What Does 2023 Hold. What is Great Tribulation?

End of Days

Jazweeh’s predictions in a nutshell for the next 1-8 years approximately.  Depending on God’s shortening of the days. (prophecy)

The Days Are Shortened

Right now the days are already shortened for the 144. Literally shortened.  They get up.  They do a few things.  They do what they need to survive and then it’s time for sleep again.  The 144 and the chosen few now feel like they are in a time loop because their days are so short.

Bible prophecy usually has two meaning for two groups of people. The chosen few and the many.  “The many”  includes the tribulation saints, believers, unbelievers, and those who serve evil.

Chosen Elect vs. Tribulation Saints

Who are the chosen few?  The woman of Revelation 12 are the intercessors who pray in higher languages.  The chosen few are those who have a special calling from Jesus Himself.  They follow Him and know His voice.  It’s a heart condition.  The tribulation saints are just as valued as the woman of Rev. 12.  The intercessors need the prayers of the saints.  And the saints need the prayers of the intercessors.   Both work toward enlarging The Kingdom of God and both store up treasure in Heaven.

The chosen few engage the gifts of The Holy Spirit.  The trib saints have or will have the born again experience which imparts a portion type of The Holy Spirit.  But it doesn’t bring with it the gifts.  Obtaining the gifts requires prayer and the laying on of hands in our experience.  Nevertheless God does not have to go by any rules.

The Great Tribulation

Approximately two seven years tribulations.  One for Jacob (Israel the chosen few) called Jacob’s troubles.    And one for the trib. saints called Great Tribulation.  These trials are not God’s wrath as men proclaim they are.  God’s wrath will happen but not yet.  Not yet.  And not to God’s children on Earth.  It’s usually only through trials that men seek God with diligence.  And seeking God is what G.T. is all about.  We seek with great fervor of heart and God delivers us from death and from hell.  He delivers us from the body of death.  And from the fleshly affinity to sin and debauchery.  Jesus heals, delivers, and strengthens.  But this event usually only happens in weakness we are made strong.   The Great Trib. for the tribulation saints starts in April 2024.

Jacob’s troubles has already commenced.  And is hopefully already finished after six years of trials & troubles.  Especially this year well, 2022 was a year of trouble for us.   2017 was our year the vail was lifted.

Given that informations it’s likely the vail will be lifted from the many or from at least the trib saints very soon.  The tribulation saints will have their great awakening at April 8, 2024.  It won’t come all in a rush.  God does things carefully so mankind is not shocked.  The awakening will be very affective but gradual.

The G.T. won’t look like Hollywood.  Ever had a bad day?  Figure having a bunch of really bad days on steroids.  Spread out unto a tolerable amount of time.  God is not a torture master.  Nor is he a sadist!  We are here for one reason-to choose our eternal homes and choose our God.  It’s that simple.

Those who choose no god will have no eternal home.  “I wish that you were hot or cold (toward God) since your luke warm I spew you out.”  Hell abides the children of Hell.  It is an abode for souls to live on.  Read Paradise for the Hellbound.

The Lake of fire destroys the soul and ends the being as if they never existed.

The Wrath of God

God’s wrath is reserved for His enemies and the enemies of His children.  That means the controllers in high places of the beast system.  Those who claim they own us.   Our oppressors.  and those who serve the enemy blindly or knowingly.  Those who hurt other people with no conscience.  That means those who do not know God.  Those who reject God and those who have no god.   So, some evil will abide in Hell and others will incur God’s wrath.  Only God knows how the evil and dark souls of mankind will be divided up into categories.  Those who get to live eternally in Hell.  And those who go to the lake of fire by judgement and by their own lack of Truth.  More will be revealed.

Why Are We Here?  And why why why?

Heaven is for those who choose light and life.  Dark souls would not want to go to Heaven.  They would not fit in there.  Hence reality requires balance.  Right now light and darkness are all thrown together into one place.  This experience is “Creation of man part two” the spiritual part of creation.  The most important part of creation.  Part two is vital for mankind to retain free will God must know who is for Him and who is for darkness.  And then place each in their eternal life homes.

The New Earth Is The Promise Land

Who goes to the New Earth?  After one thousand years of creation of the New Earth and preparation then the trib saints will wake up and be set upon the New Earth.  They will have paradise.  The Earth will run with rivers of living waters.  And the Tree of Life.  Many on the Earth will no longer know good from evil.  They are losing their access to the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and the burdens which that knowledge brings.  The guardians of earth will still have the knowledge and memories of the old earth. (we think).

Soon life shall be as it was supposed to be from the start.  Good.  No suffering no tears no hate.  No destruction.  Earth Anew will be respected.  God’s Spirit will abide with mankind in a way that has never been seen.  More of His Spirit will be given than we have experienced.  I have felt the Joy of The touch of The Holy Spirit. I swear to you when that happened all I knew was joy for a time.  I was so blessed.  But the joy wore down in me due to human nature or sin or whatever the reason.  There is nothing better anywhere anyhow any way than God’s Spirit.

To see some of the fulfilled prophecies which Jacob sees go to site.

Dreams, Visions, And Callings

He poured out His Spirit upon all flesh.  Yes He did.   That end of days prophecy pertains to dreams, & visions, of His soon return and all calls of Jonah to the Watchmen on the wall.  It also pertains to pouring out a process of clearing up the emotional wreckage of the past.  Meaning to repent of prior issues.  To clear our hearts of resentment of hate. To seek God in a way that purifies us from our past.   A call of repentance.  A call of remorse, regret, guilt and God gives us a way to help cleanse us from our past.

Preachers Scream “Be Righteous” but they never say how with any clarity of direction.  Their screams hold no solutions to the human condition, only guilt.


How to Clear the Wreckage of the Past

We come to the end of ourselves realizing that only God can deliver us from ourselves. From our flesh nature.  “We must become as little children before God to inherit the Kingdom of God.”  This isn’t easy because we are programmed for self sufficiency.  But people need their Creator.  Here’s how to become the clay in God’s hands.

Ask God in Heaven to heal us emotionally & physically.  Ask Him to guide us to clear our bodies, minds, & heart from past sins.  To cleanse us from all unrighteousness.  By this we grow our Faith.  And learn to Love God.

“In weakness we are made strong.”

(fear shame beast programming is for a sinister reason.  Buried fear keeps us emotionally and spiritually crippled & gains power over us and our perceptions).  Fear is part of the human condition and should be faced & processed by Truth & Light.  Never should intense fear be hidden.  Run of the mill common fear is overcome by walking through it..  (like being afraid to speak publically and doing it anyway overcoming by walking through the fear.)  But deeper fear needs addressed & processed.

Exercises for Truth the Belt of the Armor of God

Doing these exercises gives us a tool for future use.  An emotional and spiritual coping skill that is based in TRUTH and must be done from the heart.

We courageously write down all our deepest fears and give them to God.  By facing fear we find our hearts.  We exert Faith and grow in trust toward God by this exercise.  Hint-Most buried fear is in conjunction with losing something with have, or not getting something we want.   We fear for our security.  For our relationships closest to us.  And for our peers & losing our reputation of good standing in society.  Hence-Sex, Society, & Security are the 3 major fear associations.

Write down all resentments and pray for those people daily until resentment is healed.  This really works.

Make amends.  We apologize without excuse to those we have wronged. (ensue no harm in this process)  We admit we were wrong.  We do not expect any relief or forgiveness from the person. It is the Truth of our heartfelt action of amends that brings the spiritual release we need.

“confess your sins one to another and pray one for another so you will be healed.”  Confession is part of cleansing our past.  We go to a priest or a confidant who will be empathic and we confess our worst sins.

THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE.  Confession and amends are two of the truths which set men free.  “Him who The Son sets free is free indeed.”





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  1. Hi Mike, I sent you an email with the picture I painted from a vision of the incoming Planet, God told me “The name of the Planet is Eden.” It is referred to as PlanetX Lord spoke last week about “bow wave” in front of Planet Eden which will affect earth firmament. Lord also told me Sound of Trumpets 777 528Hz is what LUCIFER telescope uses to track Planet Eden.
    sincerely …lani

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