2022 Mike’s APOCOLYPTIC Predictions

Mike Share’s ALL NEW Disastrous News.

Urgent: “2022 Apocalyptic Warnings” Mike from Around the World/Paul Begley

Last year 2021 Mike shared over and over the same basic circumstances of Earth’s changes. This year’s predictions are far worse. Weather will be the enemy.

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5 Replies to “2022 Mike’s APOCOLYPTIC Predictions”

  1. We LOVE Mike around the world. We make sure we watch pastor Paul Begley every Thurs. evening to what Mike has to share with all of us. We are so happy that pastor Paul has Mike on his show every week. Mike gives us a heads up on everything. I just wish that Mike would share his thoughts on who the antichrist is. We heard the crown Prince of Saudi, Mahammed bin Salman is the antichrist. And one of the false prophets is Yuval Noah Harari and he is 100% Jew. We saw him on YouTube saying horrible things about our Heavenly Father YeHoVah and His Son Yeshua the Savior of the world. I would like Mike’s thoughts on this. I got this infor from one of YeHoVah’s seer’s. We LOVE you Mike!

  2. I can’t thank God enough that we have men of God that I can trust with God’s Word and that do the research for us to know what is possible to happen in our world as it relates to God’s Word. I have connections with patriots for TN, and I just posted on his email to me that he needs to look in your direction and Pastor Paul, and expecially this last session with Pastor Paul 3//28/2022. I also, connect with many friends and family members across USA to give them headsup, too. And, especially my pastor, a really “Billy Sunday,” preacher and other staff members. They are listening.

  3. Can somebody list his predictions? Ive heard a few like when he said two hundred thousand will die from covid but just wonder why he didn’t tell us it was all a scamdemic?

    1. Well Brandon I will look into that. Perhaps there is a list. As for the Vid some people really did get sick. I could barely breath for 2 weeks it was terrifying. I was healed by God through the two witnesses who are now here in Spirit for those who need them. _________Jazweeh.

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