Remaking Mankind in the Image of the Beast

Being Different Becomes a Crime in a world of GMO Humans.   And lessons of The Holy Spirit.

Article written by guest writer Dorothy Ruth Stirrum.  This very disturbing article is not necessarily the viewpoints or opinions of Mike or Pastor Begley. 

 Please, do not read this without prayer for Truth & guidance.    Dangerous Truth has to be processed emotionally.  Hope & Faith are God's supernatural gifts to His children to be grown and nurtured.  Hope, Faith, & Love (ignorance is not overcoming) are the only things that overcome the relentless attacks of the beast system upon humans.  Nurture Faith with prayer.  Nurture Love by giving goodness, nurture Hope by implementing Hope in God in times of distress.

When nearly all of mankind are reprogrammed to be carbon copies of one another the world is no longer free by free will.   Free choice is replaced with behavioral predictability by behavioral engineering high tech.   It was bad enough for humans when we were controlled by manipulation of thought.  The mind control process in me.  First I was demoralized from birth to believe I am just bad and wrong.  Demoralized so I would repress omy True heart and put on a ready made mask of behavior.  The mask presented to me artistically by and taught from the Image of the Beast. (TV)

The Sting of the Serpent the Scorpion sting.

But now the theys, the monsters found a way to make mankind into GMO.  And behavioral modification w/life spans shortened are the primary purpose.    Implementing an even earlier death than already established by other means.  Shortened life spans were mainly introduced through poisons to the masses via food additives, fabric chemicals, water additives, product detrimental enrichments and fortifications, dyes, furniture & home furnishings.  Just about everything we walk out of a store with is poisoned .

Why most of the watchmen don’t know we are in the Great tribulation days is because they have not looked into the face of evil to see the genocide.

“Without Faith in God by the Love of God no flesh would survive the end of days”._____Jazweeh.

The Perfect Slave Race finally achieved by the elite.

Can we repent of taking the mark of the beast?  We think so.   See encouraging repentance videos by Anthony D. Williams.   Repent from the shot which desecrates the body (temple) with animal (beast) cellular uptakes and mass genome events of ultra fast growing hypermutation & gene expression remaking of our bodies & minds?  All done by our own cell structures processes by God’s masterful DNA command system.  Sure “the shot doesn’t change your DNA”, you do.  The mRNA command comes in with its beast proteins and your own system is tricked, & changes your DNA.

We did not come from monkeys but they found a way to turn humans into monkeys.  Or rats, or pigs.  If that’s not a desecration of the holy place then what is?

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Beast and Cancer cells.

Where are you getting this science from writer?  From the scholarly articles of mRNA transmutation and genome therapy.  Behavioral Genome Engineering.  And from the drug companies statements and articles with the shots ingredients.  With 4 years of study that wasn’t easy.  And yes the A.Z. brand admitted the Chimp proteins.  All brands have Cancer cell lines for a reason.   Various animal proteins were implemented.  Fast growing gene expression adopted from likely Heckla Cancer cells.  And if the PEG (polyethylene glycol) and heavy metals don’t kill you the genome mutations will change you.

Tricks of the Elite Are Wordplay.

What are the main obstacles in studying the back scenes?  Vocabulary.  The vocabulary of words associated with genome engineering and directly associated with the back scenes and their ingredients change constantly.  Words and substances are disguised under a mask of new words and terms.   Then more new words and terms for the same things.

Cancer Cells In the Back Scene?

What makes Cancer cells unique?  Once the mutation gets going they grow strong and fast.  Rapid cell growth, hypermutation, choking out other cells and gene expression (tumor) is their gastly nature.  This comes in handy if you want to re-grow a body into something other than human.  These C. cell lines are vital in the making of a GMO human.  Otherwise cell expression would take much too long.  Why now?

They could not enter the command center of the cell structures of humans.  At least not until the solved their little mystery of the two gold keys to the cell’s nucleus.  They used quantum computing that solves problems at light speed.  But the final symbol (persay) was given by an agreement with Apollyon and his hoards of demons loosed upon the Earth.  The covenant with many prophecy was a covenant between men & demons.

Pitchfork Clipart Trident - Poseidon Trident Symbol - Free Transparent PNG Clipart Images Download
Reverse transcriptase of the back scene reveals the code associated with the chemical make up.

No they do not say or write “Cancer cell lines” in the ingredients.  But they did list “immortalized cell lines” which has changed already to another term.  However the definition of “purified Cancer cells” was available when I researched back scene ingredients.

Will the mark/shot/genome therapy give you Cancer?   Even though those cell lines are “purified” & making the Cancer inactive.

These type cell lines are for fast structural hyper-mutation cell growth and their expression.  So then will it cause Cancer?

It is noted in studies of peer reviewed scholarly science based article that the cell lines (such as the cervical cancers cells of Henrietta Lacks first Cancer grown in a petri dish) have been known to activate when coming into direct contact with cells in a living body.  Hell yes it can give you Cancer and if the controllers can activate one in ten or even one in one hundred then their biggest money making medical industry will benefit from it all the more.


Can We Be Delivered from The Mark of the Beast?

With God all things are possible and repentance is part of a spiritual gift by free will.  If our heart does not condemn our actions we won’t truly repent.  Humans make mistakes.  The bibles mentions men would refuse to repent.  Jesus is our healer & Savior from both the flesh & from Death & Hell.

He is the One who answered my cries of desperation.  He healed me and delivered me from a life of debauchery.  One where injections of various recreational drugs killed me and knocked me out more than once.  I know He forgave me.

Had the mark come when I was in my twenties or thirties I may have taken it.  But God Almighty was very clear to me on what the mark is and what would happen if I took it.  He didn’t just tell me He showed me.

He was so clear that I am more terrified of the shot than of being alone, deemed bad & different, isolated, rejected, & condemned.


Holy Spirit Baptism/Divine Presence of God/Born Again Spirit

I spent a half hour without His Divine Presence and it was sheer Hopelessness.  The Hindu call God’s Divine Presence the Bimbah.

Losing The Divine Presence

It wasn’t His Holy Spirit that I lost temporarily the night the White Train came through me.   How do I know?  Because the gifts were still present with me.  But all Hope was gone.  The Holy Spirit comes by the laying on of hands and imparts spiritual supernatural gifts (listed in the bibles) give unto men.  It was His Presence that has been with me all my life that left by the White Sacred Train that kept it safe for a time until it returned to me.

The gift of Hope is listed (in bibles) with Faith, & Love as God’s greatest gifts bestowed upon mankind.  Without Hope my will to live was gone.  Doom and gloom was present.  It was horrible.

I know this sounds impossible but spiritual experiences shared are seldom believed by those who hear them.

God’s Spirit for Various Helps

The Bimbah & The Holy Spirit are two different parts of God’s Spirit for various purposes in mankind.  In spite of what the youtube preachers say, The Holy Spirit baptism is not our conscience.  It’s not for “conviction” like the preachers teach.  The good conscience is our guide into right and wrong.  Which produces guilt, remorse, and regret or a guilty conscience as they say is standard in most people from birth.  Unless sin seers it into dullness if we ignore our good conscience long enough.

Why preachers are saying the Holy Spirit is merely for conviction shows that they never received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit which imparts gifts listed in the bibles.  The born again experience imparts it’s own life changing part of the Spirit of God’s goodness to us.  But being born again is not an extreme supernatural event like when the gifts of The Holy Spirit are imparted.  We think perhaps these watchmen mistake the born again experience with the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  I person would have to experience both to know the difference.

Higher Language vs. Utterances

The Baptism of The Holy Spirit is the most astounding supernatural event we can experience on Earth.  Feeling God’s Love as oceans of Love rushing throughout one’s body, mind, & soul is unequaled by any earthly pleasure.  It usually requires a transference from others by prayer and the laying on of hands.  With evidence of higher languages.  Or utterances.  These two are also differentiated by the fact that one is evidence of the Holy Spirit and usually doesn’t happen very often.  While the gift of intercessory prayer gives the man many languages and deep burdens of travail.  Intercessors are the woman of Revelation 12.  Who speak unto God & by His Spirit with the gift of higher languages.

If you refused to wear the mask and take the shot you know how people are reacting to us.  Is taking the mark/shot the dreaded blasphemy of The Holy Spirit?

Not if you have not received The Holy Spirit by the laying on of hands.  All men have the Divine Presence of God in them.  They, we, were born with it.  God’s blessed Spirit of Life, Hope, Love, & Faith are God’s great gifts to us.  We either grow them or we reject them.

Love is giving, kind, encouraging, caring, it’s easy to Love those who Love us but Loving the destitute, the ugly, by helping in what ever way we are able is an act of Love.  Love has many faces and passionate sex is not one of them.

“Love” is the most abused word on Earth next to “Fear”.   We are shamed for being human as fear is part of the human condition.  And then we are taught what Love is not.  Love is an action of goodness toward others.  Not a method of controlling others or of manipulation.  The phrase “I Love you” is abused.


2 Replies to “Remaking Mankind in the Image of the Beast”

    1. Hi Jerry, not sure what you’re asking. Abom. Des. is x2 two fold.
      Desecration of the bodies of mankind/mind
      Desecration of the bibles/words.
      Both are holy God’s temple. Both are under the strong delusion, so few remember what a Holy Bible actually read like prior to 2017 since the desecration ripped through it like birth pains. It was VERY VERY different then. Nor do they recognize the passive blasphemy and lies in it.
      Not all minds are desecrated but most do have the mark of the beast until they face God with the scary truths about what’s in their heart. And realize they won’t lose anything worth keeping if they get real with God. Problem is people don’t know their own hearts to know they have been shallow with their communication to God. It’s usually takes the gift of desperation to seek God in Truth and with great vigor. Hence the 7 year trib. Pretty sure it starts in 1 1/2 years. The first trib is for the few ….the woman of Rev. 12. (a group of people) Her trials are almost over.

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