Once Saved Always Saved. Works of Faith verses Faith Without Works

Once Saved Always Saved.  Examples below of the Afterlife of Gentiles & Israel

Why did Jesus say with just a Mustard Seed of Faith we can move mountains?  What did He mean by this?  Can we move mountains by our Faith to do so?  We are not faithless yet I myself have not moved any literal mountains lately.

God Works in Our Lives Slowly, & Completely Similar to Nature

God works in The Holy Spirit by mysteries of actions which few are privy to.  His 144,000 know Him and are shown many mysteries.  It takes years to connect to God Almighty in a complete reliance way.  It takes training, purification of emotional condition, lessons on character & flaws.  God teaches us how to eat.  How to garden.  He teaches us nature and His natural resources all around us.  God works in and through us like nature, slow, but very effective.

For instance you can treat symptoms of health problems with a pill from pig farma.  But when God uses nature to cure what ails us, He does it slowly, thoroughly, and completely.  God heals the body in Jesus name from the ground up.  God works in us patience by His methods of teaching and healing.

Becoming the clay in God’s hands is usually preceded by a desperate sidewinding search for Him in all the wrong places.  Anything to fill the God hole that God’s children felt in their younger days.  Folly was the children path which lead to pain, and destruction.  Which lead to solutions and healing.

Many are the afflictions of the righteous but The Lord will deliver them out of them all.  That means don’t give up on God working in you life.  By wisdom and understanding God’s children are forged into warriors of The Spirit.  Crushing the head of the Serpent is their way.  The gifts of God are working in His army on Earth.

What about Faith?  


The Lord hears our weakest prayer…and our strongest prayer is by inspiration of The Holy Spirit.  All prayers matter.  Every prayer is by Faith.  Except when it’s up for display.  Motives matter.  Many are the prayers of those who wish to be seen and heard of men.  “Look at me!  I am benevolent!”

But the Spirit prays in the dark places in secret.  In the safe places of All Mighty God.   His warriors pray by inspiration by both anger and joy, with gratitude, and with desire by need.   The Holy Spirit is not out for display.


Good works are vital to a believer’s walk.  Building good character takes time.  Learning God’s wisdom and growing in understanding takes time and effort.  To be God focused is to become the clay in His hands.  He builds in us works of Faith.  Without these works…we take little with us to the throne room of judgement.  Here is how judgement works.

Why are Christians on Youtube rebelling vehemently against salvation based on works?  Because they are right!  We are NOT saved by our works.  We are saved by Faith in God and that is the message they are driving home in the end of days because…time is short.

However, big however!  However, without Good works of Faith you are not storing up for yourself treasure in Heaven where mouth cannot eat and where rust does not destroy.  Great works of Faith shall be rewarded by God directly.


Prayer is one of the biggest works of Faith especially when it’s a prayer of Love, giving, caring.  Helping someone in need.  Giving to someone in need.  Loving the unlovable.  Praying when the Holy Spirit leads sometimes under duress.  Prayers of giving when we are not feeling it.  Granted Holy Spirit prayer is inspired so it’s usually done when we feel like it.  However God brought tests upon Jacob/Israel by their troubles bring exceptions to the rules.  Hence prayer while under physical burdens.  Jacob’s troubles are Israel’s brands of the great tribulation. (we think).


So, I walk into the throne from with nothing but my baby Faith in God. I believe in Him but have not done very many works of Faith.  I seldom gave to anyone in need.  And I rarely prayed for anyone except myself.  And please know we MUST pray for ourselves it’s vital to spiritual survival.  Self centered prayers are primary to becoming the clay.  But only if the self centered prayer is for and in alignment with God’s will for us.  Prayer carnal things for myself is of little use.  Neither is it in a category of great works of Faith.  So what do I have to offer when I walk into that throne room?

The Look Back to My Past

I had a life of selfishness.  And not in a healthy way.  I used others.  I manipulated.  I had enemies.  I hurt people never admitting or saying I am sorry.  I did not teach my children about God nor did I put them first ever.  I have many people whom I resent and hate.  I have a bucket full of resentments I never addressed and never admitted.  I am carrying with me a boatload of hidden guilt, remorse, shame, and regret.  To the point that these emotional hindrances affect my daily interactions with people.  I blame everyone else for anything that goes wrong in my life.  The wreckage of my past is full.  I never did self examination.  I never gained the humility that is required to repent or apologize.  I hide my regrets deep down within my heart right next to my fears.  Yes fears.  I have one hundred different types of fear which I bury or project only blame of others.  Truly I am a person who can’t admit fear because…after all the beast image told me I am a weak worm if I am ever afraid.  I don’t know that fear should be acknowledge, addressed, worked through, and exposed to the Light.  So I have a heaping load of denial, lies, and fear that are also with my wreckage of the past.  Lies to self.  Lies to self.  I have lied and cheated my way through life.  Clawing for competitive promotion.  Never repenting of lie because lies after all, are my protection (I feel).  So every lie I tell is justified by fear of fear.  I have hurt people by my tongue and accused people by my online dialogue.

And with this I step into the Lighted Throne Room of God Himself.  What happened?  All the darkness in me was immediately siphoned out of my personal Spirit.  The person I am is that “personal Spirit”. (not speaking of the Holy Spirit or Divine Presence).

The darkness gets siphoned out in the presence of God and put into a kind of bubble of light so it can’t escape.  Question is what is left of my being as a human once all that darkness I have created is gone.   Including the demons I have sported around with me which gained entrance to my body due to my sin and so on.  The pet demons are also siphoned out into the bubble of light.

I look up at the dark degradate bubble encapsulation with its dark entities that I made a part of me.  The angels surrounding the room cast their eyes down from the sight of the darkness that was in me now exposed to the light.  Now all that is left of me is the shame filled child who never took a look into her own eyes.  Never did I help here see her fear, her heart and work through it.  Never did I allow God to work in my life for one reason.

“I feared what He would take from me.”

Ironically it’s that dark bubble that He would have removed through work and through time by His Grace He would of taught me how to be His child made in His image.

Judgement Part Two

I realized then by His Light that my Earth experience was….”Creation of man part II, The Spiritual man’s Creation”.  Spiritual creation is by choices, we choose our eternity.

I realized that without becoming the clay in His hands there is no spiritual growth into the Light.  I was more darkness than I was Light during my life.  And without humility to admit my many shortcomings & wrongs…even the hard knocks the potential lessons taught me nothing.

Faith Without Works Is Dead

All that was left of my being was a tiny half dead mustard seed of Faith deep down, almost dried and gone.  Yet by it I believed.  By it, I said that one Faith filled holy prayer when I was a youth.  A prayer said in Faith when I devoted my heart to God in Truth and in awareness.    From then on  I was a disobedient child, not a prodigal.  No the prodigal learns many spiritual lessons about God’s Grace during their treacherous walk.  I was not Israel.   I was not prodigal.  I was not a son of God.  I was only fit to be a servant to the sons’ of God.  For I had no learning or spiritual growth after my dedication to God.

In that moment Father showed me a multitude of Christians who were much like me.  Except their mustard seed of Faith did not survive.  I withered and died within them.  I remember that there were certain times in my life due to perplexities and problems when I did nurture my Faith by reaching out to God in need I fed my Faith.

By Truth and by a desire & hunger in me for righteousness (which nearly died) my mustard seed of Faith was still deemed “alive”.   I would receive my paradise.  Or if I was more blessed I would get to serve one of the Children of God therefore having another chance to advance in Truth.

There were a multitude of Christians who proclaimed the name of Jesus but they didn’t know Him.  The only reason I knew Him is because He helped me through a few tuff times and so my Faith seed was nurtured.

Who Is Israel?

The Gentiles who do barely keep their Faith alive usually go into a paradise due to their preference of lies and deceit they must lose the knowledge of evil by the sacred tree which withdraws from them.   You see God cannot trust them with the Sacred Tree of The Knowledge of Evil.  So as Israel moves forward because of their great works of Faith they will continue to grow spiritually.  Israel is not a geolocation or a bloodline.  But rather by the precept of the beginning from the end.  Israel becomes the bloodline of God by their choices and works.  They have a insatiable hunger for righteousness and so they devoted their life on Earth to seeking God relentlessly.  By their works of Faith they became Israel.

Gentiles Afterlife.

The best afterlife for the Gentile is to serve God’s Children who stored up much treasure in Heaven.  They created for themselves quite a kingdom by their works of Faith while on Earth.  And some Gentiles will get to live in the Kingdom of God with them as servant.  This is why you will hear many Gentiles call themselves “servants of God”.  This is their heart knowing that is their destiny at the time.  The Children of God are powerful.  They are overcomers.  They walked the Prodigal treacherous walk.  And the Gentiles are proud to serve them even before Israel dies or are translated to Heaven they have Gentiles serving them in ways that living Gentiles would not understand or believe.

Put it this way, there is much more to life on Earth than what we see with the eyes.  “Store up for yourselves treasure in Heaven”  this scripture means much more than most people assume it means.  It is a mystery of God.

What of the resurrected Gentiles Who Do Not Get to Serve God or His Children In Heavenly Places?  

My theory on the slack Gentiles who only have a mustard seed of Faith.  They have no, or very few works of Faith under their belt.  By God’s Grace some Gentiles may be needed to serve the children of God (Israel the people) later or even in God’s court at some point in the afterlife.  On the most part these “no works” believer Gentiles go to their personal Paradises.   Paradise that looks something like the “Bart Simpson” episode where the whole Simplson family was resurrected & each went to their own personal Heaven.   Each Heaven custom made after a copy of their best day on Earth.

These gentiles go to a Paradise where their being is in stasis.  They live the same best day ever in Paradise over and over and over.  Yes it’s an illusion but…a great happy peace filled illusion.   It’s nothing to scoff at.

Why an illusion of false light?  Because during life on Earth they preferred the Lies.  They never addressed their relationship with the lie.  They never realized the Beast programming that taught them to rely on lies.  Lies were their dark armor and it protected them.  Much like unbelievers.  They do not wear the armor of God in Life as Israel so desperately relies on.   They rely on lies for their protection.   You will know them because they call themselves “servants of God” rather than Children of God.   Israel went through the same deceptive beast system and were also programmed by The Beast.  Breaking a habit of dark armor is not easy.  It requires acute self awareness and a respect with high regard for Truth.

Israel in all their sin and dark works were delivered from each and almost every unfruitful work.  No man is above human while human.  So therefore no man on Earth is perfect yet.  So it’s likely that Israel still has some sins they wish they could overcome.  Nevertheless, they have accepted themselves as being created by God as human.  But that acceptance is not the same as deciding to live for the carnal world over living to seek God.

The level of candor in a relationship with God takes priority over run of the mill sin.   Meaning the 144,000 are not sinless nor are they sanctimonious.  On the contrary.  A mask of sanctity is annoying and vulgar.

Self centeredness is natural.  We ourselves are the only ones we can work with emotionally, spiritually, and naturally (the body) working toward self improvement.  Being self centered is as much of a must as being human.  People who say they live for something outside themselves …like to help others always have alternative motives.  Whether they know it or not.  It’s always about us.

We humans are incapable of living for anyone but ourselves.  Its only in an act of spontaneous reaction where a man gives his life for another.  Selfless acts of protection toward others (like in war) come straight from the heart without any intellect involved.  Once the intellect enters the picture the action or inaction will become about us.  It’s inevitable.  This doesn’t mean we cannot do selfless acts which include intellect.  But it’s likely there is a motive of payback.  Payback even if it’s just hope for payback from God Himself.

I give in hopes to store up treasure.  Or I give & I help others because I don’t want anyone around me to suffer.  I do not want to see others suffer because I fear suffering myself.  See how that works?  Our works are ultimately always about us. Its just most people never know themselves past their ego. Question is can you face this selfishTruth?   Question is can you look into your own heart and see it for what and how it is?  This is Truth which most people just don’t get that far with.

No human can live one hundred percent for God & or others.  And if they say they do then they lie.  Or they deceive themselves.  The starke difference between a Gentile and Israel is that Israel knows their own heart.  They know their selfishness and accept it as being part of being human.  And it is.  They do not whitewash who they are.  This is part of The Belt of Truth.  Israel could not get to the place of acceptance without God’s guidance, help, teaching, lessons, and so on.  Being the clay in God’s hands becomes first nature for His Children.  While relying on ego is first nature for Gentiles.  That’s the difference.  Gentiles remain in denial of who they are and their own heart.

I could be wrong.

If you think God Almighty judges people by their geo-location you don’t know God very well.  Bearded unbelievers who worship a wall forbidding woman worship the wall with them..well that speaks volumes.  They dress odd for a reason.  They want to be noticed as being “good & benevolent”.  And so they learn a religion behavior.  While their prayer is often shallow and without candor.  They manipulate God in words as if He was a human to fall for lip service.  Their heart is likely far from God and farther from Jesus whom they deny.  If they knew God they would run from such religious folly.  Once mankind finds God, He always points His children to Jesus.  That is what He does without hesitation.

Israel are a people and the name is just a label.  “New Jeru-Salem” is a fairy tale propagated by a group of elite who want to rule the world. 

God’s New Earth shall be called “Shalamar”.  Meaning “Abode of Love”.  Israel politicians are just as bought and paid for as the rest of the world’s politicians are.  Christians should wake up to the evil lies and treacherous danger surrounding them.




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