Video Mike from Around the World! Paul Begley.

Seems to me Pastor Paul Begley is just a teddy bear.  He is one of the few on YT who proclaim Jesus who actually have the seal of God on their forehead.

Why is it Christians of all people are vailed?

Why is it they cannot see the miraculous and high volume of Mandela effects? End of days signs and wonders. God changed reality itself making reality fluid.  So much so that Satan copied with his deceptive signs and wonders creating a false history and a strong delusion that vails the memory of those who cannot see the supernatural bible changes.  Thousands of anti Love anti God scriptures have infested all bibles.  And Christians apparently DON’T know the Good Sheppard’s voice.  Nor did they Love God’s words enough to hold them in their heart, safe.

Example-“Hate your family or you have no part in me”.  Allegedly Jesus.  PISH POSH!  The Strong delusion is a Strong’s delusion.  They go to Strong’s concordance and say “hate” doesn’t mean hate!  They no longer read by Webster.  They make the “Holy place” holy still even though its utterly desecrated soon to be desolate.

The wicked wolf deceives and mocks on every page and the Christians justify every word call the book by God’s very name.  Jacob is troubled by watching blind Christians who no longer recognize evil.  The sacred tree is withdrawn from them.

And what?  Shall Jacob be as a god knowing both evil and good while the rest falter into the wrong side of the dividing of time?

Perhaps the Council of time has an opinion on this phenomena.  The majority of Christians have not noticed the prophecies of Jesus fulfilling so blatantly.  Is it the 144 the women who travailed and who knows the burden of spiritual labor pains who are deluded by the Strong’s delusion. They wait for the fake temple prophesy and the slaughter of a pig. Do they not know you cannot desecrate that which was never holy to begin with, as God’s words are holy. He is removing them from earth Amos 8:11 &12.

Make no mistake all books & especially all bibles, even language itself has changed to be corrupt.  Old English now “Middle English”.  Fables for middle earth.  And they turned to fables believing the lies.  For we are in the two times.  We see yours and ours, both timelines with their separate history and separate reality.  Both are fluid…now.

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  1. It is very clear to me the reason one would call into question it the text of the Holy Bible and great study tools like the (unedited) Strong’s concordance into question. If someone were convince an unsuspecting soul the bible (God’s WORD) is no longer trustworthy, they would have to trust men. Satan is subtle for sure. That was his exact message to eve in the garden, wasn’t it? And there is nothing new under the sun. Nice try, I’ll stick with what my Companion Bible . Without it, I would still be a resident of Babylon. Truth set me free.

    1. Turn to man? No. Turn to God Himself. Jesus has left the books to the wolf. The bible must not be considered God or “The Word of God” either. Only Jesus is The living Word of God. Is Satan ignorant to try the same trick or has he found something far greater to deceive men? What part of “hate your family” & “slay them before me” do you consider holy? With words like “stupid” and “whore” in bibles now. Memories are skewed with the ability to recognize blasphemy. The bible just as the staff with the serpent was never meant to be worshipped as God. AMOS 8:11 &12 It is your choice but Truth is mine.

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