The Black Harvest Is Here

Where the Eagle lands their shall the corpse lie also.

Written by Angry Jane.  (she cusses).

Remember the mantra-“Out of the problem into the solution”.  It helps loads.  With God all things are possible.  We can overcome this evil system of webs and traps.

Justice and Goodness shall win in the end.  Why?  Because we have The Creator on our side if we rely on Him.  Nobody wants to see that they have a lethal enemy.  It’s way too inconvenient and the solutions are just too much work…after all who wants to till the soil and work a job to pay bills?  Who can?  When the mothers of small children were sent to work to pay bills that was it….they had us.

But now is the great awakening and the shift of power is here.  They are fucked.  Legion is fucked.  And those who think they own Earth will soon realize something quite different as their powerful sorcery comes to an end along with their long ass lives.

They are Legion (Rome) and they are many.  Rome killed Jesus at the betrayal of the religious sect of Jews.  Jew means Judaism a religion/legion.

He has the key to eternal life and they wanted it.  They could not allow the whole world to be nearly immortal like them.

On the contrary.  For 6,000 years the beast who’s emblem is the eagle has deceived, tricked, murdered, poisoned, stabbed, shot, sent to war, and tortured, and stoled the minds of anyone who they saw as a threat to their power and rain of dark violence.  The theys control the food and by that they make certain that the simple people live half as long as they should live.   We would live over one hundred easily if we were not being regularly micro-poisoned.

The Beast’s Creed of Control In a Song Lyrics at end of page.

All the plagues they call “disease” are man made.  “We don’t know what causes it” say the programmed physicians.  Right.  They should label all non food-food packages “Inflammatory Agent Breakfast Treat.  Get your Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease End of Days Plagues Here”

People don’t recognize the fulfilling of prophecy because they grew up with it being normalized.

The propaganda image of the beast has made being a “victim” un-kool.  “Kool” is one of their best weapons against our minds.  And why?  Because we are all victims quite literally of genocide & torture via their medical system.

If adults don’t know by now that pretty much every product every category of merchandise that they walk out of a store with is toxic, they are not looking.

Many proclaiming Christians have an Eagle on their forehead.  It is the forehead mark of the beast.

Legion now knows it’s time is short.  Its immortality has come to an end.  Their long lives are how they gained most all the land and most all the power.  They are the government.  They are the elite, the dark Kabal, they are the rulers.  But their immortality that they stoled is at its end.  And so, all Goats, Serpents, & Wolves are now being harvested to stand judgement before God’s throne.

Look what they did to Earth with their long lives.  Nearly destroyed it and they turned as many to evil as they could.  They are the writers and creators of the brilliant propaganda of the Image of the Beast.  They are the serpents in the garden.  They are the thieves of all that is just and right.  They hate us and what is good.

The meek shall inherit the Earth and the Serpents know it.  So they have destroyed by technology the inheritance for a multitude of children of Earth.  They did this by their hate and jealous rage.  God Loves Israel and the promise is the land.

The Dark Lord found a way to steal the lineage of the many.  He found a way, he thinks, to stay alive in spite of the prophecies of God Almighty.  But it won’t work.

Not only that.  By the Iron Rods of the Towers of Babble the Beast rules the many.  Mind control is now its power.  The beast put up the towers for human blatant mind control.  People’s minds being stolen.  They go into states of nothingness and wake up to find out they just killed one of Legions enemies for Truth.


The masses are doing what the towers dictate and they don’t even know it.  The Locust feeds on their eye sockets.  The winged abomination is perched in their hair.

And yet God Himself allows the beast it’s time period of life and rule.

We All Must Choose

We have all made our choices for eternity either Light or Dark.  Now is the time of the Dark Harvest.  They are coming, they are coming.

Death is coming upon Earth in mass.

“It is appointed to mankind to die once and then the Judgement”.

“Where the Eagle lands their shall the corpse lie also.”

Eagles do eat with Buzzards.  I have seen it myself in real time.

Obadiah 1:4       “Though thou exalt thyself as the eagle, and though thou set thy nest among the stars, thence will I bring thee down, sayeth the LORD.”

Mat 24:28
“For wheresoever the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered together.”

Car cases anyone?  What is a “car-case?” Put your car in a case so it doesn’t get dirty perhaps?


What’s a “hateful bird”?  Did you know that birds are capable of hate and other spiteful emotions?

Angels don’t “cry”.  Lot’s of crying going on the bibles now.  Insults.  But due to the mind control of the towers of babble few remember the real bibles.

“And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.”

Christians look to the news media on the Image of the Beast for their sacred God given prophecy.  How ironic.  They won’t find much prophecy their, unless they watch some fiction.

What’s really ironic is that they are clueless of what is right in front of them.

The Man’s Too Strong.   Dire Straits

I am just an aging drummer boy
And in the wars I used to play
And I’ve called a tune
To many a torture session
Now they say I am a war criminal
And I’m fading away
Father, please hear my confession

[Verse 2]
I have legalized robbery
Called it belief
I have a-run with the money
I have hid like a thief
Re-written history
With my armies and my crooks
Invented memories
I did burn all the books

And I can still hear his laughter
And I can still hear his song
The man’s too big
The man’s too strong

[Verse 3]
Well I’ve tried to be meek
I have tried to be mild
But I spat like a woman
And I sulked like a child
I have lived behind walls
That have made me alone
Striven for peace
Which I never have known
And I can still hear his laughter
And I can still hear his song
The man’s too big
The man’s too strong

[Verse 4]
Well, the sun rose on the courtyard
And they all did hear him say
“You always was a Judas
But I got you anyway
You may have got your silver
But I swear upon my life
Your sister gave me diamonds
And I gave them to your wife”

Oh, Father please help me
For I have done wrong
The man’s too big
The man’s too strong


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