I Tell You Mysteries You Won’t Learn this at Seminary.

Proof of the supernatural deceptive signs and wonders changing all bibles on Earth, all versions, all ages, all translations.

Netflix recommended watch.  “Sandman”is one of the most intriguing shows of the last 20 years.

Some say the bibles are god, calling them perfect, and that the books cannot be changed.  Yet they are made by man’s hands and full of blatant lies.  And God foretold the famine of His words on Earth in Amos 8:11 & 12.

God’s True words are forever set in The Heavens and in the hearts of those who Love His Truth.  We understand that we are in the end of days.  Meaning it’s harvest time.  Therefore the need for God’s holy Truth and for His once secured bibles is over.  Why?  Because His words are either in their hearts already or they are not.  Times Up!

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