BREAKING: “Plasma Wave to Hit Earth” Mike From Around World

What They Are Not Telling Us About Solar Storms.  How They Affect Human Beings.

“And in the final days mankind shall fear that which is on high.”  Proverbs

 King James Bible
“Also when they shall be afraid of that which is high, and fears shall be in the way, and the almond tree shall flourish, and the grasshopper shall be a burden, and desire shall fail: because man goeth to his long home, and the mourners go about the streets”.

Besides fluffy Northern lights and wondrous concepts of “kool”.

WARNING.  The Sun will likely evolve into a complete ball of fire.  But that’s just a theory.  Nevertheless it’s not going to revert back to a normal sun.  It will progress getting hotter and hotter.

This is the beginning of the Great Tribulation.  Why?  So mankind will finally seek God with extreme effort.  The good news you have eternal life IF you want it.


Eagle emblem. M.O.T.B Foreheads.

Don’t go out into direct sunlight on the high corona discharge days.  Times when they report Coronal Mass Ejections and sun spot warnings.  Why?  This Sun problem is serious.  And it’s why the they’s invented “Corona Virus”.  It’s not a virus it’s LUNG BURN.  It will knock you into the bed for two or three days.  And you will feel the burning in your lungs.  I made that mistake yesterday even though I had this theory from the start in 2021 thereabout.

A coronal mass ejection (CME) is an explosive outburst of plasma from the Sun. The blast of a CME carries about a billion tons of material out from the Sun at very high speeds of hundreds of kilometers per second.

A coronal mass ejection (CME) with a prominence eruption viewed from two instruments at NCAR’s HAO Mauna Loa Solar Observatory on July 2, 2015.


A CME contains particle radiation (mostly protons and electrons) and powerful magnetic fields stronger than what is normally present in the solar wind. These blasts originate in magnetically disturbed regions of the Sun’s upper atmosphere, or corona. Researchers monitor activity in the corona using coronagraphs, which block out the view of the bright solar disk and allow us to see what is happening in the solar atmosphere.


PLASMA APOCALYPSE Is On the Way April-June 2024

Our newest theory about the apocalypse.  OUR SUN HAS MORPHED INTO A WHITE DWARF stage of life.  IT WILL BLOW.  IT MAY BE BECOMING A NEUTRON STAR AS Rockstarpreacher mentions.  Judging by much of the info on his channel, Rockstar preacher seems to have broken free from much of the  mainstream mind control data.

Do you remember (most don’t their brains wiped & memory hijacked. Or they are too young to remember.) when the Sun of God was YELLOW, SOFT, COMFORTING, AND YOU COULD SPEND THE WHOLE DAY IN IT?  If you did that now it would nearly kill you.  The white dwarf sun burns like a tanning booth.  And there is not soothing Spirit in that “Sun of Man”.

Info on White dwarfs and supernova stars.

Pastor Begley’s Youtube.

Paul Begley & Mike’s Plasma Event Video Link

A white dwarf is an electron degenerate object, while a neutron star is a neutron degenerate object. A white dwarf has a larger radius and is much less dense than a neutron star. All white dwarfs are less than 1.4 MSun while neutron stars are between 1.4 and 3 MSun.
What comes first a neutron star or a white dwarf?
Stars like our Sun leave behind white dwarfs: Earth-size remnants of the original star’s core. More massive stars explode as supernovas, while their cores collapse into neutron stars: ultra-dense, fast-spinning spheres made of the same ingredients as the nucleus of an atom.

What the Hell is Plasma Anyway?

Here’s the accurate definition the they’s try to hide… usually.

Plasma is an electrically charged gas. Because plasma particles have an electrical charge, they are affected by electrical and magnetic fields. This is the main difference between a gas and plasma.

Here’s the Definition to confuse you:

“Plasma is one of four fundamental states of matter characterized by the presence of a significant portion of charged particles in any combination of ions or electrons.”

Here’s the paraphrased definition of plasma.

What does that mean?  Simply put-“electrified gases”.  If a cloud, for instance is full of charged particles then its a gathering of coherent gaseous ions/electrons hence plasma.

What type of radiation does plasma emit?
Electric micro-fields present in the plasma result in bremsstrahlung emission by plasma electrons. External radiation fields interacting with the plasma give rise to scattered radiation. Charged particles moving in magnetic fields emit cyclotron or synchrotron radiation, depending on the energy range of the particles.

Now let’s explore the Important definitions of Radiation.  Other Important information the elite neglected to teach us in school.

Natural & Man Made Radiation.

Radiation is energy, in the form of particles or electromagnetic rays, released from radioactive atoms. The three most common types of radiation are alpha particles, beta particles, and gamma rays.

Color & light are radiation.  Therefore radiation is  also ‘life’ in some ways.  When the Son/Sun of God returns it will be in the form of a new eternal life giving SUN & His Spirit with a New Magical Nature.  A nature that doesn’t have to protect itself from humans by growing thorns and thistles/poisons and briars.  My vision of the New Earth is powerful.  But as always please know I could be wrong.

Bible Changes

CAN WE HANDLE THE FOLLOWING SUPERNATURAL TRUTH?   Most cannot.  The towers of babble began their works prior to 2006 when the Lion of Judah left Isaiah 11:6.  And the Dark Lord took control of all babbles on Earth.  They chose the lies so He left them to the wolves.  Now the wolf lies with the lambs…not the lion (quite literally both in the books and in real time due to the Locust infestation….unawares unawares).

Did you Know that all Bibles magically Changed from “Son of God” to “Son of man” in many scripts?  A demotion of terms an insult to God’s Son.  Blasphemy at best.  I believe that we are now in the beast system because man’s imposter of a sun is ruling the day.

Genesess 1:16 (Do you remember when it was spelled that way?)

“The Sun rules the day.”  When God’s Son went to prepare a place for us His ‘Sun of God’ went dim as prophesied.  (that script may no longer exist)

Sun of Man vs. Sun of God.

Mankind was destined to save the trees and green grass and plants.  They invented their fake radiation and a magnetic plasma electron “sun of man”.   Saving the green trees & grass as prophesied again.

It was hoisted into the magnetic solar field.  And took its place with the stars.  For now.  But it’s way too hot and way to bright.  The process of a normal God given star takes much longer to degrade into a white dwarf.  The sun of man is getting more and more deadly every day.  They had to spray our skies years on end with fake clouds (chemtrails) to protect us and them from their malfunctioning artificial plasma sun of man.  For 20 years they have chemtrailed with passion & diligence.  Not missing a beat.  Around 2012 the fake sun was erected.

“Do not hurt the trees or the grass until we seal all of the chosen” prophecy paraphrased. Mankind.  The they’s saved the Earth from becoming the red forest of ionized trees an grass.  Have you seen how their sun of man turns plants red?  Plants turn red to survive overexposure to radiation….light & color.  It’s radiation oxidation of plant life sparsely happening now.  They had to chemtrail.  But why didn’t they chem trail on the worst Sun of man days?  This week?  Your guess is as good as mine.  

Coherent light (like a lazer beam) is unnatural radiation/man made.  I have pictures I took of the sun showing coherent light beams.  That’s how I know (besides my sun of man dream) that our hot white sun is the “Sun of man” not the “Sun of God.”  Because God’s sun doesn’t kram protons together making every sun ray a deadly lazer beam.

Coherent light is like a man made lazer. Natural real sunlight isn’t supposed to be “coherent”. Yet there it is.

The Sun of God doesn’t emit coherent lazer light rays.  But there is misinformation out there so if you validate this truth go to the scholarly science articles.  Gog will lie about it.

But the Sun of man is another topic.

Hopped Up Man Made Radiation VS. Naturally Occurring Radiation

Naturally occurring radioactive elements such as carbon, potassium, uranium, thorium, and radium can be found in the soil and find their way into our food and drinking water and can be ingested. You can also ingest radon through the water supply. However, ingesting radon poses less of a threat than inhaling it.

Radiation & Frequency go hand in hand. Since everything has it’s own frequency.  But some frequencies are lethal and others are good.

Sound frequencies or “waves” can be lethal. 240 decibels can make the head explode, so they say. Ask anyone who lived near grossly destructive power lines and electrical transformers. They hail electricity. But had they not covered our Earth with their devices we would live in a much different place of fire and peace. Electricity is deadly. Sleeping next to a circuit breaker box is a real bad idea. Mobile homes are famous for putting dangerous electrical boxes in high human traffic areas. My meter shows the strongest frequencies in my home are electrical. However the cell towers…have you ever looked at the monolithic monstrosity of wires connected to cell towers? These are toxic towers of babble that download straight to the brain/memory deception.
How do I know? Because not all of us are getting the uploads of lies. CERN is also engaged in mind control and changing history by rewrites. They don’t have to travel back in time….they are rewriting it.
Hence deceptive signs and wonders…some remember true history and some do not.

The sleep time frequencies running through the airways are now SO LOUD I can hear into the IS.   As the people at CERN rewrite our realities one keystroke at a time.

Back to the Radiation Topic

You see good radiation is naturally occurring deep deep deep underground safe and sound where it should be untouched by mankind.   Or high in the cosmos Gamma rays which happen as shining stars.  They call it terrestrial radiation Cosmic Terrestrial.

Uranium was formed by supernova events billions of years ago, prior to the formation of our solar system. Today, its slow radioactive decay provides the main source of heat inside the earth’s crust.

Uranium is weakly radioactive and contributes to low levels of natural background radiation. The majority of background radiation occurs naturally and a small fraction comes from man-made elements. in the environment. Uranium is used in nuclear power generation

Cyclotron Radiation

Wikipedia › wiki › Cyclotron
A cyclotron is a type of particle accelerator invented by Ernest Lawrence in 1929–1930 at the University of California, Berkeley, and patented in 1932.
‎Cyclotron radiation · ‎Cyclotron resonance · ‎Synchrotron · ‎Particle therapy

Unnatural “Cyclotron radiation” is electromagnetic radiation emitted by non-relativistic accelerating charged particles deflected by a magnetic field.
“It’s actually a particle accelerator, a machine that uses electromagnetic fields to propel charged particles to very high speeds and energies, used to produce radioisotopes for a type of medical drugs called radiopharmaceuticals, which diagnose and treat cancer.”

Just a Theory.

They say they measure the Sun’s C.M.E. coronal mass ejections and solar flare activity.  What if the they’s are covering up the emf of their particle accelerators on Earth with all this sun EMF activity that’s affecting Earth by massive EMF upticks. Various organizations have research capabilities & records of Earthbound emf charts and graphs, by devices that follow daily emf readings.  The Sun’s activity is being advertised at length on many channels & .gov websites.

Wake up call!  New Jesus vs. The Real Jesus.  Son of God or Son of Man?

We were warned in the previous bible not to follow the new Jesus.  We were warned that deception would be world wide.  And that few would escape the deceptive signs and wonders.  Only a few of us know what the towers of babble are doing to our reality.  Its not as easy to watch magic occur all around us as we thought it would be.  Especially when we cannot get through to any of the Gentiles much less unbelievers.

God's miracles are signs and wonders and the Dark Lord's miracles are deceptive signs and wonders.  Both categories are miraculous to watch.  They are here now.  Normies sometimes see the Mandela effects/miracles in plain sight. Many Christians claim to believe in God.  But when faced with the magic of God they run the other way.   They never believed in the healing preachers or the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Not the supernatural one's.

Those who are given to Jesus have walked the Way of the supernatural for all their lives.  They searched for God in places that nearly ...well not "nearly" it did kill them.  They were revived/resurrected delivered, healed, & changed. They be became the clay in HIs hands.  They fell again and were RE-delivered after their prodigal walk through treacherous places.  This is how they know the depths of God's Love & Grace for them.  Not all have walked The Way of seeking God Almighty.   Not all became who they really are.  Not all know their own heart.

But all the Gentiles & unbelievers need do is pray with their might by their heart in Truth and seek God & Jesus to find Him and to be saved.  That's the promise.

God is not easy.  If the manys prayers are shallow so too is his knowledge of God.

Types of Radiation References

Coronal Mass Ejection Source Link Info