Dark Transfiguration–Iron & Clay

Recipe for Dark Transfiguration.  Making man in the image of the beast.

How to turn a man into 33.3% beast making man in evil’s image.

Mike from around the world –The Dark Knight says this.

They cannot handle the Truth! ” says the Dark Knight.  Still, the truth must be given says the scribe of God to the dark knight.  They shall employ coping skills by The Spirit.

Recipe of Jabba.   

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We Show You A Mystery of God. Prophecy Fulfilled Now.

The Golden Roach Scribe of God (writer Jazweeh.com) struggles with one foot in the supernatural and the other on Earth, carnal. 

Mt. of Olives carnal & Mt. Zion Spiritual.  One foot on each.  THINK! Do you remember a similar script?  Jesus setting down on TWO mountains, with one foot on each mountain?  "And He gave each of them a white stone"  Rev.2:17.    And the streets of Heaven are Crystals of many kinds.

And preachers called the crystals "evil" and of evil.   Along with meditation in Christ and essential oils of plants given from God that do heal.  All power scriptures for the people are being quickly removed from all existing bibles near and far old and new.  The event is covered by the strong (Strong's?) delusion.

 Nearly 30 fulfilled Prophesies, list below.

Wisdom proclaims Truth out in the streets and she is utterly rejected, being mocked & spoken of as delusional.  Yet her eye keeps twinkling.

However we Surmise that Most Cannot, WILL NOT Dare to Believe What the 144 Say & See.

It’s written (or was) that the Israelites are blind until the coming in of the gentiles…but I see something quite different.  I see many blind gentiles.


What is Coming according to Prophecy?  In a word…THE HARVEST GATHERING.  The Lake of Fire.  And the New Earth.  Ye either head to one’s eternal home of head to the New Earth.  Old Earth is morphing into New Earth already.


#1  “Israel” means children of God.  If a human being chooses to follow Jesus and knows Him they are a child of God.  Their bloodline is of the bloodline of so called “Israel” by their Love for Jesus their blood occurs.

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The Mystery of Salvation of the Soul

Spiritual Trust is built on Experiences .


Do not expect to trust God 100%.  Why?  Humans are not capable of trusting in God one hundred percent.  If they were there would be no need for eternal Hope and Faith two of the greatest spiritual gifts given to all of mankind.

As I said before…its where the Faith is applied that makes or breaks the spiritual condition of the man/woman.  STAY WITH ME THIS IS NOT ONLY IMPORTANT ITS HIGH & HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE FROM THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD.

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Who Is the Restrainer? You Can’t Handle the Truth!_______JACK

First we must establish who is the Beast the Dragon and the Harlot.

You won’t see these interpretations of prophecy anywhere else.  How about we start with some examples of beast behavior in mass.

Governments & Cops who serve the Beast

Who keeps the beast rolling?  People who serve it with no questions asked.  Those who turn over their own moral compass to the beast will answer for their actions.

Who puts the innocent in prison if they don’t have money to give the beast?Who falsely imprisons the innocent? Judges for hire.  False accusers lie for revenge.   Who puts men in prison on a liars statement?  Who imprisons those who do not have money to pay the beast or pay their way out of prison.  Who makes laws to enslave for slave labor?  Who sets up the poor to end up in prison?  Who makes laws to collect money?  Who enforces violence without evidence? (cops).  Who enforces unfair laws. (cops)  Who comes at people in violence just because their boss said to? (cops)  Drug laws–the beast provides the drugs to the people in turn arresting them to collect slaves and money.  Who gets away with murder? (cops)  Prisons are corrupts as hell.  Prison guards often do anything for a dime.

The Law Makers

Those who pay to make laws have no concern for humanity.  The corporations are now the hand that rocks the cradle of the beast.  It was not always so.  There was a protector, a restrainer of the corporations & of the governments who was powerful enough to police the higher government and corporate greed.

But when the government was finally bought out by the corporations together they were too powerful for the restrainer to police.  The Harlot did protect the people when she was stronger.  She had the side of God almighty with her.  Little by little the Harlot sold out.  One red hat at a time fell to corruption.  Until finally she was weakened destroyed from within.

Who is The Harlot that the beast hates and why does the beast hate her?

As much as some may hate the Catholic church I am convinced she was the restrainer holding back evil by the corporations and their greed.  The Harlot had the Government on her side to help with the restraints.  She is the wealthiest church.  She knows & is acquainted with dark evil to stop it.  She was the man for the job.  As long as governments were not sided with corporations she could stand against them.  Policing their behavior so they did not go all out holocaust against the people.

Know Them By Who They Show You They Are

Make no mistake pretty much everything that comes out of the belly of the beast corporations is poison.  Including the food.  Research food. They are even making laws now to poison organic food.  They made laws to cover GMO food.  Monsanto now Bayer made poison tolerant produce by genetic modifications that your feeding your children.  Everything we now walk out of the store with is pretty much TOXIC.  They are the arbitrators of Cancer the man made disease.  And also of the rest of the new diseases that cropped up in the last 20 years.  The corporations are the definition of evil.

Now that the beast has both aspects of crime on its payroll its unstoppable.  The Harlot is crushed. The restrainer taken out by crooked government.  Men do not know they are in great tribulation because they don’t know that Cancer strikes 1 in ever two people.  They don’t know that it’s preventable and curable by plants in nature.  But many people know that Cancer is curable and use the cures if they have enough money.  The food poisons and additives cause about 76% of all illness while the rest is environmental.  Meaning everything in your house that you carry home from the stores.

The Christians cannot see that they should be living to the age of 160 or better.  Ever see those google doodles exposing birthdays?  120 years old and more?  That’s to throw it in your face.

The evidence that the Harlot was put down started in 2019 when the entire world began their march to one drum beat.  The Governments no longer were sovereign or independent of one another.  The agreement was made and was obvious.  The Gates of Hell foundation now had the two golden keys to the human cell’s nucleus.  They could now create most men in the image of the beast.  Part animal part human.  Dumb em down a bit more.  Men would walk off a cliff of their own accord.  Men would destroy themselves by their choices.  By manipulation on the Image of the Beast (TV,Phone) the Gates of Hell would convince most people to destroy their own lives by taking the mark of the beast.  A mark that literally has beast recombinant DNA in it.  Then the swore the Chimp, Rat, and Pig DNA would not activate.

The false prophet is a false prophet.

But you won’t hear any Christians speak about the actions of a false prophet.  They just put labels on the most recent Popes.  Popes who never make any predictions.

Well Guess who put Gates of Hell into power?  A man who has been making predictions publicly for pretty much my entire life.  He’s all over the internet with those predictions.  He is one of the richest men alive.  And he gave Gates most of his money.  They call this prophet of false “The Oracle of Omaha.”

He propped up Gates who distributed the remedy to the scared people.  He saved them.  Why is the “Oracle of Omaha” a false prophet?  Because he has insider information on his prediction of finance.  His name is WAR.   Look him up under his prophetic title.

Why can’t Christians add 2+2 anymore?  Because the preachers have been painting pictures of what prophecy will look like for so long.  And they do not recognize the fulfillments of the earths partial destruction and the murders of mankind.  It doesn’t look like they expect the prophecies to look.

And Mainly the Christians are partial to the beast.  They love the beast and it’s image.  If they were to believe what I am writing they might have to change everything.  And that takes too much work.

THE TRUTH is a paradigm shift that most Christians just can’t handle.

Hell.  While we’re at it I may as well tell you who one of the two witnesses is.  He was killed in the street while the whole world watched.  Killed by the beast.  (a cop).  Men watched him suffocate in the street.  This event happened all over the world.  Knee to the chest.  Cop walks free.  The same event.  It was their sacrifice to Baal.  It was their power play showing (right before their one world CV) showing who now has the power.  Can you say George Floyde and about 5 others just like him in other countries at around the same time.

Chauvin will be out in no time.  I am sure they paid him well for the 1 year in luxury prison that he likely enjoyed.  Appeals Court.

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Paul Begley Confirms Jazweeh’s “RED ASH” Prediction (Feb. 2022)

The Prediction was Given From the Angel on High

Its unusual for Jazweeh to get a prophecy from a deity.  She also insists she is not a prophet.  However these angels she sees flying are the four angels written in Revelation who pour out their viles of purification/disaster/&renewal of and on Earth here and now.

Please see her prediction article given in February for detail about THE RED ASH being poured out on mankind to burn the Earth and banish man.



To watch Pastor Paul Begley’s video in full size click YouTube link.

Prediction or Prophecy

The Scribe Feels He will Soon Depart.

As the Lion left the lamb to the wolf by Isaiah 6 x 11=666.    So too shall the Lions leave Earth to the wolves.

The many made their choice between Truth & Lies. 2nd Thess. 2

Most likely the Lions (144/133) shall depart Earth without anyone noticing.  Why would they notice?  Most Christians are under the strong delusion….sorry.  This isn’t easy for Jacob to watch.   They sleep by the vail they know not evil from good.  The sacred tree has withdrawn from them.  They shall not be “as gods having the knowledge of both good and of evil”.

Perhaps where they are going they have no need for such knowledge a place of no evil intent.

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The Fourth Angel Comes

The Third Angel Speaks to the Scribe of God Named Jazweeh

The angel is as a firebird brilliant and beautiful sacred and true she is God’s beautiful Deity.   And she flies now.  She says she can only be seen and heard by The Spirit.  She is the sacred.   Watch carefully how ye speak of deity spoken of as “fallen” for they are all sacred anointed vessels of God’s holy will.

I call her Kachina because God told me of the Blue star coming back in 2012 or so.  The prophecy of the Blue & Red Kachina is the same as the four angels in Revelation & The Fourth angel in Revelation 16:8.

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The Sacred Red Phoenix Represents the Return of Jesus & Perhaps Rapture

I Saw a Devine Phoenix Miracle Tonight 01-30-2022

The blue and the red Kachina’s were prophesied by the Hopi Indians many years past.  Hopi’s wrote that the dancing stars as bright as a moon will arrive at Earth’s end.  They represent the coming New Earth/new age and the death of the old Earth.  They are energetic dropping light crystals as they fly East with the elliptical orbit.

But wait!

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Either We are in “Jacob’s Trouble” or “Great Tribulation” Either/Or

Jesus’ Prophecy Disclosed.

Red Kachina

The prophecy fulfillments at the bottom of page in yellow are not written by Mike.  These are by Jazweeh the intercessor who is 144 and sees the fulfillment of Jesus’ words to us. Not all are the eyes.  We are not saying that if you do not agree or do not see the prophecy coming to pass your not saved.

Let’s establish some spiritual Truth.

Knowledge is not salvation.  This means that we can categorize people by what they know of spiritual end of days occurrences but we cannot categorize them spiritually by what they know where salvation is concerned.  God looks upon the heart.



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Shadrach, Meshach, & Abednego Survived the Firey Furnace

So too shall God’s Children Survive Eternally

Firebird Phoenix is Upon Earth

Biblical Story Turned Prophecy  There’s bad news & good news.

What The Elite (those in the know $$) Won’t Tell the Public due to the terrifying repercussions.

We see the fiery Phoenix in the skies over Earth.  For nearly 5 years I have watched the bright Fire Angel called the Blue Kachina dance, spin, and fly west seen in the southern skies of the U.S.  Binoculars and Faith are needed to see her.  She sends a message from our Creator.  The New Earth Eternal Comes.  But first the old earth must burn.

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The Phoenix Now Flies



For Four years I have been watching what I call the blue Kachina (Hopi Prophecy) in the southern sky from Florida.  It dances and flashes red, blue, and clear lights.  It has wings as an angel.  And for four years I have watched her fly using just a cheap pair of binoculars.  Today I figured out what she is.

I am afraid that without Faith men won’t be able to see the Firebird Phoenix.  There is a dividing of time in play.  Two realities at work in one place.  Literally two Truths.  (Hence the many Mandela effects and supernatural bible changes etc.)

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2022 Mike’s APOCOLYPTIC Predictions

Mike Share’s ALL NEW Disastrous News.

Urgent: “2022 Apocalyptic Warnings” Mike from Around the World/Paul Begley

Last year 2021 Mike shared over and over the same basic circumstances of Earth’s changes. This year’s predictions are far worse. Weather will be the enemy.

Contact website owner at info@jazweeh.com

North Central Florida Is Drowning In Chemtrails-Fake Sun

It’s So Bad We can Smell the Fake Clouds

by Angry Jane.

The fake clouds smell just like the cheap fakey stage fog at the strip clubs that used to gag the strippers when dancing back in the day.  The chem trails are so heavy we smell the same smell now and have for years.  Yes I used to be a stripper before my born again experience.  Angry Jane was born again in 1987.  We think we already know what’s in the fake clouds by reports from many free lance independent chemical analyses truthers/whistle blowers.  Stratospheric aerosol injection is what the elite call their pollution creation.

Geoengineering Affects You, Your Environment, and Your Loved Ones

This anti geoengineering website was handed to me on a silver platter from one of the .gov sites so expect its controlled opposition.

In the end days all things shall be revealed.  We are in the time of the great revealing.

PROPHECY-The Sun shall go dim & the moon shall not give it’s light.  The times shall be worse than ever before.  Even seen a movie or show about a fake sun saving the earth?  I saw one on the series Stargate.   Or wait…was Stargate SG-1.

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Natural Herb Tonic for (Covid 19) SARS-CoV-2

Put your Health in the Hands of God by Prayer


Avoiding fever and bacterial pneumonia by Dried natural Clove & homegrown Turmeric Root.

Fever is indicative of infection.  I did not have a fever therefore I did not have a reason to go to the hospital.  I had primarily phlem, flem, phlegm (who knows how its spelled this week).

The first two weeks were the worst symptoms lung pain, breathing obstruction by flem that was like super glue.

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Who is the AntiChrist and False Prophet Who Gives Predictions?

Written by Angry Jane the Lone Scribe of God.  I could be wrong, but…..

False Prophet Candidate.  His name includes “War” and he is likely responsible for my wars for profit.
Bill Gates leaves Microsoft's board, stepping farther away from the tech giant he founded
Antichrist Candidate

Predicting more than just financial prophecy.

“Watching the Worst Holocaust Play Out”
A False Prophet Makes Predictions. Catholic Pope is off the table in that respect. But how about the richest man in the world who they call “The Oracle of Omaha”? And who did the Richest man put in power?

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