How Big Business Took Over the World

Farwell beast system play your sad song of departure. You did your job very well helping mankind to grow spiritually and choose their eternity or lack thereof.
In rides the New Age of Peace.
Jesus the Lion of Judah will not sit on some golden chair on the New Earth. He is Spirit and has His home in Heaven.  His plan is carried out by the Faithful & True.  Those whom He brought out of Hell on Earth.

I see a diabolical level of spiritual dark greed encompassing to steal man’s sovereign liberty.  To look into the face of the beast is to see the result of an unrelenting hate for mankind. A level of greed which owns no morality.  No Love no empathy no care no conscience no guilt no shame, remorse, or regret.  The beast is pure evil and it’s ruling on the Earth now.  But only for a short time.

His time is short.

“Many are the afflictions of the righteous but The Lord God shall deliver them out of them ALL.”

Lake of Fire

And those who are evil’s knowing servants especially at the top levels who steal from and harm the masses shall find their home in Hell. They are cold toward God and as Jesus said “it’s better to be hot or cold than lukewarm”.  Why would He say that do you think?

Because the cold & the hot have a God.  Therefore they have a home in the next life.  Those who hate God and are not evil and wicked enough to rate the Lake of fire will have their home in Hell.

But those who are so wicked toward God’s children like the antichrist who planned all this and corrupted men with money or lust….they will burn.  Their souls will end forever unto nothingness.  They have no eternity no afterlife.  Yes Satan will be released at the end of the 1,000 years but that is a mystery which only the 144 know the reason for.

Satan’s Last Temptation

Keep in mind 144 are likely those destined for the New Earth.  And 144 see the beast and loath it’s work.  Their vail is dropped.  They are God’s warriors and crushed the head of the serpent in Spirit already.  They will have the honor of watching the last Satanic footprint of the beast being annihilated by Jesus the Sun/Son of God.  Satan (for lack of a better name) tempts mankind, yes that’s what he does.  His final temptation was brief very brief and the 144 are overcomers & seers.

Just like the books proclaimed of the end of days.  Prophecy has been True but widely misunderstood.  The Christians on Youtube see very little prophecy fulfilling yet they know of Jesus’ return.

Those who don’t see the end of days are vailed spiritually.  They are goats fashioned for destruction from the beginning of time.  The vail ironically protects the goats emotionally.  They don’t know prophecy and they want to be happy.  They believe what they see with their carnal eyes the rest is pish posh to them.  Pleasure is understandably primary to the majority of humans.  They are vailed because of their own choices to embrace lies over sorrow of Truth.

Why are the elites purposely bringing in to the U.S. so many work age men.  It’s part of crushing the existing humane labor system that had rules to treat mankind with a degree of respect.   Now some will see the loss of the high paying jobs of the blue collar workers in America.  They will pay these foreigners next to nothing to work.  And force the white people into a new poverty level job of which they will be overqualified.  

Sidenote. Apologies for improper use of past and present tense words in sentence structure.  AI is coming in behind my typing to enforce their desecrated tower of babel illiteracy.  It's literally changing my typing as I go.  For some reason changing all literature is very important to the beast at large.  Perhaps primarily so people are inadvertently telling lies by erroneous language.  After all the Dark Lord is the Father of Lies.

Not a railing accusation just the facts ma’am.

Who benefited from the fear of the pandemic?




Local corporate stores.

In 2020 small businesses that were keeping their heads above water did not have the cash flow to spend six months in the red financially.  Crush small business number one!  Local businesses were easily driven out of business by people ignorantly obeying and agreeing with verbal mandates coming from the image of the best (tv/phone).  The obeyed mere suggestions to stay at home and don’t go to the stores except to buy food to survive.  We all did to a point due to fear of the illness the beast made in their lab.

The governments were already owned by the beast system when they proclaimed their mandates on the image of the beast TV/phones.

SEARCH ENGINES & “Gog” (google winner of the tech wars) are the Primary Cause of Struggling and fallen online small businesses.  Not to mention the food/product prices & the ECONOMY forcing people to buy cheap ass Amazon mass produced inferior throw away products.  Instead of purchasing hand made quality custom made products.  Ensuring that Americans have to buy that same product again in a few months or years.

  1. They bought out the governments by getting dirt on high officials politicians etc.  They placed their own actors in politics etc.  Those in power who would not play ball likely ended up in a river.   It’s all shown on fiction shows where there is more Truth than on any corrupt news channel.
  2. They bought the legal system making laws to facilitate their great reset to crush the little guy and to think they own everything. (His time is short).
  3. They went online ….and the big online sellers Amz, Sety, & BayE drove their own sellers into poverty using search engine suppression.  It was that easy.
  4. They proclaim “we will take over the world without firing a shot”.  And they did.
  6. They formed algorithms on which products they would copy cat sellers.  And which photos drew people in.  The bastards copied the seller’s ingenuity, creativity and then stoled it.  Welcome to hateful beast system apocalypse 101.
  7. They have little if any concern about the people.  They stoled the independence of the nations people.  While advertising their slogan “you will own nothing a be happy.”
  8. Those with regular jobs don’t realize what’s happening even though they see the layoffs.    If they are not spiritually inclined the end isn’t revealed to them.  Many of those with regular jobs are being replaced with robotics and foreign illiterates who will work for dirt.   That’s why they are bringing in Mexicans and south americans.  That’s why they are not enforcing the old laws concerning immigrants.  While the christians on youtube proclaim “these are military age immigrant males who will go house to house shooting people”.  That is what they call stealing the narrative.   Making up a story of lies to cover up the Truth.

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