What Is Happening to the Earth?

How to Prevent Burning Down The House

How do we prevent the coming house super fires like in California.  Fires that burned every inch of the homes it consumed.  What’s with all the new type fires?  What’s with the new internal tree fires?  What’s with the new super-hot ceramic & porcelain bathtub burning stove melting FIRES????

ANSWERS by Spiritual Insight & intellectual surmise.  Yes theory but don’t stop reading now.  Study the matter then take it or leave it.

For years I have been watching JeffSnyder2 on youtube as he covers the new internal combustion tree fires.  Fires that don’t act like normal fire and burn much hotter. Fires that seem to have an electric component.

Jeff by shear instinct and premonition has been calling these internal tree fires “Plasma” fires.  Stay with me.

In 2021 I connected the by Russ (C.V. the vid-you know!) symptoms to being the same as symptoms of Ozone exposure caused by Corona Discharges.  Corona discharges (C.D.) happens on electric devices (power line structures/metal spires/ect).

But now the mainstream is admitting that C.D.s are now naturally occuring in the air and on leaves of trees.  Randomly with no metal needed for the event to occur.


It’s now confirmed that PLASMA is involved in the scientific event called corona discharge. Hence causing the new plasma fires.  This means these type fires can pop up anywhere. They will burn hot. The more electricity the more susceptible a house is to plasma fire.  Seems water is also somehow drawing ultraviolet environmental events.

The new strobe lightning is happening in Florida with C.D. events in plain sight.  When I watch the new strobe lightning in Florida I saw the violet burst of C.Discharge. during the storm.   These events cause Ozone they split the oxygen atom.  These splits of the oxygen atom then connects protons with other normal oxygen atoms (O 02) Creating dangerous Ozone (O 03).  This type Ozone affects air quality.   Bad Ozone Oxygen (03) they call it because it has 3 protons, could burn your lungs.  So please avoid storms now especially if you see the new strobe lightning.

Note: Ozone is Ozone they call it bad and good because it’s only good when it’s in the upper atmosphere protecting Earth from radiation of the Sun.  When Ozone is ground level it’s dangerous.


What about those C.D. generating air purifiers FDA approved for large buildings/hospitals?  That’s another topic all together that needs study.   My guess the C.D devices are a way for the beast to make money and probably no good whatsoever for environment or lungs except at very lower levels of Ozone.  Obviously the C.D. splits atoms and kills both good and bad bacteria.  No telling what it’s really doing to hospital air quality.

Please note I walked straight into the face of strobe lightning.  I saw the violet glow burst.  However the next day I only had a minor irritation in my lungs.  The small burst of Ozone are usually not harmful from what I can tell.  However unfortunately Ozone in our air is now increasing exponentially.  Check Ozone air quality here.  (not that the .gov are ever 100% truthful). 

The New Strobe Lightning In Florida

Usually during these new type storms the sound of the thunder is horrendous.  And lighting is destructive to devices in the home.  We lost three TV’s and three water pumps during a five year period.  TURN OFF YOU HIGH BTU ELECTRIC DEVICES during these new type storms.  

Strobe lightning is even happening when no storm or rain is anywhere in sight.

The mainstream is calling the new fires caused by corona discharges at Earth ground level St. Elmo’s Fire. The new fire is St. Elmo’s fire.  My guess Saint Elmo probably prophesied of the end of days fires to come years ago.   They are also calling it “Witches Fire”

The Big News is the confirmation of the  “PLASMA FIRE”.

Truthers on youtube like JayDreamerZ have been announcing a coming “plasma apocalypse” for years but they didn’t know it would be by FIRE.  Biblical prophecy states that the first apocalypse was by water and the second to be by fire.  As in the days of Noah so too shall the days of the coming of the Son of God be.  Good new is there will be an ARK delivering people from the suffering of a burning Earth.  Let’s just hope that “Ark” is not a coming catastrophe of a great ark of the Sun itself.

Define Ark- A life saving vessel, deliverance from Earth or an electrical overload of a device that blows because it can’t handle its own power input.

The media has allowed a soft disclosure of PLASMA FIRE now known to be caused by corona discharges.  Accompanied by a purple flash glow (see my violet color topic I Pet Goat decode article).  


Up until now my writing’s surrounding the fire topics were theories.  I documented a puzzle filled with pieces to connect.  Right now all the pieces are finally coming together.  Prophecy, the new fires, the Corona discharge element, Ozone & air, end of days, internal tree fires, exploding food processing factories, derailed trains, burning boats, bridges collapsing, more factory explosions ALL CONNECTED TO THE CORONA DISCHARGES.

All types of metal is deteriorating due to the atmospheric changes and our corrosive environment.

Make no mistake.  If the only thing you believe in is what you see with your carnal eyes…your spiritual walk will end on this Earth.  Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you.  Higher knowledge comes on spiritual trains.

How to Avoid Burning Down the House.

California public safety is FINALLY ADMITTING THE ELECTRIC ELEMENT OF THE FIRES.  Regarding the planned power outages.

“Utilities may temporarily turn off power to specific areas to reduce the risk of fires caused by electric infrastructure. This action is called a Public Safety Power Shut off (PSPS).”

They were claiming that the shut offs were done to conserve electricity because of limited resources.  Now they are admitting it was for safety purposes.

Cat’s out of the bag.

Turn off all high voltage electricity to your house during evidence of local fires.

Turn off high voltage to your home lightning storms.

Turn off high voltage in your home during strobe lightning.

And Finally How are the Explosions & Derailments connected to the coronal discharge & new St. Elmo’s Fire?

Corrosion is the answer.  The new atmosphere is corroding stainless steel.  Even Ozone itself is corrosive.  The heavy iron bell on my porch has been in tact for years.  I looked at it the other day and saw that it’s starting to corrode.    corrosion is what is happening to the metals on Earth.  God will destroy every man made device.  And he will do it with ease.  The towers of babble shall fall.  The New Earth and New Nature is coming.  Earth must burn to usher in the New Paradise on Earth.  The promise land is on the way.  God will place His children on The New Earth when the danger is over.

God Almighty will set ascended & enlightened powerful Guardians over His New Earth.  Never again will the beast have the opportunity to steal The Children of God’s inheritance.  The 144 will finish off the Beast system’s best of the best.

In the twinkling of the eye the mortal shall put on immortality.  The corrupt shall become incorrupt. Eternal, immortal, and enlightened.  God will save His children in ways we could not imagine.  All of these disasters are to prompt men to seek God in Truth & transparency.  It’s is the Great tribulation and it’s covered by the strong delusion.  Many can’t see it.  Miracles now surround us.  Both deceptive signs and wonders and God’s signs and wonders.

While The Beast is re-making mankind in its image.  GMO.  God is making mankind in His Image “immortal & enlightened”.


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  1. As an Electronic/Logistics Engineer even more a Believer in Jesus as Lord and Savior and involved Observer of God’s signs and wonders Ozone and O3 are highly corrosive.
    Excellent article

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