Emotionology 101. Why No Study of Emotions?


By Angry Jane

Such a valid and important part of the human condition!  First -THERE IS NO WRONG FEELING!  Only wrong actions.  It’s what we do with our feelings that matters.  Expression of Truth is vital for a healthy emotional condition.

Being shut down and stuffing pain, hurt, fear, is lethal.  The Truth will set you free.  What Truth?  Your heart’s voice.

The neglect of teaching children about their emotions is for a reason.  The elite cannot have us understanding ourselves at heart level.  They cannot manipulate us if we understand that our emotions are valid and common to all humans.  The beast system uses our emotions to shame and condemn us.  To break our hearts early on.  Especially the common human condition of fear.  That is on the top of the list.  And by hiding fear we are as sick as our secrets.

Why do people hide fear?  Everyone has it?  Because we are programmed from birth with words like “chicken shit, pu*sy, panzy ass, yellow belly, worm, woosy” and on and on the degradation labels fly for the fear we know we hold inside.

Everyone is wearing a mask of fearlessness.  We then compare our insides to their outsides and we say “what the fuck is wrong with me?”

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Mike From Around the World had a Dream

Mike from around the world had a dream back in 2014 or so about some getting shot on the stone steps.

Scroll to John’s Video.

We think he is talking about Donald Trump or Biden one or the other.  Listen to what Watchman for the great day channel “John” and Ronnie have to say about the Paul Begley born video.  If you don’t have Pastor Paul Begley’s channel here’s the link for his latest video with “Mike from Around the World” guest speaker.  Here also is the link to Pastor Paul’s website 

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