The Sun/Son of God Will Bring Immortality To Mankind & Nature

These are not the opinions of Mike or Pastor Begley.  This article is the writing of the Seer Jazweeh.  She is author and believer in Jesus/and God Almighty born again in 1986 and received The Baptism of The Holy Spirit in 1989.  We welcome her with an open mind.  We like to give others a change to proclaim the truth as they see it.  Keep what your heart proclaims as Truth.

The Son of God’s presence will fill the Earth by God’s New Sun.  His New Nature will grow vibrantly.  Fruit of the Earth for the children of the Sun/Son as God intends.  Not a nature that has to fight to survive by growing thorns and thistles due to mankind’s violent disrespect and negligence of plant life on Earth.

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Bringer of Death Passover Event Black Storm


Is Passover also three days of darkness?

Personal Angel to the 144 Voltar of God Almighty to the 144 Warriors in Spirit.

Today I saw a vision of a black cloud storm.  An unstopable black haze that destroys most of mankind in its wake.  It will overtake all of the Earth with darkness.  Killing everyone in its path & still commit no crime.  How?  The Dark Angels are ordained of God for the harvest of souls.  Just as the Passover was depicted in the Bibles before the desecration of the holy place(God’s words changed on Earth but forever set in Heaven.

A few days later I heard this statement by one who prophesied unawares.  “They are awakening Azrael the Angel of Death.”
“Azrael is the angel of death in some Abrahamic religions, namely Islam and Christian popular culture. Relative to similar concepts of such beings, Azrael holds a benevolent role as God’s angel of death; he acts as a psychopomp, responsible for transporting the souls of the deceased after their death.” Wikipedia

Predicted to occur approximately April thru Junes’ end 2024

Wall of Death. Death Angel of Passover vision. 03-22-2024

Today the Death Angel marked it’s path over the Earth.  Few have the seal of God and the Passover Seal posted on their wall.  The Alpha, The Omega, The Beginning, and The End.

The reapers are called “Death”.  They will travel inside the black storm like a cloud of dust.  Turning those to be harvested to red dust as their spirits leave their bodies for judgement.  There are six basic possible outcomes that we surmise once a man meets the Death Angel.  The only ones who will not be harvested by the Death Angel are the 144,000.  Why?  The 144 have a job to do in preparing the New Earth and New Nature for the coming Gentiles after their 1,000 year sleep (that will seem as one day).


1.Rapture & Sleep for 1,000 years to awaken to paradise New Earth.

2.Rapture and awaken to Heaven above in the realm of The Creator of Earth and mankind.

3. Be passed over to seed the New Earth Paradise (The Promise land) possibly by Way of Heaven.  144 are called to walk the Earth for 1,000 years to chronicle and learn the wonders.  And be better prepared as guardians of The New Earth.

5.Bondage and suffering in Hell the place of punishment per judgement.

6. Crash into the Lake of Fire where the soul is ended unto nothingness.

7.Awaken to Hell & eternal life in the sins and lies they prefer.  The children of darkness desire darkness.

“You are a child of your father the devil.” Not all are children of the God of Light and Love.

“Not all shall sleep but we shall ALL be changed in the twinkling of the eye and in a moment at the last trump.”

Angelic Reapers of the Harvest already arrived. Many people have already returned to God in the Heaven harvesting of souls in mass.  Photo by Mrmbb333 on youtube

The date above of the Rapture is an educated GUESS.    Harvest of humans on Earth will be three Events in one.

Hypothesis Examples of Salvation or Lack Thereof.

1. Eternal Death by Lake of Fire for goats who know no god.

2. Rapture for believers in God.  These believers are saved by Jesus & God the Father who accepts His plan of salvation.  Jesus knows them.  Also those saved from the Lake of Fire by Faith in God alone, the Creator God is Love.

2A.  Those who are Gentiles and not “the elect, chosen few” those who pray to God and proclaim Jesus yet don’t really know Him will be raptured to the 1,000 years as is one day of sweet sleep.  When they are awoken they will have the honor of going to the New Earth.

The children of God Almighty will step through a door unto another place and another time.
The New Earth The Sun/Son of God rises.

2B. The chosen few (spiritual Israel) will be raptured one way or another. Possibly during passover.  If the vision is correctly interpreted.   Just in the nick of time.  They will be taken up and also taken to the New Earth as soon as that’s possible.  The chosen will seed & chronicle the Wonderful New Earth.  They will be transfigured to better bodies.  They will watch the Sun/Son of God rise in the Eastern sky.  They will be able to stand in His Light due to purification and God’s Holy Grace.  If your one of these 144,000 your already yearning for the New Earth or Home.

3. Gentiles will not suffer punishment or suffering at harvest time.  They are to be raptured unto a long sleep while God prepares the New Earth.  One day as a thousand days. It will seem like one day to Gentiles but it will be 100 lifetimes to the 144 seeding the New Earth.  “Seeding” just means doing whatever needs done in preparation for the coming saved to abide on Earth.

4. The dark souls who have a god of darkness and will spend their eternity in the world below.  They are saved by Faith in their Dark Lord.   These are children of the Dark Lord from their inception.  Their heart doesn’t yearn for the God of Light because He is not their Father.

Others will go to Hell as a punishment.

John 8:44

“Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”


5. The majority of those in bunkers and caves will not survive.  Those who are in certain high end elite billionaire caves may survive for a time.  But they will not be permitted to reinfect the New Earth with their lies and poisons.  If they have an eternal god they may continue on to Hell.  But the lake of fire will be the end of all for the worst of the worst greedy & genocidal rulers of the fallen Earth.

“Mar 9:42
And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea.”

6. Of course there is salvation for some by unforeseen variables of which only God Himself is aware of at this juncture.  For God looks upon the heart and many will be surprised in that day of the New World at who is saved and moreover surprised at who wasn’t saved.

These hypothesised predictions are all coming from the Spirit within Jazweeh the See-er.  She is human and could be wrong.  But The Spirit of God does not lie.

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AntiChrist & False Prophet Exposed

Popes don’t prophecy. Prophets make predictions. Programing propaganda says popes and presidents and all THE antichrist & false prophet. Politicians on TV (image of the beast) are actors. Billionaires on the other hand have the money to destroy the Earth and have.

The Anti-Christ Has Clearly Revealed Himself as Billy-Goat Gates whose mommy’s name is “Mary” of course.  And the False Prophet is clearly War-on the Chinese food Buffet. (I apologize 4-code)

The Gates of Hell shall NOT prevail against the children of God.

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Some Truth Is Too Terrifying to Publish

Israel Is Still In The Waiting Room

If your Israel the people then you are waiting for Jesus to return in whatever way that will look like.  Or your waiting for the vortex to pull us up to the First Heaven where we are safe from the Great Tribulation to come upon the Gentiles.

Israel is already being purified.  “Made white” say some of the scriptures.

Daniel 12:9
“And he said, Go thy way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end.

Daniel 12:10
“Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.”

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Anyone Could Have Become Spiritual Israel the Chosen Few


Let’s Talk About Scottie (now Scott) Clarke the preacher/watchmen to the chosen few.  The “rightly dividing” henchman of the end of days.  He is found on Youtube at this Link

Scott Clarke in a nutshell insists on reading correctly just who each scripture is written to prior to saying “that’s to me” & “that’s me!”.   He proclaims that most scripture is to the chosen few.  And that the Gentiles have little to do with the bibles.

If we were not in the end of days his rightly dividing would be wrong.  But since we are in harvest time now he is right in saying “most of the new and old testament scripture is written to Israel.

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Why Are they Really Fighting Over the Dome of the Rock?

For encouragement daily in dark times read my daily meditations book full of one page emotional daily helps.

Mysteries revealed by the Seer.

In a sentence?  They are fighting over the Dome that’s built on the Rock of Ages.  Because of the powerful demonic favors once doled out by the demonic presence inside that crystal of Earth.   Under the dome he Onyx once spoke.  The Black Amethyst rose mankind unto power to rule the world.  The Black Saphire brought the men in black hats wishes from the well of souls.   By death offerings from Life sacred and True they gnashed by their own greed while offering their priceless solemn first love in return for heinous favors.  Their first Love cannot ever be returned to them.

Each man will answer for his deeds.  And the heart that’s too far gone is incapable of repentance unless repentance is given as a gift by God Himself.

The Seer can tell you exactly why that tiny piece of property is so valuable.  But you likely won’t believe it unless you believe in the supernatural.  Both supernatural good and evil exist on this Earth in ways few realize.  This is the preface of why they are fighting for the piece of land called Jew ru Salem.  It WAS, the hub of supernatural dark power.

But what they don’t know is the power is squashed crushed is the head of the serpent!  But before it was recently crushed I will reveal the vision of Jazweeh to you of what was there and what remains there.

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The Cosmos Theory by Observation

This Article is based on theory not fact.  It is written by Angry Jane and has no bearing on MFATW’s opinions and viewpoints.

Is The Earth Really Stationary & Fixed?

Does the giant Iron Ore magnetic poles of Earth guide the planets and keep them in orbit?

Are magnets the bases of all celestial stability?

Is gravity really a made up idea by the diabolical masonic rulers who like to keep the masses uninformed to protect their own power?

They took us to school and taught us a pack of lies.  “Your on a spinning ball rotating at 666 miles per hours


IN THE FIGHT FOR TRUTH we may be wrong from time to time.

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Iron and Clay

Clay is Pliable.  Iron is stubborn.

Israel is in the waiting room now.  We see nearly every prophecy fulfilled before us.  We see into the supernatural.  And we see our shortcomings and the works of our purification.  The last six years have been absolutely life changing for the people who are The Children of God.  The clay in His hands.

The Waiting Room of Israel.

We see all the bad prophesies coming to pass…we are eager for the good ones to manifest.  Such as “The mortal must put on immortality”.  And the corrupt puts on incorruption.”.  And the New Earth, the thousand years of peace on The New Earth.  We have been tempted to go back out and drink with the drunkards.  Tempted to beat the servants of God the Gentiles.  Verbally of course.  And we have walked into every slippery slope which God warned us of including the grumbling.  We are weary of the Wilderness but we shall not give up Hope or Faith in God and His great promises to Israel.

We watch the mandela effects changing reality and we wonder if He will usher in the New Earth by Mandela Effect.  A kind of phasing out of the old earth.  However we think that most of the M.E. are by the towers of babble.  Therefore they would not have any bearing on God’s coming New Earth.  But rather they will be crushed and crash to dust.  All devices with crash to red dust.

Perhaps God will send us to the first Heaven to wait out the worst parts of the G.T.  Though much of the death and destruction to Earth has already happened.  It’s just normal to most people so they expect it.  They do not recognize Cancer & the rest of the end of days plagues, even obesity as being one of the many horrible man made beast plagues.  They don’t realize that all food pretty much is poisoned.  They do not see the death which the beast has already implemented.  They don’t realize that feud additives are killing mankind years and years prior to the age we should be living to.

The many have not looked into the face of the beast to see it’s diabolical evil.  And for good reason.   To realize such evil at heart level a man will barely be able to tolerate what he sees.  It requires intensive self awareness for emotional processing.   Perhaps our lessons in our emotional condition is the reason we are able to look.  Denial saves the man’s heart condition.  However it is a lie.  Denial is a lie.

Those who wear the belt of Truth are acutely self aware.

And we grapple with false pride because of our ability to see what others do not.  We watched as the Locust came in the night.  We heard it’s flapping wings of horror.  And by our weapons of God we crushed the serpent creed.  By His Grace & forgiveness we are not carried away with false pride.

Will All Gentiles Burn By Fire?

The mark of the beast on the forehead is nearly unavoidable for the many.   Nearly everyone has it in one version or another.  (take note I no longer believe in the fallen angel propaganda or that the mark is “angel wings”, though I did mistake that when I made the linked MOTB article.)

The desecration to men’s bloodlines was always about beasts/animals not angels.  This is why they told us for so long that we came from monkeys. Because the inverted story is that they are turning mankind to monkeys.  Make no mistake the A.Z. chot admittedly had chimpanzee pro teens in it’s in greed I ants.  Repent of you took it

The forehead mark that we see manifests as either wings of an eagle, (where the eagle is so too the buzzard shall fly and the carcass shall lie) or a goat head, or goat/cattle horns depending on the spiritual condition of the human.   We see also something else on foreheads now.

We see whatever thing is worshipped and placed above God Almighty.  We see many things on people’s foreheads just above the mark of the beast.

We think perhaps the biblical reference to the mark (forehead mark is seen by Israel & by those sealed of God) being the end all of spiritual failure could be an exaggeration due to bible changes.  But we do not know for certain as we are assuming most will die by fire.  And by it they will be purified from the Locust and delivered from the towers of babble.

The Promise to Israel

Israel, until we get the second helping of Faith as Elijah did, and see that firey chariot of God we assume we are mortal.  Elijah is Elisha are one in the same.   He was transfigured.  Upgraded to immortality by the second Holy Spirit infilling.  He likely pleaded with God asking for the upgrade.  He knew that in his current condition (flesh) he was not fit for the New Earth and it’s sacred realm.  We must become better than humans.  Better than flesh.  We must become light beings as God always intended.  With living waters flowing through our veins.  Not blood.

The promise is for those who still have the inheritance.  They have not thrown their crown of Life on the alter of the beast.  They have not succumbed to the towers of babble and it’s desecrated dialect.  Israel is protected by the Grace of God and so we wait for the good parts of the promise.  The Earth New, is promised to us and so immortality and deliverance from Egypt are also promised.

Gentiles are promised to be saved by firey destruction and they too will get their paradise if they put their Faith in God & His Son Jesus.  They are now veiled for a reason.  Not to be mocked but rather they are spared the emotional growth which Israel is now enduring.  Gentiles don’t know what it’s like to be clay in God’s hands.  It’s not easy to endure firey trials for temperance sake.  And to realize every shortcoming on our platter of dysfunction.  And to be molded and formed is quite the process.

BUT WE WOULD NOT TRADE IT!  WE are grateful for it!

Sensitive content bellow is coated.

Clay can be molded and structured. Formed by God.  Clay in God’s hands.  Iron is staunch, immovable, unteachable.  Already formed.  Hard and in place structured not pliable.

It’s hard enough for Israel to accept change and to accept certain qualities of the unbelievers & stray Christians.  We are also stubborn.  But we are the clay in God’s hands.  Sitting at the feet to learn from Jesus.  Things which no man can teach.  The Holy spirit’s teaching brings revelation to Israel often by way of the Gentile Watchmen, unaware, unaware of how they teach us.

The Iron and clay also represents animals or “beasts” and humans (not tech & not angels).  Although tech is an aspect of the iron and clay which does not mix.  It’s not the main desecration to bloodlines.  That’s about beasts/animals.   Rather the tech problem is connected with the towers of babble.   Humans should not be mixed neither animal or tech.  And yet and yet they have, oh yes they have mixed.

Spirit Does not Have DNA

Angelic deity cannot be mixed with human flesh & blood.  It is impossible.  Angels do not have DNA or flesh and blood.  Humans and animals both have DNA, flesh, and blood.   The mad science with corporate debauchery have mixed beasts with mankind.  Chimp, rat, and pig are their favorites.

No splicing needed.  Splicing is old hat CRISPR tech.  It’s a hack.  When you have the passwords to the nucleus you don’t need to use a hack that mutates & skews by its process.  You can re-write dna rather than cut & splice.

If what you read is talking about CRISPR then they are deceived and have not yet studied Emma are Anne a.

Now the elite have free rein entry into the sales nuke to rewrite Dee Anne a bloodlines with C.P.P’s.  =(sale pen at rating peep tides).  Make not mistake they have countless different names for what they are doing.  The constant name changing of Dee, Anne, a engineering keeps their debauchery hidden.  Making it hard to research and to understand.   It took me years to identify the in greed I ants of the shots that rang out to the world.  Emma are Anne a.

Diabolical science has desecrated the bloodlines of mankind.  And those who are still human and not gee am oh, must escape this old Earth.  Lest the beast finds a way to desecrate Israel without our permission.  By aerosol for instance.  This is our fear and their goal.

God is gracious full of mercy and forgives sinful mistakes.  He will restore what is stolen from us.  Repentance is an option if you did not realize this stuff.

Act 20:26
Wherefore I take you to record this day, that I am pure from the blood of all men.
Act 17:26
And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation;


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What Is Happening to the Earth?

How to Prevent Burning Down The House

How do we prevent the coming house super fires like in California.  Fires that burned every inch of the homes it consumed.  What’s with all the new type fires?  What’s with the new internal tree fires?  What’s with the new super-hot ceramic & porcelain bathtub burning stove melting FIRES????

ANSWERS by Spiritual Insight & intellectual surmise.  Yes theory but don’t stop reading now.  Study the matter then take it or leave it.

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What Are Dreams For

The Beast Is A Bully Who Uses Fear Overcoming Fear Strengthens Us


The Beast Is A Bully Who Uses Fear. Overcoming Fear Strengthens Us.

Use the God Box.

Fear crushing mantras.

  1. Out of the problem into the solution.
  2. Greater is the Holy Spirit & Jesus in me than the beast in the world.
  3. Walk through the fear.  Not allowing it to paralyze me emotionally.
  4. God grant me the wisdom and courage to overcome fear & change the things I can & should.

Dreams are for overcoming self deception and for understanding our hidden emotional being.  Dreams are for understanding ourselves and helping us through difficult times.

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Fallen Angel Technology or a Covenant With Many Demons?

This May be one of my Last Articles—–Jazweeh

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Massive Campaign of Fallen Angel Propaganda.

Who is Satan really?  Because I have not met him.  Furthermore NEVER have I been attacked by Angels.  It’s demons who infest mankind.  And its demons who tempted Eve.  “God does not tempt mankind.”  I do not know who the King of Demons is but He is not an Angel.  And the term “Angel of the bottomless pit” is likely skewed and changed as much of the babbles are changed.

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Once Saved Always Saved. Works of Faith verses Faith Without Works

Once Saved Always Saved.  Examples below of the Afterlife of Gentiles & Israel

Why did Jesus say with just a Mustard Seed of Faith we can move mountains?  What did He mean by this?  Can we move mountains by our Faith to do so?  We are not faithless yet I myself have not moved any literal mountains lately.

God Works in Our Lives Slowly, & Completely Similar to Nature

God works in The Holy Spirit by mysteries of actions which few are privy to.  His 144,000 know Him and are shown many mysteries.  It takes years to connect to God Almighty in a complete reliance way.  It takes training, purification of emotional condition, lessons on character & flaws.  God teaches us how to eat.  How to garden.  He teaches us nature and His natural resources all around us.  God works in and through us like nature, slow, but very effective.

For instance you can treat symptoms of health problems with a pill from pig farma.  But when God uses nature to cure what ails us, He does it slowly, thoroughly, and completely.  God heals the body in Jesus name from the ground up.  God works in us patience by His methods of teaching and healing.

Becoming the clay in God’s hands is usually preceded by a desperate sidewinding search for Him in all the wrong places.  Anything to fill the God hole that God’s children felt in their younger days.  Folly was the children path which lead to pain, and destruction.  Which lead to solutions and healing.

Many are the afflictions of the righteous but The Lord will deliver them out of them all.  That means don’t give up on God working in you life.  By wisdom and understanding God’s children are forged into warriors of The Spirit.  Crushing the head of the Serpent is their way.  The gifts of God are working in His army on Earth.

What about Faith?  


The Lord hears our weakest prayer…and our strongest prayer is by inspiration of The Holy Spirit.  All prayers matter.  Every prayer is by Faith.  Except when it’s up for display.  Motives matter.  Many are the prayers of those who wish to be seen and heard of men.  “Look at me!  I am benevolent!”

But the Spirit prays in the dark places in secret.  In the safe places of All Mighty God.   His warriors pray by inspiration by both anger and joy, with gratitude, and with desire by need.   The Holy Spirit is not out for display.


Good works are vital to a believer’s walk.  Building good character takes time.  Learning God’s wisdom and growing in understanding takes time and effort.  To be God focused is to become the clay in His hands.  He builds in us works of Faith.  Without these works…we take little with us to the throne room of judgement.  Here is how judgement works.

Why are Christians on Youtube rebelling vehemently against salvation based on works?  Because they are right!  We are NOT saved by our works.  We are saved by Faith in God and that is the message they are driving home in the end of days because…time is short.

However, big however!  However, without Good works of Faith you are not storing up for yourself treasure in Heaven where mouth cannot eat and where rust does not destroy.  Great works of Faith shall be rewarded by God directly.


Prayer is one of the biggest works of Faith especially when it’s a prayer of Love, giving, caring.  Helping someone in need.  Giving to someone in need.  Loving the unlovable.  Praying when the Holy Spirit leads sometimes under duress.  Prayers of giving when we are not feeling it.  Granted Holy Spirit prayer is inspired so it’s usually done when we feel like it.  However God brought tests upon Jacob/Israel by their troubles bring exceptions to the rules.  Hence prayer while under physical burdens.  Jacob’s troubles are Israel’s brands of the great tribulation. (we think).


So, I walk into the throne from with nothing but my baby Faith in God. I believe in Him but have not done very many works of Faith.  I seldom gave to anyone in need.  And I rarely prayed for anyone except myself.  And please know we MUST pray for ourselves it’s vital to spiritual survival.  Self centered prayers are primary to becoming the clay.  But only if the self centered prayer is for and in alignment with God’s will for us.  Prayer carnal things for myself is of little use.  Neither is it in a category of great works of Faith.  So what do I have to offer when I walk into that throne room?

The Look Back to My Past

I had a life of selfishness.  And not in a healthy way.  I used others.  I manipulated.  I had enemies.  I hurt people never admitting or saying I am sorry.  I did not teach my children about God nor did I put them first ever.  I have many people whom I resent and hate.  I have a bucket full of resentments I never addressed and never admitted.  I am carrying with me a boatload of hidden guilt, remorse, shame, and regret.  To the point that these emotional hindrances affect my daily interactions with people.  I blame everyone else for anything that goes wrong in my life.  The wreckage of my past is full.  I never did self examination.  I never gained the humility that is required to repent or apologize.  I hide my regrets deep down within my heart right next to my fears.  Yes fears.  I have one hundred different types of fear which I bury or project only blame of others.  Truly I am a person who can’t admit fear because…after all the beast image told me I am a weak worm if I am ever afraid.  I don’t know that fear should be acknowledge, addressed, worked through, and exposed to the Light.  So I have a heaping load of denial, lies, and fear that are also with my wreckage of the past.  Lies to self.  Lies to self.  I have lied and cheated my way through life.  Clawing for competitive promotion.  Never repenting of lie because lies after all, are my protection (I feel).  So every lie I tell is justified by fear of fear.  I have hurt people by my tongue and accused people by my online dialogue.

And with this I step into the Lighted Throne Room of God Himself.  What happened?  All the darkness in me was immediately siphoned out of my personal Spirit.  The person I am is that “personal Spirit”. (not speaking of the Holy Spirit or Divine Presence).

The darkness gets siphoned out in the presence of God and put into a kind of bubble of light so it can’t escape.  Question is what is left of my being as a human once all that darkness I have created is gone.   Including the demons I have sported around with me which gained entrance to my body due to my sin and so on.  The pet demons are also siphoned out into the bubble of light.

I look up at the dark degradate bubble encapsulation with its dark entities that I made a part of me.  The angels surrounding the room cast their eyes down from the sight of the darkness that was in me now exposed to the light.  Now all that is left of me is the shame filled child who never took a look into her own eyes.  Never did I help here see her fear, her heart and work through it.  Never did I allow God to work in my life for one reason.

“I feared what He would take from me.”

Ironically it’s that dark bubble that He would have removed through work and through time by His Grace He would of taught me how to be His child made in His image.

Judgement Part Two

I realized then by His Light that my Earth experience was….”Creation of man part II, The Spiritual man’s Creation”.  Spiritual creation is by choices, we choose our eternity.

I realized that without becoming the clay in His hands there is no spiritual growth into the Light.  I was more darkness than I was Light during my life.  And without humility to admit my many shortcomings & wrongs…even the hard knocks the potential lessons taught me nothing.

Faith Without Works Is Dead

All that was left of my being was a tiny half dead mustard seed of Faith deep down, almost dried and gone.  Yet by it I believed.  By it, I said that one Faith filled holy prayer when I was a youth.  A prayer said in Faith when I devoted my heart to God in Truth and in awareness.    From then on  I was a disobedient child, not a prodigal.  No the prodigal learns many spiritual lessons about God’s Grace during their treacherous walk.  I was not Israel.   I was not prodigal.  I was not a son of God.  I was only fit to be a servant to the sons’ of God.  For I had no learning or spiritual growth after my dedication to God.

In that moment Father showed me a multitude of Christians who were much like me.  Except their mustard seed of Faith did not survive.  I withered and died within them.  I remember that there were certain times in my life due to perplexities and problems when I did nurture my Faith by reaching out to God in need I fed my Faith.

By Truth and by a desire & hunger in me for righteousness (which nearly died) my mustard seed of Faith was still deemed “alive”.   I would receive my paradise.  Or if I was more blessed I would get to serve one of the Children of God therefore having another chance to advance in Truth.

There were a multitude of Christians who proclaimed the name of Jesus but they didn’t know Him.  The only reason I knew Him is because He helped me through a few tuff times and so my Faith seed was nurtured.

Who Is Israel?

The Gentiles who do barely keep their Faith alive usually go into a paradise due to their preference of lies and deceit they must lose the knowledge of evil by the sacred tree which withdraws from them.   You see God cannot trust them with the Sacred Tree of The Knowledge of Evil.  So as Israel moves forward because of their great works of Faith they will continue to grow spiritually.  Israel is not a geolocation or a bloodline.  But rather by the precept of the beginning from the end.  Israel becomes the bloodline of God by their choices and works.  They have a insatiable hunger for righteousness and so they devoted their life on Earth to seeking God relentlessly.  By their works of Faith they became Israel.

Gentiles Afterlife.

The best afterlife for the Gentile is to serve God’s Children who stored up much treasure in Heaven.  They created for themselves quite a kingdom by their works of Faith while on Earth.  And some Gentiles will get to live in the Kingdom of God with them as servant.  This is why you will hear many Gentiles call themselves “servants of God”.  This is their heart knowing that is their destiny at the time.  The Children of God are powerful.  They are overcomers.  They walked the Prodigal treacherous walk.  And the Gentiles are proud to serve them even before Israel dies or are translated to Heaven they have Gentiles serving them in ways that living Gentiles would not understand or believe.

Put it this way, there is much more to life on Earth than what we see with the eyes.  “Store up for yourselves treasure in Heaven”  this scripture means much more than most people assume it means.  It is a mystery of God.

What of the resurrected Gentiles Who Do Not Get to Serve God or His Children In Heavenly Places?  

My theory on the slack Gentiles who only have a mustard seed of Faith.  They have no, or very few works of Faith under their belt.  By God’s Grace some Gentiles may be needed to serve the children of God (Israel the people) later or even in God’s court at some point in the afterlife.  On the most part these “no works” believer Gentiles go to their personal Paradises.   Paradise that looks something like the “Bart Simpson” episode where the whole Simplson family was resurrected & each went to their own personal Heaven.   Each Heaven custom made after a copy of their best day on Earth.

These gentiles go to a Paradise where their being is in stasis.  They live the same best day ever in Paradise over and over and over.  Yes it’s an illusion but…a great happy peace filled illusion.   It’s nothing to scoff at.

Why an illusion of false light?  Because during life on Earth they preferred the Lies.  They never addressed their relationship with the lie.  They never realized the Beast programming that taught them to rely on lies.  Lies were their dark armor and it protected them.  Much like unbelievers.  They do not wear the armor of God in Life as Israel so desperately relies on.   They rely on lies for their protection.   You will know them because they call themselves “servants of God” rather than Children of God.   Israel went through the same deceptive beast system and were also programmed by The Beast.  Breaking a habit of dark armor is not easy.  It requires acute self awareness and a respect with high regard for Truth.

Israel in all their sin and dark works were delivered from each and almost every unfruitful work.  No man is above human while human.  So therefore no man on Earth is perfect yet.  So it’s likely that Israel still has some sins they wish they could overcome.  Nevertheless, they have accepted themselves as being created by God as human.  But that acceptance is not the same as deciding to live for the carnal world over living to seek God.

The level of candor in a relationship with God takes priority over run of the mill sin.   Meaning the 144,000 are not sinless nor are they sanctimonious.  On the contrary.  A mask of sanctity is annoying and vulgar.

Self centeredness is natural.  We ourselves are the only ones we can work with emotionally, spiritually, and naturally (the body) working toward self improvement.  Being self centered is as much of a must as being human.  People who say they live for something outside themselves …like to help others always have alternative motives.  Whether they know it or not.  It’s always about us.

We humans are incapable of living for anyone but ourselves.  Its only in an act of spontaneous reaction where a man gives his life for another.  Selfless acts of protection toward others (like in war) come straight from the heart without any intellect involved.  Once the intellect enters the picture the action or inaction will become about us.  It’s inevitable.  This doesn’t mean we cannot do selfless acts which include intellect.  But it’s likely there is a motive of payback.  Payback even if it’s just hope for payback from God Himself.

I give in hopes to store up treasure.  Or I give & I help others because I don’t want anyone around me to suffer.  I do not want to see others suffer because I fear suffering myself.  See how that works?  Our works are ultimately always about us. Its just most people never know themselves past their ego. Question is can you face this selfishTruth?   Question is can you look into your own heart and see it for what and how it is?  This is Truth which most people just don’t get that far with.

No human can live one hundred percent for God & or others.  And if they say they do then they lie.  Or they deceive themselves.  The starke difference between a Gentile and Israel is that Israel knows their own heart.  They know their selfishness and accept it as being part of being human.  And it is.  They do not whitewash who they are.  This is part of The Belt of Truth.  Israel could not get to the place of acceptance without God’s guidance, help, teaching, lessons, and so on.  Being the clay in God’s hands becomes first nature for His Children.  While relying on ego is first nature for Gentiles.  That’s the difference.  Gentiles remain in denial of who they are and their own heart.

I could be wrong.

If you think God Almighty judges people by their geo-location you don’t know God very well.  Bearded unbelievers who worship a wall forbidding woman worship the wall with them..well that speaks volumes.  They dress odd for a reason.  They want to be noticed as being “good & benevolent”.  And so they learn a religion behavior.  While their prayer is often shallow and without candor.  They manipulate God in words as if He was a human to fall for lip service.  Their heart is likely far from God and farther from Jesus whom they deny.  If they knew God they would run from such religious folly.  Once mankind finds God, He always points His children to Jesus.  That is what He does without hesitation.

Israel are a people and the name is just a label.  “New Jeru-Salem” is a fairy tale propagated by a group of elite who want to rule the world. 

God’s New Earth shall be called “Shalamar”.  Meaning “Abode of Love”.  Israel politicians are just as bought and paid for as the rest of the world’s politicians are.  Christians should wake up to the evil lies and treacherous danger surrounding them.




Truth- Crush The Serpent Bruise the Heel.

Mike from Around the World Crushing the Serpent’s Head With Truth

Jesus is The Truth The Light and The Way to God Almighty.  We give a BIG THANK YOU to Pastor Paul Begley Our Online Church provider.  We thank him for his promotion of Truth and Righteous & forthright proclamations.

Believers of the end of days do not need redundant quotes that we have heard a thousand times over.  But rather fresh Truth.  God’s Words are in our hearts where they do the most good.

As for the world & its salvation…’they have a God to seek and we are not Him’.

What do you mean Jazweeh?  Each man must do his own seeking of God we cannot do that for them.  Nor can we save them by beating them up with condemning quotes.    Seek and you will find.  That is our great promise.

Jazweeh the Seer Writes….

We quote the True scripture words from God which worked for us!  The words which promoted our ascent out of hell on Earth.  And the first scripture that ever struck light in my heart was John 3:16 “For God so Loved mankind that He sent His Only Begotten Son…”.

The Father God Creator of Heaven and Earth sent Jesus to bring His words. Hence only Jesus is The Truth World of God.   And evil men killed Him for it.   His words sent to bring us eternal Life. And to gain the keys to death and hell so we too can overcome death.  We become overcomes also in Life by the prayers “Thy will be done in my life”.  Said by courage to give up control & mean it. Prayer in Jesus name is powered by The Spirit of God.

He brought some out of the grave.  And He came to bring us life THIS LIFE more full.  & to bring us spiritual life by deliverance, healing, and Life more abundant.

He came so we too can overcome fear.  Fear is part of our spiritual walk.  When we are moved in courage to not allow fear to paralyze us against good.  Know fear Know Courage.  No fear no courage.  Fear is part of the human condition.  Walk through the fear in Truth to overcome fear of hidden & secret Truth.  Lies were our protector unto we realized every lie was pulling us down into more fear.  And we saw the belt of Truth before us.  Armor of God.

The Truth sets men free!

Jesus is now.  Not then.  Story time pictures shows harp on Jesus’ death death torture and more pictures of torture & death and how it’s all our fault.  The parrots seldom ever tell of what Jesus does for the children of God in real time.  In this time.  To know this you must seek Him & watch the “testimony of those who know Him”.  The testimony of Jesus by those who know deliverance & know Him.  This is the gospel of Love.  Why?  Because it comes from the hearts of those who know Jesus.

Dry quotes do not come from the heart unless they are lived and heart felt.  Lest he say “I never knew you”.  It’s not so hard to seek Jesus for ourselves.  Surely by our needs & desperations we find our greatest Truth.  To the point that we say “had I not been desperate from tribulation I would not have sought God with my whole heart and found the greatest gift eternal.”

FUTILITY of Trying to Show Truth to Those Who are Vailed to it.

The Seer Has Had it.  The feeling she has is futility and redundancy of words.  We cannot go on with this task.  The only people who benefit from the Seer’s words are those who ALREADY SEE by God’s Holy Grace and by His promises.

When the man(kind) takes the journey to find himself he often does it for alternative reasons.  For instance I will use Jazweeh as my example of Shaman.  I am the scribe of God who teaches those who seek knowledge. That is my credential.  Jazweeh is the seer.  She sees into the spirit realm and the realm of the dead.  She has walked the halls of the dead as Jesus taught her to walk.

She too has the keys to death and to Hell by Jesus’ leading.

She has been to the well of Love and the well of restoration.  She rode the Sacred Donkey.  She knows her teachers voices.  She knows the voice of the Good Shepard. Many mysteries are revealed unto those who seek God with all their heart, mind, and soul.  She is the Shaman.

Jazweeh is alone.  There is no one to share her experiences in the spirit realms with those on Earth and laugh and play in divine validation.  She is believed to be a liar and perhaps called “emotional” by those who Love her.  The average man cannot believe spiritual Truth.  This puts quite the damper on revelation.  However it is for the best. If men believed the seer’s words (other than the readers who do not know her and do believe) she would fall into false pride.  And the glory seeking and compliments of men would cause her to fall.  Oh she would probably survive the fall into false pride and gross ego. But no telling what would occur along the path of error.

And so the Prophets & Seers are buffeted emotionally for their own good.

However this too causes grief.  Though the seer’s usually prefer isolation and alone time.  They too are human and have desires to interact in Truth with humans speaking about the things they Love most.

When the seer tries this…she/he will receive one response from the average person…the SHUT DOWN.  Those who do not wear the belt of Truth repel Truth.  This is evident.  Deep spiritual Truth causes them a despondence they cannot allow emotionally the stark feeling of inadequacy.  This is why they mock.  We are an emotional trigger to the average man.

At this point in Jazweeh’s walk she wonders if there is any Earthly reason for her to continue in this place.  “Am I not finished here Father.?” she asks.

Have I not done my job?  Can I come home NOW?  And yet part of her knows that she greatly desired to do the work she is doing and to come to Earth and experience the full end of days array of brilliance and miracles.

How does one tell the average man that the four angels are already in the sky speaking to us and confirming the end of days to those who see?

How do we show them that the mark of the beast on the forehead and the seal of God Almighty have already gone out.  By this photo we know we are not the only one who sees the forehead mark.

The Locust has no legs only appendages.  It causes the eye sockets to recede into the head.

How do we tell them that the Locust from the pit has flown on a wing of abomination?  And consummated with most of mankind.  Controlling many of their ideas and thoughts?

How does the seer tell the many that this wing of abomination is real.  And that it nests in the hair with its family (hair of a woman, face of a man skewed scriptures)  Often we see two or three of them nesting in the hair.

And that the Locust is painless.  Its a spiritual vail so they cannot see the end of days miracles, signs, and wonders or the deceptive signs and wonders.  The vail also blocks their ability to see blasphemy in the bibles.  It is the strong delusion/s catalyst.


As if these stories are not horrifying enough when they are not in real time.

Jesus, The Armor of God, and The Holy Spirit lead prayers protect God’s children from these creatures.

Jazweeh was not always a seer.  She was not always wise and did not always have the Holy Spirit within here.  Though ALL of mankind is born with the life giving divine presence of God within.  We hope that has not changed due to the desecration of men’s bodies and minds.

And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?

TV Image of the Beast.  Bible Desecration by Blasphemous Rewrites.

5 There was given to him a mouth speaking arrogant words and blasphemies, and authority to act for forty-two months (no not 42 months) was given to him.

Come on!  It would have said “a voice” not mouth.  Ridiculous! It would not have used the word “great” with blasphemy.

5 And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months.

5 A mouth was given to him to speak boasts and blasphemies. He was also given authority to act(e)(f) for 42 months.

5 The beast was allowed to speak arrogant and blasphemous things, and it was given authority for 42 months.

5 And the beast was given a mouth (the power of speech), uttering great things and arrogant and blasphemous words, and he was given freedom and authority to act and to do as he pleased for (d)forty-two months (three and a half years).

5- In Truth-No timelines were given except 7 full years of tribulation with shortened days. We already see our days shortened. The gentiles trample God’s words due to the desecration of the Holy Books. (old new one and all). The bibles are in the hands of the wolf & his blasphemous rewrites. The strong delusion covers the memories of mankind. The many cannot see or perceive the blasphemy in the bibles now. This is going on much longer than 42 months. The Lion Left the Lamb in Isaiah 11:6 with the wolf prior to 2007. The desecrated supernatural bible changes have made all bibles fluid changing daily.

And he opened his mouth in blasphemies against God, to blaspheme His name and His tabernacle, that is, those who (d)dwell in heaven.

6 And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and those who abide in heaven.

6 In Truth– He spoke foul blasphemies against God, the children of God, and angelic deity. The image of the beast & the wolf in the holy book blasphemed God’s name and corrupted both man and God’s Sacred Words in the bibles. The Bible calls itself “The Word of God” claiming to be God. And they were unable to freely admit that the TV & Phones is the Image of the Beast.

6 And he opened his mouth to speak blasphemies (abusive speech, slander) against God, to blaspheme His name and His tabernacle, and those who live in heaven.

7 Truth- Evil is never “all powerful”. The gates of hell shall not prevail against the children of God.
“And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.” God has erected the tower of Babel in response to the beast’s deceptive signs and wonders & strong delusion. Soon the purpose of the Tower will be revealed to the seer we hope.

7 And he was permitted to wage war against the saints and to conquer them. He was also given authority over every tribe, people, language, and nation.

7 It was allowed to wage war against the saints and to conquer them. It was also given authority over every tribe, people, language, and nation.

8 All who dwell on the earth will worship it, everyone whose name has not been (f)written from the foundation of the Earth in the book of life of the Lamb who has been slain.

9 If anyone has an ear, let him hear.

Christians Often Want to be Prophets

To Bring Forth True Prophecy is to be ALONE & Mocked.

Those who bring forth true prophecy are seldom if ever standing with the majority.  Therefore the majority by their fear of being wrong will mock Truth.  I heard a man say those who do not wear the belt of Truth repel and mock Truth naturally.  This is why the prophets and those who interpret correctly the Truth of prophecy and of spiritual matters are often mocked.  Even though prophecy is lined up perfectly with God’s given words.  Even though the prophets interpretations are balanced and righteous in line with God’s words unto man still if it doesn’t match Hollywood’s interpretations its refused.

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Red Tide is Wormwood

Article donated to by

Attention-3 articles in one.  The Truth Shall Set You Free.  And Wormwood Water.  The New Earth.  And a link to the Red Tide prerequisite in depth article.

The Lion has left Isaiah 11:6 & all the books to the Wolf. The wolf lies with the lamb. The lambs one and all made their choices of eternal home. And soon also shall the Lions the army of God leave Earth to the lambs. “Men shall draw fire unto themselves”.   proclaims the glorious angel of God.
Romanticizing GMO humans Rat tail.

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Remaking Mankind in the Image of the Beast

Being Different Becomes a Crime in a world of GMO Humans.   And lessons of The Holy Spirit.

Article written by guest writer Dorothy Ruth Stirrum.  This very disturbing article is not necessarily the viewpoints or opinions of Mike or Pastor Begley. 

 Please, do not read this without prayer for Truth & guidance.    Dangerous Truth has to be processed emotionally.  Hope & Faith are God's supernatural gifts to His children to be grown and nurtured.  Hope, Faith, & Love (ignorance is not overcoming) are the only things that overcome the relentless attacks of the beast system upon humans.  Nurture Faith with prayer.  Nurture Love by giving goodness, nurture Hope by implementing Hope in God in times of distress.

When nearly all of mankind are reprogrammed to be carbon copies of one another the world is no longer free by free will.   Free choice is replaced with behavioral predictability by behavioral engineering high tech.   It was bad enough for humans when we were controlled by manipulation of thought.  The mind control process in me.  First I was demoralized from birth to believe I am just bad and wrong.  Demoralized so I would repress omy True heart and put on a ready made mask of behavior.  The mask presented to me artistically by and taught from the Image of the Beast. (TV)

The Sting of the Serpent the Scorpion sting.

But now the theys, the monsters found a way to make mankind into GMO.  And behavioral modification w/life spans shortened are the primary purpose.    Implementing an even earlier death than already established by other means.  Shortened life spans were mainly introduced through poisons to the masses via food additives, fabric chemicals, water additives, product detrimental enrichments and fortifications, dyes, furniture & home furnishings.  Just about everything we walk out of a store with is poisoned .

Why most of the watchmen don’t know we are in the Great tribulation days is because they have not looked into the face of evil to see the genocide.

“Without Faith in God by the Love of God no flesh would survive the end of days”._____Jazweeh.

The Perfect Slave Race finally achieved by the elite.

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GMO Humans. Why Now?

Behavioral Genetic Engineering–Fiction & Parody(some code used due to sin sure ship.)

A word from the Pale Horse Rider of the Apocalypse.

Do you not remember I told you these things?  Let the reader understand (all holy books are desecrated) there is no such thing as a “green horse” or a “naughty fig” except on Wizard of Oz.

Hi I am the elite controller and creator of the Beast system here to serve you!  I am the banker, the employer, the grocery store, the electric company, the weather, the sun in the sky, I am the rain, the water, that falls on your roof top.  I am the rewriter of the once holy bibles and all holy book.  I am CERN he who speaks & makes deals with demons of the underworld.  And I am the image of the beast (TV/phone).  I am the clothes you wear.  I am the antichrist and the false prophet here to bring you truth.   “I Am that I Am”.

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The Meaning of Christmas

Decoding of The Christmas Program.  (please read at minimum the final paragraph).

Predictive Programming- To put a movie, ad campaign, show, media, on TV (image of the beast) radio or any large public platform.  The narrative of the TV campaign is to invite a specifically geared common subconscious reaction.   They anticipate by knowledge & experience how a majority will react to the TV program of the mind.

Example- The news advertises a run on the banks and the crashing of the financial system.  The common reaction is to move our money somewhere safe.


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A Vision Of Pastor Paul Begley by Jazweeh

8-5-2022 Vision

Pastor Paul, a word for you.

Watch this Video

Pastor Paul Begleys Main Youtube page.



I am a seer named Jazweeh.  I am a scribe and an intercessor of God.  I focus on the end of days events, prophecy fulfillments, and see the spiritual condition of God’s children from time to time.  The Seal of God is already on the foreheads of the chosen few, also called 144,000, and those who go before the throne (133).

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How Does Evil Separate Mankind from God & Truth?

And Angry Jane says…”she drank deeply from the waters of Truth and it cleansed her soul and made her whole by God’s Eternal Love”.

First a Word About Our Favorite Truthers

The prophet is not shown honor by people familiar with him.  Especially his family who know him from his time of youth.

Why?  Why do we honor Mike from Around the World as being both spiritual & a knowledgeable Pentagon insider who shares with us the fruits of his insight?

And has he not also shown us things to come?  We honor him from afar because what he told us ring true in our Spirit.  And because events he predicted came to pass just as he presented they would.

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The Mystery of Salvation of the Soul

Spiritual Trust is built on Experiences .


Do not expect to trust God 100%.  Why?  Humans are not capable of trusting in God one hundred percent.  If they were there would be no need for eternal Hope and Faith two of the greatest spiritual gifts given to all of mankind.

As I said before…its where the Faith is applied that makes or breaks the spiritual condition of the man/woman.  STAY WITH ME THIS IS NOT ONLY IMPORTANT ITS HIGH & HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE FROM THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD.

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Who Is the Restrainer? You Can’t Handle the Truth!_______JACK

First we must establish who is the Beast the Dragon and the Harlot.

You won’t see these interpretations of prophecy anywhere else.  How about we start with some examples of beast behavior in mass.

Governments & Cops who serve the Beast

Who keeps the beast rolling?  People who serve it with no questions asked.  Those who turn over their own moral compass to the beast will answer for their actions.

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Either We are in “Jacob’s Trouble” or “Great Tribulation” Either/Or

Jesus’ Prophecy Disclosed.

Red Kachina

The prophecy fulfillments at the bottom of page in yellow are not written by Mike.  These are by Jazweeh the intercessor who is 144 and sees the fulfillment of Jesus’ words to us. Not all are the eyes.  We are not saying that if you do not agree or do not see the prophecy coming to pass your not saved.

Let’s establish some spiritual Truth.

Knowledge is not salvation.  This means that we can categorize people by what they know of spiritual end of days occurrences but we cannot categorize them spiritually by what they know where salvation is concerned.  God looks upon the heart.



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