The Sacred Red Phoenix Represents the Return of Jesus & Perhaps Rapture

I Saw a Devine Phoenix Miracle Tonight 01-30-2022

The blue and the red Kachina’s were prophesied by the Hopi Indians many years past.  Hopi’s wrote that the dancing stars as bright as a moon will arrive at Earth’s end.  They represent the coming New Earth/new age and the death of the old Earth.  They are energetic dropping light crystals as they fly East with the elliptical orbit.

But wait!

Jazweeh has a pair of binoculars to watch the Kachina’s in flight.  Tonight as she looked for the Red Kachina after watching the Blue Kachina for a while.  She glanced to the southeastern sky and saw something bright.  Was it a street light?  NO!  It moved and began to fly straight up like a rocket.  But with binoculars she saw the wings and the white and red crystal light flowing.  Up up up!  Then The Red Kachina took a sudden turn not to the west but rather Eastward flying very very fast against the elliptical orbit of East to West.   Celestial objects generally keep their place however according to books at the end of days angels, luminaries, shall not keep their positions.

This is the first time we have seen the angels fly contrary to planetary norms.  Your typical sky watch websites will call the Red Kachina “Venus”.  Sorry, not likely.  These stars are NEW.  They are angels of God the supernatural Phoenix birds and they are telling us something very important.

The old Earth must die for the New Earth to be born.  Yes you can survive the transition but only if your Faith is in God first before worldly desires.  This is our hypothesis.  Consider yourself very very blessed indeed of God if you see the Phoenix angel-birds.

Apostle Paul warned about a new gospel.  And with the supernatural bible changes at hand we have many new gospels in the once holy books.

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