A Vision Of Pastor Paul Begley by Jazweeh

8-5-2022 Vision

Pastor Paul, a word for you.

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I am a seer named Jazweeh.  I am a scribe and an intercessor of God.  I focus on the end of days events, prophecy fulfillments, and see the spiritual condition of God’s children from time to time.  The Seal of God is already on the foreheads of the chosen few, also called 144,000, and those who go before the throne (133).

However by chosen few I also mean “Israel”.   In many scriptures “Israel” does not mean some political entity of geo-location who have by birth some special spiritual upper hand with God.  They are merely the example.

The chosen few are a people group of God’s choosing from all walks of life.  They are both born again and have received the Baptism of The Holy Spirt. That’s two events. They have supernatural gifts as in the days of Pentecost.  They are both women & men.

Some are warriors of God.  Others are responsible for drawing many to God by their unique call of God according to their spiritual talents.  Some draw men to God in hidden places unseen by prayer.  Some of the chosen had several different ministries throughout their lifetime.  They know the Prodigal walk to learn God’s Grace & Love, His mercy toward them.

The chosen know God.  They have likely had near death exp. or died.  They have most likely been healed and delivered more than once.  These I speak of have a history with knowing Jesus.  They need Jesus and know it.

I watch alot of Christian Youtube channels.  Very few proclaiming Christians are sealed as the chosen few.  But we clearly see the seal of God on Pastor Paul.  Today we saw something beautiful on His forehead.  We saw Pastor Paul’s inner spiritual little child with his arms stretched out toward Jesus.  Just as a child waiting to be picked up by the parent he adores.

We felt His Spirit within him so beautiful.  So child-like & authentic.

“We must be as little children to inherit the kingdom of God.”  We are blessed to have been shown this vision.

The Gentiles Need the Holy Spirit Baptism

Angry Jane and others believe the gentiles are not yet sealed.  It seems they have some things to work through.  We see most people have the mark of the beast om their forehead.  Most Christians on YT as well.  Some have both and will need to let go of some things, or choose by the gift of desperation many will break through their spiritual roadblocks.

Perhaps it’s those who had the baptism of the Holy Spirit by the laying on of hands and prayer that are sealed.  Being born again involves The Holy Spirit and begins to change the inner man.  But the baptism of The Holy Spirit is something much stronger.  It imparts gifts unto men and is an exquisite spiritual experience of which a person will never forget.  In our experience it requires prayer and the laying on of hands by those who have already received The Holy Spirit.

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