How Big Business Took Over the World

Farwell beast system play your sad song of departure. You did your job very well helping mankind to grow spiritually and choose their eternity or lack thereof.
In rides the New Age of Peace.
Jesus the Lion of Judah will not sit on some golden chair on the New Earth. He is Spirit and has His home in Heaven.  His plan is carried out by the Faithful & True.  Those whom He brought out of Hell on Earth.

I see a diabolical level of spiritual dark greed encompassing to steal man’s sovereign liberty.  To look into the face of the beast is to see the result of an unrelenting hate for mankind. A level of greed which owns no morality.  No Love no empathy no care no conscience no guilt no shame, remorse, or regret.  The beast is pure evil and it’s ruling on the Earth now.  But only for a short time.

His time is short.

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