Iron and Clay

Clay is Pliable.  Iron is stubborn.

Israel is in the waiting room now.  We see nearly every prophecy fulfilled before us.  We see into the supernatural.  And we see our shortcomings and the works of our purification.  The last six years have been absolutely life changing for the people who are The Children of God.  The clay in His hands.

The Waiting Room of Israel.

We see all the bad prophesies coming to pass…we are eager for the good ones to manifest.  Such as “The mortal must put on immortality”.  And the corrupt puts on incorruption.”.  And the New Earth, the thousand years of peace on The New Earth.  We have been tempted to go back out and drink with the drunkards.  Tempted to beat the servants of God the Gentiles.  Verbally of course.  And we have walked into every slippery slope which God warned us of including the grumbling.  We are weary of the Wilderness but we shall not give up Hope or Faith in God and His great promises to Israel.

We watch the mandela effects changing reality and we wonder if He will usher in the New Earth by Mandela Effect.  A kind of phasing out of the old earth.  However we think that most of the M.E. are by the towers of babble.  Therefore they would not have any bearing on God’s coming New Earth.  But rather they will be crushed and crash to dust.  All devices with crash to red dust.

Perhaps God will send us to the first Heaven to wait out the worst parts of the G.T.  Though much of the death and destruction to Earth has already happened.  It’s just normal to most people so they expect it.  They do not recognize Cancer & the rest of the end of days plagues, even obesity as being one of the many horrible man made beast plagues.  They don’t realize that all food pretty much is poisoned.  They do not see the death which the beast has already implemented.  They don’t realize that feud additives are killing mankind years and years prior to the age we should be living to.

The many have not looked into the face of the beast to see it’s diabolical evil.  And for good reason.   To realize such evil at heart level a man will barely be able to tolerate what he sees.  It requires intensive self awareness for emotional processing.   Perhaps our lessons in our emotional condition is the reason we are able to look.  Denial saves the man’s heart condition.  However it is a lie.  Denial is a lie.

Those who wear the belt of Truth are acutely self aware.

And we grapple with false pride because of our ability to see what others do not.  We watched as the Locust came in the night.  We heard it’s flapping wings of horror.  And by our weapons of God we crushed the serpent creed.  By His Grace & forgiveness we are not carried away with false pride.

Will All Gentiles Burn By Fire?

The mark of the beast on the forehead is nearly unavoidable for the many.   Nearly everyone has it in one version or another.  (take note I no longer believe in the fallen angel propaganda or that the mark is “angel wings”, though I did mistake that when I made the linked MOTB article.)

The desecration to men’s bloodlines was always about beasts/animals not angels.  This is why they told us for so long that we came from monkeys. Because the inverted story is that they are turning mankind to monkeys.  Make no mistake the A.Z. chot admittedly had chimpanzee pro teens in it’s in greed I ants.  Repent of you took it

The forehead mark that we see manifests as either wings of an eagle, (where the eagle is so too the buzzard shall fly and the carcass shall lie) or a goat head, or goat/cattle horns depending on the spiritual condition of the human.   We see also something else on foreheads now.

We see whatever thing is worshipped and placed above God Almighty.  We see many things on people’s foreheads just above the mark of the beast.

We think perhaps the biblical reference to the mark (forehead mark is seen by Israel & by those sealed of God) being the end all of spiritual failure could be an exaggeration due to bible changes.  But we do not know for certain as we are assuming most will die by fire.  And by it they will be purified from the Locust and delivered from the towers of babble.

The Promise to Israel

Israel, until we get the second helping of Faith as Elijah did, and see that firey chariot of God we assume we are mortal.  Elijah is Elisha are one in the same.   He was transfigured.  Upgraded to immortality by the second Holy Spirit infilling.  He likely pleaded with God asking for the upgrade.  He knew that in his current condition (flesh) he was not fit for the New Earth and it’s sacred realm.  We must become better than humans.  Better than flesh.  We must become light beings as God always intended.  With living waters flowing through our veins.  Not blood.

The promise is for those who still have the inheritance.  They have not thrown their crown of Life on the alter of the beast.  They have not succumbed to the towers of babble and it’s desecrated dialect.  Israel is protected by the Grace of God and so we wait for the good parts of the promise.  The Earth New, is promised to us and so immortality and deliverance from Egypt are also promised.

Gentiles are promised to be saved by firey destruction and they too will get their paradise if they put their Faith in God & His Son Jesus.  They are now veiled for a reason.  Not to be mocked but rather they are spared the emotional growth which Israel is now enduring.  Gentiles don’t know what it’s like to be clay in God’s hands.  It’s not easy to endure firey trials for temperance sake.  And to realize every shortcoming on our platter of dysfunction.  And to be molded and formed is quite the process.

BUT WE WOULD NOT TRADE IT!  WE are grateful for it!

Sensitive content bellow is coated.

Clay can be molded and structured. Formed by God.  Clay in God’s hands.  Iron is staunch, immovable, unteachable.  Already formed.  Hard and in place structured not pliable.

It’s hard enough for Israel to accept change and to accept certain qualities of the unbelievers & stray Christians.  We are also stubborn.  But we are the clay in God’s hands.  Sitting at the feet to learn from Jesus.  Things which no man can teach.  The Holy spirit’s teaching brings revelation to Israel often by way of the Gentile Watchmen, unaware, unaware of how they teach us.

The Iron and clay also represents animals or “beasts” and humans (not tech & not angels).  Although tech is an aspect of the iron and clay which does not mix.  It’s not the main desecration to bloodlines.  That’s about beasts/animals.   Rather the tech problem is connected with the towers of babble.   Humans should not be mixed neither animal or tech.  And yet and yet they have, oh yes they have mixed.

Spirit Does not Have DNA

Angelic deity cannot be mixed with human flesh & blood.  It is impossible.  Angels do not have DNA or flesh and blood.  Humans and animals both have DNA, flesh, and blood.   The mad science with corporate debauchery have mixed beasts with mankind.  Chimp, rat, and pig are their favorites.

No splicing needed.  Splicing is old hat CRISPR tech.  It’s a hack.  When you have the passwords to the nucleus you don’t need to use a hack that mutates & skews by its process.  You can re-write dna rather than cut & splice.

If what you read is talking about CRISPR then they are deceived and have not yet studied Emma are Anne a.

Now the elite have free rein entry into the sales nuke to rewrite Dee Anne a bloodlines with C.P.P’s.  =(sale pen at rating peep tides).  Make not mistake they have countless different names for what they are doing.  The constant name changing of Dee, Anne, a engineering keeps their debauchery hidden.  Making it hard to research and to understand.   It took me years to identify the in greed I ants of the shots that rang out to the world.  Emma are Anne a.

Diabolical science has desecrated the bloodlines of mankind.  And those who are still human and not gee am oh, must escape this old Earth.  Lest the beast finds a way to desecrate Israel without our permission.  By aerosol for instance.  This is our fear and their goal.

God is gracious full of mercy and forgives sinful mistakes.  He will restore what is stolen from us.  Repentance is an option if you did not realize this stuff.

Act 20:26
Wherefore I take you to record this day, that I am pure from the blood of all men.
Act 17:26
And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation;


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