Mike From Around the World Tells it Like it Is

The Sacred Angels of the Apocalypse fly now.
Jazweeh. When you see the black Sun (April 8, 2024?) The end is nigh.

No Hold’s Barred. Mike From Around the World Tells the Truth
When other elite men run and hide with fear.  Most are paid to keep quiet.

When a man sees his death approaching.  He asks himself…what good have I done in this Earth?  And he then commences to make right his wrongs.  God is merciful and gracious.  For I, Laura E. the scribe can attest to my own deliverance, prodigal walk, and re-deliverance again.  He does not turn from us because we sin.  The prodigal walk teaches us the depth of God’s Love for us.

“Draw nigh unto the Father and He shall draw nigh unto thee.”

You cannot buy the kind of Truth Mike lays down in this latest video

Pastor Paul mentions Planet X, is planet x effecting Earth’s weather?  Perhaps.  But Jazweeh believes its the four angels pouring out their viles on Earth that’s turning Earth inside out.  The answers are in the prophesies of the Bible.

Why is the Sun white hot?  Why does the moon now spin as it goes.  Smiley face moon?

The four angels are in the skies pouring out the viles.  The 144 can see & hear them.  The Red Kachina is the strongest and most destructive to Earth and man.

The Red Sacred Angel of God is proclaiming “men shall draw fire unto themselves.”    This is a mystery word straight from the angel of God.  That probably involves many factors. That is what the angel proclaims.  Jazweeh has heard it over and over.  We surmise “the fire” affects men’s hearts by inflammation.

Ye believe in God?  Believe also that He has true chosen few but you won’t find them very often.   When God said “four angels shall pour out their viles” He meant it.   In spite of whatever the books say now with the deceptive signs and wonders in place.  Amos 8:11 &12 is here but the many see it not.  See it not.  The diamonds forgot forgot.  The diamonds forgot.

The Locust came and the winged creature of abomination and the diamonds forgot.  And so the diamonds become the lamb to the slaughter. Saved by trials of fire.

The Blue Kachina says “The New Earth comes” but first the old Earth must fall.  The white sun is now judgement.

Jazweeh saw the seal on your forehead Pastor Paul.  Make not mistake, the seal of God is not common on Christian’s foreheads.  We think because they have confused God with religion/legion.

But still there are anchors for the chosen that will have to be loosed from desire.  We all have/had them.  For some the white Sun shall be a blessing.  For others a great horror and threat.

See https://jazweeh.com for more prophecy.  See https://abominationdesolation.com for more supernatural bible changes info.

We thank you both with great gratitude Mike and Pastor Paul for your candid work of end of days.

11 Replies to “Mike From Around the World Tells it Like it Is”

  1. the god of the old testament is a blood thirsty , psychopathic , extraterrestrial imposter . the father of lies . and an egotistical racist. LIFE IS GOD – LOVE IS THE HOLY SPIRIT – WORSHIP LIFE – LOVE CREATION ! that is the ” unified theory ” of theology brought into perspective by YAHWEH/JESUS . the kingdom of god is within you . you are eternal . satan and legion are beneath you unless you give them power . fear and hatred are fuel for the dark side . they obfuscate truth and distort reality . find the truth in all things and make it reality . 1SRCPT@PROTONMAIL.COM

    1. Your smart guy Jimmy Lee. You may enjoy my next article about thrones of evil. And why men and countries fight over Jeru-Salem. It will publish some time today. And insight into the “Iron Rod”. All the books now belong and are authored by the Dark Lord. Fluid bibles changing daily. If you can see that your above special. The iron rod has taken the memories of most Christians. Maybe God is sparing them from seeing the evil in the bibles so the last souls can be saved. Idk. HOwever its not easy for us to watch bibles on the shelf change daily by magic. It’s kind new for us who see to say the least. And of course anyone we tell calls us Satan or crazy. Yet the N>T> has Jesus calling for “hate your family or you have no part in me” and they just say “hate” doesn’t mean hate. Truth truth Big Truth Big Truth then…..huge lies, insults to God and man, contradictions, dialect changes, grammar apostasy, spelling outrage, and words straight from Hell like “Magick” and so on. It’s quite annoying.

    2. Man, you don’t get it AT ALL. VAST multitudes seeking truth *fail to find* because they’re easily *led astray* by worldly logic, sensuality, vain esoterism or specious mysticisms. *I know I was.*

      I’m an ex neo-vedantic (hindu roots) new ager. I used to be into so much “cosmic/spiritual” stuff: trance channelings, ancient wisdom, gnosticism, psychedelic drugs, hindu gurus and buddhist variants. I was illuminated by the *kundalini (serpent) spirit* then 8 years ago I got rightly enlightened by the *Holy Spirit* which proceeded to show me what a *fool* I was before….. Spirit led to the REAL *Yahusha/Jesus Christ* and everything changed – *Paradigm Shifted* …..

      This is being *BORN AGAIN* and it’s an ongoing surprise to me!

      Turns out Spirituality is a *soul serious* business taken way too lightly by *far too many* …..

      ….. the end-times are *dead ahead;* a time of tribulation is near.

      It escapes the notice of our *self-absorbed,* glamour-saturated world that we’re in a spiritual WAR for souls. The immensity of *ignorance* is astonishing: supernal powers are BEDAZZLING the minds of the masses (Ephesians 6:12). We’ve inherited *ancient* SPIRITUAL *subversion* ……… *the Earth is fallen* ….. the holistic fields of nature are fallen state. *”Morphic Resonance”* is OUT of affinity with DIVINITY; *Death is all too familiar:* natural life hunts, KILLS and *feeds* on itself. Humanity is a spiritually *fallen race* highly prone to *deceit and delusion.*

      FRANKLY, we *need* a SAVIOUR and by Jesus Christ we have a GREAT ONE.

      As a new ager I couldn’t believe (I was *damn sure* I knew better) but in the *Light of Spirit* Jesus really is the *Way, the truth and the Life* just like He said: no one comes to GOD except through Jesus, there’s no other way (Matthew 7:13-14). Being a neo-vedantist I wasn’t convinced, yet it transpires that the Bible is Spirit breathed, written by men inspired by the *Holy Spirit.* Jesus is vividly portrayed and endorsed in the new testament, in fact he’s apparent in the old testament too (Luke 24:27 & 44) and by *His LIGHT* we’re allowed to *see* that and *know Him.* Any previously perceived discrepancies or contradictions are ironed out and the supernatural narrative flows most beautifully….

      ….. the Bible is the Revelation of *Jesus Christ* (Isaiah 2:2-4; 9:6-7, 11:1-10 & 45:23, Daniel 7:13-14, Matthew 28:18, Mark 14:61-62, Revelation 1:7-8 & 18, Rev 19:11-21)


      1. What is it you say that I “just don’t get”? I don’s dispute your words. None of the Gentiles are able to see the desecration of the holy places. As prophesied. Both #1 & #2 bodies and books bodies and books turned to the Dark Lord by their own choice. Seems most prefer the lies. By changing word definitions and skewing the English language they see good where there is evil and evil where there is good. Nevertheless “God’s Grace is sufficient to save those who believe in Him.” John 3:16 God Loves mankind.

  2. Had a vision last week while eating a great scratch made calzone with my husband. I saw east horizon blood red, bright oranges, on fire yellows, all across it, no other colors present. Racing towards us was the winged planet so big no eye has seen and sound was deafening. I said, here we come back to You, Lord Jesus, it’s time now!

    1. Anchors are the things holding us to the old Earth. Usually they involve people or material possessions. The New Earth is on our door step. We should embrace it with Hope for a better tomorrow. God is appointing guardians for His New Earth. This is why evil men are killing so many people on Earth with various stealth methods. They fear us because they have stolen our prophecies of old. They have watched prophecy after prophecy come to pass. They fear us because God Himself will take their power from them and hand it to His children. God is dethroning the elites and they re squirming. Their mentality is this…”If we cannot rule Earth no one will”. That’s what they imagine. God’s plan will not be thwarted. Jesus comes in the Eastern sky as the sun rises in the East & sets in the West so too The Son of God shall be seen by all of mankind returning on the Eastern Rise.

    2. Yes Jazweeh writes on this site. She doesn’t claim to be a prophet. She is a seer. Maybe “anchor memories” which defy the mandela effect signs and wonders false memories? Not sure the context of “anchor” that you mean.

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