving The Holy Spirit is another.  Walking the Prodigal walk is treacherous.  During which time they never stopped prayer.  If you are the army of God on Earth you know it.  Which brings me to the next prophecy…all things shall be revealed.

N.  In the end of days all things shall be revealed.  In 2017 everything changed.  God The Father began revealing to His children deep spiritual knowledge.

O.  What of the “In the twinkling of the eye.  Not all shall sleep but we shall all be changed”  The twinkling of the eye is fulfilled and is also being fulfilled progressively.  This is a mystery still.   We see it continuously.    The 144 see it and know it…the twinkling.. that is.  However the end Result of the twinkling is not yet.  Not yet.

P.  The Mark of The Beast.  

This Earth experience is merely a continuation of God creating mankind. It is the spiritual creation of mankind that we are now in.  We all choose our eternal homes by Faith with Hope.   We either put our Faith in God/Jesus who is Love.  Or we put our eternal supernatural Faith in that which we can see with our carnal eyes.  The beast system.

Father is creating His children in His image while “Satan” is creating his children in his own image.  How?  Well is you were to study and to research certain science you would know what the back scene is doing unto mankind.  You would know about the chimpanzee, and the Cancer cell lines.  You would know about the quick duplication of Cancer cells even of “purified”. 


P.  Of course!  I almost forgot the FOUR (4) ANGELS flying up in the skies NOW.  The Blue & Red Kachina are already here.  Also the orange angel and the smaller angel.  Red Kachina pours out fire.  He proclaims “Men shall draw fire unto themselves”.  I think his celestial fire has to do with the gathering of souls.  He is also one of the bright and morning stars.  The Blue Kachina dances and sparkles red, clear, and blue.  She is the most friendly and speaks to The Children of God.  If you talk to her she will suddenly appear at your side in an instant and be gone.  While still talking to her.  The other two angels/stars sparkle and dance.  They are smaller but have important viles to pour out and are doing so.  There is a new language on Earth.  All creation now has a voice to be read or heard.  For humans on the coming New Earth abstract shapes speak, tell stories as if one is reading a book.

Q.  Men no longer recognize that which is vile, vulgar, and evil in bibles.  (paraphrased prophecy) This fulfillment show up mainly in those Christians who are reading vile new scripture yet see no evil in it.

R.  The New Jesus is here as prophesied.   They call Him Joshua (Yashua).  And several other new names.  I know this…nobody who knows Jesus personally is about to change His name.  No Way!  When God heals you or sets you free and deliveries you from bondage by proclaiming and praising and prayer by The mighty name of Jesus.  When you see the Holy Spirit come unto you by His name…that child will NOT change the tried and true name of Jesus to some unfamiliar foreign language.  So by my own experience with Jesus who I know I don’t see how any of those who call Him by the name “Joshua” could possibly know Him first hand.  This is very sad because so many are proclaiming the new Jesus.

S. The New gospel is here as prophesied.  The new gospel is anything except “saved by Faith in Jesus, Faith in God a personal relationship with God by prayers of Truth from the heart.  Knowing Jesus often includes deliverance, healing, enlightenment, set free from the bondage of sin by Jesus, through prayer and the laying on of hands.  Spiritual gifts bestowed.

Seek and ye shall find. Knock and it shall be opened.  The gospel of Jesus is seek Him and He shall set you free as He did with me.  My testimony is the good news. You will find Him if you seek with your whole heart.  Salvation is by Faith.  Salvation is by HOPE.  Not by a doctrine that is known & provides a certificate of salvation.  No.  We rely on HOPE for our salvation.  Hope & Faith are eternal spiritual gifts to be applied to the One True God by His Son Jesus.  God’s plan of salvation.  It is by Faith and in Hope we Hope we are saved.  God is Love.  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  Hope is the helmet of salvation.Put on the full armor of God.

T. In the end of days knowledge shall increase.  Men shall travel to and fro in abundance of distances.

V. “Men shall wish desperately for DEATH but death will allude them.”  What could this possibly mean?  The YT truther Christians say the beast’s recreation of men shall make them Iron & clay mixing tech & Biology.  Bio tech freaks who are indestructibly immortal?  Hmmm maybe.  But I have a better idea of its interpretation AND FULFILLMENT at present.

Rapture = Death.

Both “Israel” and the gentile Christians who see end of days are wishing, hoping, expecting, and they state that they “KNOW” the rapture is “immanent”.  Well, we hope so also. The deep and gnawing  hope to be with God by rapture in me was absolutely torturous emotionally. The wanting was unlike anything I have experienced.  That is, until I settled down into acceptance of the waiting period.  Death is Rapture and Rapture is Death.

Flesh and blood CANNOT inherit the Kingdom of God.  Nor can corruption put on immortality.  To wish for death….as the prophecy proclaimed is synonymous with WISHING FOR THE RAPTURE. It’s that simple..   Makes way more sense.  And is FULFILLED presently!

W. Signs in the Sky

Not everyone can see the signs in the sky.  Nor do they remember what the sky was like prior to 2017.

Four angels are flying.  The moon spins in its orbit.  The moon is a bowl. The moon is a smiley face. The sun has turned WHITE BRIGHT.  So much so that watching a sunset is a thing of the past.  Unless you have 4 pairs of sunglasses and wait until the very last five minutes of its descent behind Earth.  Chemtrails.  Really WEIRD clouds.  Moon & Sun are often up at the same time.  Moon rises during the day now.  Iridescent colors around the moon in clouds.  New “glowing clouds”.  New glowing skies at night with the clouds holding in the night lights of town.

X.  “The wise shall understand the end times occurrences/prophecies but others shall not.”  Jesus made clear that most people would not see the prophesies of the end of days.

Y.   In the end of days men shall speak evil of sacred deities.  Hence the ‘evil fallen angel’ craze.  People now compare God’s holy angels to demons and say they are beyond God’s Grace.  Angels are not demons in any way shape or form.  Furthermore “Even Archangel Michael did not utter one railing accusation (harsh disrespectful word) against Satan when fighting for the body of Moses.”  The fallen angels had the hard job of presenting mankind with evil.  Man made his choices.  The fallen are long gone back to their Home in Heaven I surmise.  As men had to have freedom of choice to choose their own eternal homes.


End of prophecy fulfillments.

The tribulation at hand is not punishment.  It is so men will fear and therefore cry out unto Father.  MOST people know what the IMAGE of the beast is in their heart.   They just don’t want to admit it to their intellect.   Why?  To inconvenient.  Too much work involved.  They don’t want to lose their comforter the TV & PHONE.  They have no clue that the TV is their comforter.   Why?  Men seldom know their own heart.

As the TV unfortunately is my own comfort type.  I am not saying The Holy Spirit of Truth is not “The Comforter”.

I am saying for every true spiritual gift, evil has its counterfeit version of the gift.

I watch the TV daily.  And yet I despise the TV because I now know its tricks. It’s not easy to look into the face of the beast.  Loathing incurs.

Of course I had to talk my situation over with my Father.   He knows I was set before the image of the beast (TV) at a very young age.  Its troubling to no longer believe the TV.

Once we look into the face of the beast on TV, its as if our relationship is gilded by realized, overt, betrayal.  Divorce by betrayal ensues.  Perhaps that’s just me…..right.   And so do I quit watching all together?  Many truthers & rapture hunters get all their alleged “truth & prophecy fulfillments” off the image of the beast who lies continually.


My interpretations of prophecy come by Spirit.  But I watch the TV to get the temperature of worldly conditions.  We watch their foreheads and read them like a book. (its a gift of sight for end of days).  We read abstract shapes as if it were a book.  This is my secret to share with you.  My gift used to be intercession for men’s souls.  I got all my info about the people from their eyes.  The window to the soul.  I prayed without ceasing for souls.

Then it stopped in 2017 the gift changed to an end of days version.  No more praying for souls.   (at least I now rarely pray for souls.) Now they have made their choices I must accept that.

I met a lion in a cave.  He was dear to me.  He handed me the gift of sight in other ways.

Men (mankind) seldom know not their own heart.   So how, pray tell, then can they go before Father God in Truth?  We simply must become the Clay in His hands during this Old Earth experience.  The New Earth comes.

Some of the Ridiculous & Vulgar New Bible Words and Phrases

“Flux” now in the KJV bible. Bloody flux =VILE & disgusting new supernatural changes.  Notice the similarity to the female reproductive organ ovaries etc.
See https://abominationdesolation.com bible change log for 
supernatural bible changes studies. 
I seldom add the changes anymore because the bible is now so 
greatly desecrated and its changing continually.  It sped up
as birth pains.  Anyway I am intolerant of these vile changes.
"Let those who are evil be evil still and the righteous be
righteous still".  I believe that bible change no longer preach-
"repent, repent" it is against the precepts of God Himself.
However the Harvest is here.  Therefore now its a true script
likely it was inserted by God rather than the wolf.

The Wolf shall lie with the Lamb.  And it is.  THE LION has left
the bibles.  We Hope this means the Lions will also soon leave
Earth by Rapture & transfiguration.

“bloody flux: ” (like ‘flux capacitor’ VILE AS IT GETS- IN ACTS 28:8)  

Godhead   (insult)


LAVISH (more seductive sexual words)

sore vexed

hath graven it; (notice again the winky on the most ridiculous new changes)

babbler (sarcastic the bible is full of sarcasm now)

“Stoicks”  (this is a fowl word as are most of the new words that came into existence after 2017.)

God Himself having Horns
God will "cast her into a bed"...whattt?????  A bed?  "Pick up
thy cot/mat and walk.  It wasn't bed.  Maybe it was cot or mat 
I cannot remember what the Old English word for bed was in this
scripture.  But the word "bed" was not in the KJVB.




LUNATICK (sick, lick and tick added to the spellings, so dark)

GO A WHORING (reminds me of  rhyme “here we round the mulberry bush mulberry bush, la la la fables)


ferry boat


MEDIA….(was medo-persia.)









ornaments of the legs

utter court

[Neither shall they shave their heads, nor suffer their locks 
to grow long; they shall only poll their heads.]






[n that day the Lord will take away the bravery of their 
tinkling ornaments about their feet, and their cauls, and 
their round tires like the moon,]

strange slips

emptiers have emptied

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