Enough Is Enough! Looking Into the Face of the Genicidal Beast.

Be Careful What You Ask God For.  Especially when it comes to the knowledge of evil!

Forgive the Scribe’s redundant points of interest.  I rewrite topics that are vital to human survival.

“My people perish for lack of knowledge.”

Seeing evil in plain sight can save your human life.  But the knowledge of evil requires a way to process the emotional fallout.  Emotional fallout of having an enemy who wants us all dead or sick is anger, hurt, feelings of being betrayed, and the worst denial or sideways blame (dysfunctional).  Humans can process by either writing like the Scribe does.  Or by walking out of our front door and screaming very loud when we hit an emotional pinnacle of disgust & loathing.

Blame is pointless.  The beast is out of sight and in plain sight.  Those around us are usually clueless as to the genocide all around us.


“Be angry and sin not.”  That scripture will likely disappear very soon.  Why?  Because the statement tells us that our emotions are not bad & wrong.  The programming of the beast thrives on making our emotions our enemy. Such as valid fear…we should be afraid. 

Fear-Part of the Human Condition

Fear is not a sin.  What we do with fear makes or breaks us.  Hiding fear is a big mistake.  They shame us for our fears.  Then people make fear secret by which they harm others who think “why am I afraid and no one else is?”  Also fear gains power when it’s silent and kept secret.  Express fear and the truth shall set you free.  First write all fear down on paper.  Find your heart!  Give the fears to God.  He will transform them into something valuable.  Make a God box for your fears.  More importantly, find someone who is not afraid to admit that they too have fears.  And they express their fears in a safe place.

The emotional front door scream must contain the hindering emotion that’s driving our disgust so we release it.  Never repress strong emotions, its lethal to do so.  Sharing Truth works well to release hostility toward the beast.

But still it helps if your sharing with an empathic listener even more so.  There are not many empath’s around due to The Image of the Beast TV programming of social dysfunction.  And our programs of codependency and controlling behavior.  With our habit of looking for differences instead of similarities in our fellows.

We ate from the Sacred Tree of The Knowledge of Good & The Knowledge of Evil.  Now we must process the reality of having an enemy on Earth who wants us DEAD.  And our enemy who came to kill, steal, and destroy human beings is doing a very good job of it.  Most people never face the vile/evil which stalks them.

Most people never realize they are being stalked by dark sorceries, and lies from Hell.  God help us all, God Almighty please help us all.

“If God did not shorten these days no flesh would survive.”

That’s what the scripture used to read.  But not for long.  It’s magically morphing into a salvation scripture. “None would be saved”.

We know the script didn’t always read “shorten the days”.  How do I know that?  Because its an inarticulate statement of which no Scribe of God would have written in that way.  “Shorten the days” means something else.  Something which protects God’s children from the poison and havick of nearly every product we walk out of any store with.

Food, clothes, furniture, tools, houseware, carpet, curtains, shoes, all of it is made and poisoned by the beast who wants us dead or sick then dead.  Not forgetting the cell towers of babble and the supernatural creatures from the pit.  We are in a very precarious situation that requires strong Faith in God Almighty to protect us through the danger.

Story Time Picture Shows

Ignore politics & news casts.  The stars of the show are all actors.  The news shows contain the worst of the lies.  None of the people you see on TV have any actual power over anything.  Except to deceive the many.   Actors, one and all.  There is by far more Truth in fiction than on news channels.  This is where most Gentiles drop the ball believing everything the image of the beast spins.

Vital Deprogramming from the Image of the Beast

Once a man realizes his emotional connection to the image of the beast he can then deprogram but not until he sees and learns his own heart.  We must go back to being the little children to see his/her relationship with the TV.  We must shed the denial that disputes vulnerability and pain.  We must embrace our emotional condition.  And learn self Love.

The Child the Warrior

What then?  Mama set me in front of the TV to watch Snidely Whiplash cartoons at a very vulnerable age.  I fell in love with the image of the beast picture shows. It lured me into a Love for the characters.  It lured me into a need for entertainment & happy times.

I believed in it.   I embraced it with my heart.    And then fifty years later I realized it lied to me from the start. Not once but over and over and over again it deceived and manipulated me into being programmed to think as it wanted me to think.  Thought patterns in place by TV were solidified by education.  Implications of TV Truth were enforced by every aspect of learning.  The Image stoled my thoughts and betrayed me unto illusion.  I was hurt by it.  I embraced the betrayal the anger.  I had to let it go as I would a jousted lover who had multiple affairs with my best friend and other women.

We Must Deprogram from the education & Image of the Beast to Become The Child of God the Warrior In Jesus.

This is one reason why we simply must find our vulnerable heart and become as little children to inherit the Kingdom of God Almighty.  Warriors of God who rely on God as little children rely on a once trusted parent.  Most people never get past seeing their parents in a True light. They never face the reality of the damage their parent did to them by ignorance of evil.  Becoming as little children requires much Truth and meditation to find one’s own heart.  The wreckage of the past much be processed if ways of Truth.  Only God Himself can lead a man through this process of deprogramming.

Can you admit thes

Truth In Plain Sight

It’s getting old to learn the many ways the beast uses to destroy lives of mankind.  The medical system itself is one of our worst enemies carting it’s faith in pig farma.  We should likely be living at least to the age of 300 years.  Remember the google (Gog/magog) doodles?  So and so’s 140th birthday.  On and on they went showing birthdays of people well into their hundred.  Truth in plain sight.  Yes they called them passed-on but then it’s not a birthday celebration if they are actually dead.  Is it?

And So What Now, Now that the End is in Sight?

How in the name of God did the beast system become so fucking evil?  Hmff well seems the ROOT is the love of money.  Ya well I used to think that scripture should say “the luv of money is the root of much evil.”  However a root is one thing a plant is another.  For instance is “sexual immorality” rooted in the luv of money?  No.  It’s not.  Not unless one is a prostitute.  No. There are twisted perverse spirits which are the root of many aspects of sexual immorality.  Find the demon find the root.  So I was right…luv of money is the root of MUCH evil.  No doubt.  After all the scribe embraces Truth.

Right now the English language is being babbled by the towers.  Why?  So pretty much everything people say is now a lie.  Where lies flourish so too do demons flourish.   What do you mean Scribe?

Euphemisms, parabolic statements, sin o nims, and all statements that do not mean what they say & do not say what they mean are all LIES.

So then english and all languages are being rewritten to accommodate ignorant and lies told unaware.

What a mess.  It’s overwhelming to look into the face of the beast.  This is where the prophecy is fulfilled by God’s children who have overcome the beast and it’s image.  In regard to the world of people around us we ask,

“Who or how can they overcome the beast and it’s image?  It controls the minds, thoughts, and words, of most of the people on Earth.”

We are in the waiting room.  God has the children of God in the tabernacle of safety.  We wait.  And we wait.  For we are in need of patience.  We, many of us are chosen to walk the thousand year walk upon God’s Sacred & Coming New Earth.  We have need of patience.    We shall be in perfect peace once our purpose for the next thousand years is bestowed upon our hearts.  We are blessed to watch the New Nature come to Earth and transform it and us.

By rivers of living waters flowing through our veins we shall put on immortality.  And the corrupt shall put on incorruption.

How Do we know we are destined to see the New Earth?  How do we know tht we are Israel the People?

Either we are Israel or we are Gentile.  Either way we are destined to live on the New Earth.

“Not all shall sleep (as the Gentiles sleep) but we shall all be changed in the twinkling of the eye.”

Has your eye been twinkling?  Or are you a Gentile who shall sleep for 1,000 years?  The children of God the chosen who shall walk as Jesus walked they have already gone through a purification process that is not of their own making.  You would have changed everything about what you put in & on your body.  God’s purification includes weeping and gnashing of jaws.  The weeping for years on end purifies the heart.  The gnashing is still a mystery and it’s not as bad as it sounds.  We think it may have to do with the tower of babble somehow and avoiding the deceptive programming of the beast.

If your Israel and called to seed the New Earth then you have undergone already the weeping.  And now are experiencing the gnashing in some form.  You would have been awakened to Truth in 2017 of there about.  God would have already shown you why He chose you and who you are in Him.  You would probably have the gift of sight to see the Locust from the pit upon the faces of men.  And to see the winged creature that carried the locust on its back and nests in the hair of a woman/ in the hair of the many.

Gentiles did not avoid the Locust or the winged abomination when it came in the night.  Israel slaughtered it because God trained them to do so prior to the event.  So if you didn’t see any of this you may be Gentile.  That is not a bad thing because Gentiles are also blessed to be transformed and live eternal.  They to shall be blessed with immortality after they sleep a long while.

We are in the waiting room.


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