Locust from the Pit Revealed. Mandela Effect Explained.

Wing of Abomination Shown Below.  Forehead Mark shown below.

If you already know what the supernatural by bel changes are and you know what the strong delusion (also Strong’s delusion) is and the man Dale a a faect is SKIP TO THE MEAT OF THE ARTICLE “My Theory”

Anyone who sees the M.E. knows that our reality is now fluid.  Some see some don’t.  The new agers are even writing about the M.E.  A few Christians can see the supernatural changes happening to their Holy place.  Amos 8:11 &12 God has & is removing His words from Earth in these last days.  You know the thing the Christians title as “Holy”?   Not some corrupt building built by unbelievers to house an antichrist.  How is a temple of that kind “holy” to believers?  It’s not!  In time by 2024 our Earth shall be transformed.  And those left behind shall seed and be guardians over The New Earth.

Some shall be raptured, some sent to Hell in eternal dark sin, some to the lake of fire & nothingness, others have work to do called to a works that will be a joy to them unlike any of their other callings.  Tongues shall cease.  Faith fulfilled.  Love abounding.

The Abomination of Desolation

As for now, the abomination of desolation has to be committed against something that is REALLY HOLY.  Given by God Himself…His words and the place that held them.  And of course the body when it is the temple of The Holy Spirit.  These are what shall be desecrated. And these are what are desecrated already.

Due to the strong delusion Christians who are desecrated have lost their memories what a Holy Bible is.  And of what Old English is/was.  And of God’s very precepts.  What?  Yes most people are under the dreaded “strong delusion” as prophesied, already.

But don’t be confused.  The changes to the book are exceedingly vile and more numerous than most of those claiming to see it, actually see.  People like “Wake up or else” who sees the M.E. but not the extent of the vile changes.  EYA (Kat) who is likely either compromised and was replaced.  Was the only one on YT who could remember to therefore see the extent of the b.changes.  Either she is a shill used to draw the bees with honey to a hive, so as to categorize them as God’s true children.  Or she is for real.

Thing is those who really do see & remember are trusting and send her information all the time.  She doesn’t need to see the new changes when she is being shown most of them daily by innocent unsuspecting lambs.

The supernatural B changes are not the same as the M.E. God uses the M.E. to muddy the waters and draw men to Him.

People who see the M.E. only see a few of the B. changes and of course other changes to history and reality.  People who see the strong delusion and are not under it see that the B changes are vile, vulgar, on going, and more numerous than can be explained.

The B has changed by 80% at this point.  And most Christians-even those seeing the M.E. neither recognize the changes to the very precepts of God in the book.  Nor do they recognize that the language itself is hewn & skewed hewn & skewed.  The majority of Christians are under the strong delusion.

ONLY THE ELECT can see the extent of the supernatural B. Changes to see and to know that the changes are evil very very evil, blasphemous.

His sheep know His voice and that book AIN’T IT!  Not anymore.

Where Is The M.E. Taking Mankind?

The M.E. is causing men to realize that the supernatural is real.  And therefore that God must too be real. That is one purpose of it. The b.c show the elect what time it is.  We know men are being saved by seeing the M.E’s.  We also see that there is far more to our reality than we realized.  The M.E’s. are ongoing. these “SHIFTS” as people call them have not stopped since 2012 but rather they are increasing as birth (labor) pains increase.

My Theory

If the M.E. changes to reality keep on and keep increasing as prophesied.  As birth labor pains increase.  Then in about a year and one half the changes will be so extensive, & SO EXTREME that Earth will then be unrecognizable.

Hence “The New Earth” as prophesied by not only Biblical prophecy but also Hopi, and Mayan, and other ancient prophesies of the golden age of Peace on Earth and the coming of The Divine.  Jesus is coming but not quite in the way Christians portray.

The Gathering & The New Earth

SOON people will start disappearing due to the M.E slips in reality.   Actual changes won’t just be some title of a movie or a movie line changed.  Oh no.  People will begin to fade away magically.  The gathering is upon us.  They will call it the rapture.  But instead of going UP UP UP they will be going sideways.  The gathering shall bring men to their judgments.

Some will go to the lake of fire while others have a nice long sleep for 1,000 years.  Those who remember and see what is happening is for a reason.  They need to retain their memories because they will stay to seed the sacred New Earth.

Not all shall sleep but we shall all be changed.  In the twinkling of an eye.  The gathering is a radiation event.  God is light (and Love).  Light is radiation.  Color and light will do the job of gathering all souls unto their sleep or their eternal homes.  Many will return to Earth after the 1,000 years of preparation.

Christians like to go on about how they will “rein and rule & govern on a throne of GLORY GLORY GLORY”.  Lots of “glory” for humans going on in the new changed Book, it was not so.  All Glory is and will be God’s forever and ever.

These Christians on Youtube who consider themselves Truthers (not all of them) don’t realize that they are religious.  That Christianity is “Legion”.  Legion is dark, deceptive, and they are many.  Religion is idolatry because usually those who don’t know God but say they do, worship the bible & doctrine.  Why?

Because its their certificate of salvation.  Its the programming they learned in school put to use subconsciously in their spiritual lives.  They are staunch defenders of their doctrines because by their doctrines are they saved.  Intellectual religion is quite different than spirituality.

spirituality vs. religion

Spirituality= Seek God with all your heart, mind, and spirit.  Help others, do not harm.  Apply your eternal Faith and Hope to God Himself.  By prayer the man builds a relationship with God and nourishes his Faith.  They pray “thy will be done in my life” and mean it with fear and with courage.

Religion=Believe what the bible reads or your not saved.  Agree with Christian doctrine of the Bible and the words of the preacher.  Put eternal Faith in the Bible’s words (Idolatry).  Religious people do not seek God in Truth.  They pray prayers that they think God wants to hear instead of getting very real with God throughout their lives and making Him foremost in their hearts by becoming the clay in His hands.    The religious must first see their own heart and then they can seek God in Truth.

Jesus is returning in the way that He shall fill His children with His Spirit like never before.  So much so that they are transfigured into light beings.  One foot on Mt. Zion the other on Mt. of Olives.  They shall make their home in the Heavens and enter Earth when needed.  They shall be somewhere between Spirit & something like flesh but not.  They will appear to the remnant.  They will appear to the last of the vipers and take their powerful & high level helper demons from them.

Already the strongholds are crushed.  Already those evil who made themselves immortal by dark spells were dealt with by God.  First imprisoned and then when they continued their attacks remotely they were vaporized into dust (we believe).

Jesus’ story was an example for the chosen few.  They already see the end of days prophesied  four angels flying.  They see the end times supernatural signs now.  They are watching Jesus’ words come to pass in their lives.  While the majority of end days Christians only see the signs in the natural.  They rely on the image of the beast for all their end of days prophecy fulfillments.  Ironic.  No wonder they cannot admit what the image of the beast is. Even when its SO obvious to all that the talking image of wickedness is the TV and cell phones.

Why do they blind themselves from seeing the image of the beast?  Their relationship with God doesn’t allow them the luxury of Grace.  Legalism by doctrine is religions grounding.  While God’s children’s grounding is Jesus The Son of God and God The Father.

There Shall Be a Great Multitude Who Are Saved (not the chosen few)

Its okay not to be of the chosen few.  There is still a time of rest and of goodness for those who Love God.  The chosen few have already been doing God’s work in the supernatural for years on end.  Doing God’s work in the natural is different than doing God’s work on Earth in the supernatural.  How?

Intercessors.  Healers.  Prophets.  Those with the gift of Love.  Those intercessors who travailed as the woman of Revelation 12 prayed for years in languages unknown.  They prayed by Faith.  Then they asked for interpretation and they got it.  They went on to become God’s 144 warriors.  They stepped up off their knees and became powerful.

Even unto the calling out of angels upon the Earth.  Even unto the calling out of the end of days events.  Still God made known to his warriors this, they would not have survived without the prayers of the many truly faithful Christians who are not warriors or intercessors.  Yet they would have fallen unto death had Jesus not used them in the way He did.  To deliver & heal the 144 in their prodigal walk they needed the faithful true heartfelt prayers of those less informed.

Ye Shall Not Suffer from a Second Death

Those who have come out of great tribulation have already died once at least.  They have experience Hell & and the grave.  Much could be said about this journey of fate.  See

Make no mistake if a man has the will to serve God and he receives by the laying on of hands, God’s Holy Spirit…God will include this man in great works.

Great works require great increments of humility.  The flesh is subject to pride.  I know what my character flaw patterns are.  So the 144 need God and have needed men, and may likely still.

The return of Jesus will not look like the preacher portrays it to look.  I know a man with the gift of healing.  He laid hands on me and I was delivered and healed more than once miraculously.  Why on Earth can’t this man see what’s happening now?  It’s baffling, perplexing and false pride rears its ugly head.  But God has His reasons for whom He calls “the chosen few”.

The 1/2 Blind Christians Who Lifted Up the 144

I admit its very hard to understand the vail over the Christians.  But the bottom line is if not for them I would not have survived my own tribulation and prodigal walk.  By their prayers of deliverance and healing I was able to go on to my call to Faith.

Imagine if you were an expert in sky diving.  And you taught many to skydive.  Yet a student comes to you who knows nothing much at all about skydiving.  But somehow he is called to pull the cord for you and save your life.  A cord he knows very little about.  What can I say except that puts the prideful in their place.  Its that simple.  Its a lesson that I pray God I don’t forget and have to learn again.

Does God use the fallen to lift up His children?  Seems so, seems so.  Irony at its best.

The majority of Christians cannot see what’s going on nor do they need to at this point.(I guess)  The supernatural events are alot to handle.  We can just call it a vail for the sake of comfort. They are vailed.  As opposed to The Locust from the pit sucking their minds dry and their faces consumed especially around the eyes to sink to sink the prophecy fulfilled.

ALL those with the Locust problems have the option to repent and get delivered by Jesus Himself.  God assured us in times past that in the Great Tribulation of these days if they turn and repent, get real with God He will deliver them from the suckling Locust creed from Hell.

I have seen the vail over many of those who call themselves Christians.  And perhaps they have truly put Faith in Jesus.  I would be lying if I told you that the vail perched on the hair and consummated to the face is beautiful.  On the contrary I have seen the vail and its dark & from below.  Its called the locust from the pit.  And its ugly, vile, and its words are vulgar.  God showed Jazweeh this Locust from the pit and the mark and the winged creature for a reason.  We will no longer dance around this issue with people pleasing kid gloves.  The Truth isn’t pretty and its in prophecy.  And right now nearly every YT Christian has both the mark and the Locust.   That means they have walls up around their heart.  It’s understandable and its programming.  But those walls MUST COME DOWN IF THEY WANT TO BE DELIVERED FROM THE LOCUST SUCKING THEIR FACE AWAY AROUND THE EYES MAINLY.  EYES SINKING AS PROPHESIED.

Mark of the beast on forehead.
Locust from the pit. Minus the legs. Locust has no leg. The legs are appendages like part arms part wings.
The mark & Locust
wing of abomination that carried the locust from the pit. Flying rat creature.

It came upon a wing of abomination, like a winged rat.  It made sounds like a flying roach when it arrived.  It consummated with men’s faces, heads, and minds. It made the mark on the foreheads of men.  Or by the mark it gained entry to the men’s minds.  Which came first the Locust or the forehead mark?

Some people’s eyes are beginning to show the sinking effect the Locust incurs.  They just need to repent with their whole heart God said (we believe) that He would restore them if they do.

I suppose any deception must and does come from below. God has allowed this Locust abomination flight to happen.  I suppose God uses whatever.  I am not to judge these 1/2 blind Christians who cannot see the Supernatural Bible Changes.  But I won’t candy coat it either.  I expect many of them will repent at some point, I hope to God.

Jacob’s Ladder

Hence Jacob’s trouble.  We are Abraham and we are questioning what God is doing with Sodom and Gomorrah.  We have lived nearly all of Jesus words.  We climbed the ladder and saw the trouble and got knocked off our balance for a time.  We had much to learn from Jesus.  False pride is our battle and demons our targets.

“Some shall be purified.” Purification isn’t easy.  Neither is being alone in a great knowledge that affects all of humanity.  But we would not change any of it.  God’s will be done.

To Be 144 is to Be Alone

These 144 warriors who were in travail and did pray by burdens for souls for years on end have become God’s tools on Earth. He formed them into warriors by their tribulation and by inspiration.   And now they are called to seed the New Earth.  They shall be Guardian’s NOT RULERS over The New Earth.  Though, yes they will have the power of a ruler.

God’s ways are not man’s ways. He is not bent on making Kings, and Governors, and the rest of that political power mongering garbage.  That’s all man made and the 1/2 blind embrace it as holy.  In God’s world there are no kings, rulers or cops God forbid.  In God’s world all men Love and shall be filled with righteousness.

Evil was permitted entry to Earth for one reason men would have the choice of their eternal homes.  Evil or Good.  God, Truth, or lies and darkness.  The dividing the the sheep and goats.  We are not like them.  Its time to understand that we cannot save anybody at this point.  The times for sharing our testimony has passed.  Soul winning is a farce.  Each man must work out his own salvation by one on one with God.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be filled.

To call Jesus a “King” is an insult to the few who know Him & know His voice.  He is so much more than that.  A Loving Savior who brought us out of Hell is no mere “king”.  King’s ….He is “King of Kings” if the word must be used.


Guardians of the New Earth will likely not be raptured with the Gathering.  Their judgement is true.  Their purification already weighed.  They already had their visit with the god of the scales Anubis.

What are standard and non-standard units? | TheSchoolRun

The true full prophesies have always been hidden from the many.  The elite have been trying to destroy God’s children for a long time.  Why?  Because the elite stoled the prophesies and they know they WILL BE DETHRONED by the meek.

The meek shall inherit the New Earth.

The elite fear losing power more than they fear death itself.  And the children of God are the one’s who will take their power.

These 144 warriors and His children the breathren of Jesus have already done the work.  It’s already in the process. Every prayer of Faith by all the Christians matter. It started in 2017 and the prayers were sent out.

The 144 did rain down fire and color, they rained down God’s will upon the Earth in ways even true Faith Christians cannot understand. Still the prayers of the Christians MADE The New Earth begin to emerge.

All prayers of Love, and of Faith had a part in what is coming. 

Anyone who cannot step out of the box of Christianity cannot be the 144.  Perhaps there are those who have the gift of Love and do great works in the natural by charity etc.  But works of charity and great works of Faith are two different things.  Great works of Faith come in a very peculiar package with power.

And So The M.E. Shall Move Us Into The Golden (God) Age

The gears are already moving.  The motion is set.  The changes have begun.  By 2024 many many people will slip into another place and just disappear.  Some raptured.  Others gathered to the lake of fire for utter annihilation. And others who prefer wickedness will revel in Hell.  Most will sleep.  Sleep in Christ for 1,000 years.  They shall awaken to their paradise of light.

Even the wicked have their Paradise.   God is not a masochist.   Those who would not be comfortable in Heaven among the light will be fitted to their dark realm.

If their faith is put in the wicked one perhaps Lucifer shall provide for them an eternal dark home.  Perhaps he will make them a leader in Hell.

Do You Not Know that Men Shall Judge Angels?

I have judged angels.  I judged them as doing and being exactly what God sent them to do and be.  Without evil introduced on Earth how would the children of God make their choices?  Lucifer had the hard job.  Tempting mankind was God’s will.  All things are of God.  Yet God does not evil.  He is perfect and True.  God is Love.  All things work for the good for those who Love God.

God may have changed Lucifer so he could cope with the job before him.  I have judged all the fallen angels as finally being able to go home.

I have judged their existence toward mankind as a necessary evil and God’s perfect plan.  This decays the good/evil paradigm and brings in the paradigm called “Balance”.  Balance is being restored.  Earth’s nature will no longer have to defend itself against men by making briars and poison serpents and plants that kill.  The New Earth shall be not only  life giving but comforting and friendly.  You will be able to sleep in the grass all night without any threats.  Once nature is no longer threatened it will not be a threat.  Defense no more.  This is my Hope.

I could be wrong.



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  1. Love brings peace to the hearts of the faithful. Exuding the light of love surrounds us with the protection that can only be found in God’s eternal peace. Our minds must stay focused on giving, reviving and acceptance of what is to come.
    Your words carry wisdom and have been so good for my soul. Very grateful for hearing and reading the ultimate truth you convey which provides the inner transformation needed to endure what is to come.
    My heart remains happy, as I try daily to walk in God’s loving light.
    Peace and love to you and yours Know that your words are well received, especially by my sisters and me.
    I have been given the gift of a glimpse of what happens when we leave our human body. This happened when my beat friend’s son died. Without a doubt we have a great gift to look forward to at the end of our lives. This experience took away any prior fears I had about death and dying.
    When 2024 comes, my heart, mind and soul will be focused on what is important.
    Thank you for preparing us all by your daily walk in His light. Your receiving and sharing the Word touches multitudes, including me.

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