What is The Image of the Beast?

Truth In Plain Sight

by Champagne Johnny.  A philosopher, writer, developer, & empath, who makes clear he trusts no one on the image of the beast (tv, phone).

Red Dragon a mythical creature whose title now appears in the Bibles.

The Image of the beast Identified

(Just because you have a phone and watch TV doesn't imply "worship of the beast.   To see Truth takes an adjustment period of emotional processing).  Pride and being comfortable are the enemies of hard truth.  Fear is the enemy of hard truth.  I don't like being afraid but I choose Truth anyway.  No one wants to believe they have a real tangible enemy stalking them.  But unfortunately if your 144 or even of the body of Christ you have a stalking enemy.
Even sleeping Christians are not ignorant enough to participate in statue worship. Yet the preachers portray this depiction as the image of the beast occurrence. Pish posh.  They will therefore be waiting a very  long time for prophecy to be revealed to them.

The Image of the Beast Arrived in Most Home in Technicolor in 1964.

Are Christians really so starving of wisdom that they would be tricked into openly worshiping a statue in the center of town?  Even You tube preachers depict statue worship as a fulfillment of Revelations image of the beast account.  The preacher says they will, a talking statue at that….right.  The preacher says “its coming its coming but never will he show you what is already here.

Although color TV was introduced to consumers in 1954, less than 1 percent of homes had a color set by the end of that year. Ten years later, in fact, nearly 98 percent of American homes still did not have one. It was not until 1964…
According to Britanica.com.


But isn’t your TV a talking statue made by men’s hands and ruled by the beast system of lies?  Or do you still think Trump is a savior sent from God and he earnestly tried to change the world by buying his way into the presidency?

An IMAGE ABLE TO TALK hmmm speakers?…Alluring pictures of ideas by which masses of people trust and follow.  Of course the beast system corporate tier #1 not just influences but runs the image for its own agendas by narrative.

Its an image that people worship by mimicking and obeying just what they see on it from vanity to medical topics they obey.  They follow the beast wherever it takes them.

Only the self aware can see how and when they were abducted by the image.  Mama sets little Johnny Champagne in front of the TV before he even learns to talk. By convenience and overwork mama and daddy need the image to subdue little Johnny.  And so Johnny trusted the image.  He now sees he was betrayed by the image.  This is no small thing emotionally, Johnny is angry. His world in turmoil.  Everything was a lie!  Johnny will deal with it by relying on God His Savior Jesus.

Trump clearly promoted the poison.  Presidents are selected not elected.  Please don’t choose pride over Truth.  Read on!  God’s children Love Truth even when it’s not in line with the books.

Worship Jesus follow Him anywhere, know Him, He is Love.


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  1. I once had a sudden personal “revelation” that these screens we are all looking at were “the image of the beast”.
    I can relate.

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