Jesus Fulfilled the Law. What Does that mean?

The walk of Faith.

Esau’s Soup delivered by the gates of hell.  Steal your soul, steal your soul.

A Poem of God’s Will

There is a walk to stand tall within
But only by Spirit shall ye enter & begin
One for dark one for light
balance is God’s He has the insight.

So take the walk of sin and death
fulfill the words of crystal Macbeth
Or dodge the darkness of a tyrants breath
and seek the Light. To it connect, connect, connect.

Both dark & light may lead to enlightenment.

The Holy Grail a lifetime challenge.
Speak thy peace oh tragic ripping talon
Light must know dark for the tapestry shown
And dark must know light for the sewing of thorn.

The planting of corn the growing of stalk
the chanting the wailing, the crying the balk.
gifts shall come and gifts shall go
magic magic to and fro
But no gift disappears within a woe
God’s gifts are magic yet some do morph
Gifts they grow if one does hoe.

Gifts to gain for dark & light
Dark Lords are tragic yet seek ye the might and sight.

Tame and smite birth and might
A lifetime task deep into the night.
And how does the journey end this law of death and sin?

The entire journey must be steeped in guidance
Not of this world from Spirit from Trident
And finally when the journey is done
The man shall birth the child of one or two or three

The law fulfilled the law fulfilled as Jesus did yield.
the law fulfilled
As for the journey of dark, the finish line dim
We are of the light we see not their end
Except they rule in Hell
Making peace with sin as well

What are the stages of the stroke of the hand?
Time and loss grain of sand?
Time tells yes, but not all.
To be as a god having the knowledge of both good and evil.

For soon the sacred tree shall depart from many.
The goats shall fry and sheep diminish.
The serpents shall rule in place of dark gain
And the light of the 144 shall shine bright again.

The Lion comes quickly
The serpent slithers dimly below.

Both reserved their lineage.
Both reserved their humanity.
Both made gains of sanity
While the babble towers glowed bright.
Of chaotic streams in the night.
bite and smite bite and smite bite and smite both do know.

We are not really that different are we? Says Light to Dark.
In shades of blood and snow.
The heritage of the masses did go.
As melting snow.

See you at the wall darkness tall, see you at the wall shun and gull.


“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be filled.”

Once saved always saved!  Works vs. Grace.  “We are saved by Faith through Grace lest anyone boast about their salvation by works.”  Well if I boast I boast about Jesus says St. Paul.

“If you add your own works your saying Jesus’ works were not good enough!”  “Faith in Jesus’ finished works, finished works on the cross!” They proclaim quoting the book over and over.   But the Modi is the Blood God who brings not Life but rather the worship of blood and death.”

How do they reason out these scriptures?  They say “rightly divide” that’s only for Israel…not for us”.  And perhaps they are correct since Israel are the children of God who become Son’s of God by fulfilling the law in their walk of Faith.

Yet “Faith without works of Faith is dead.”

“For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.”

What does it mean to say “Jesus fulfilled the law?”  And He did but how?  By His own Holy Grail.  He walked in life His true purpose.  Being the only begotten Son of God He brought to us God’s Truth.  And He shows us The Way to fulfill the law in our own walk.

If Jesus fulfilled the law of sin and death then why pray-tell are we still aging?  Should we not be immortal?  What was Jesus’ purpose pertaining to my life in real time?

Yes the chosen shall put on immortality by Faith (Gentiles). And some will also fulfill the law and walk parallel to Jesus.

“These things I do ye shall do also, and greater works of Faith shall ye do”.

The chosen are labelled “Israel”.   How will they do what Jesus did?  By sitting at the feet of Jesus throughout their lives.  To yearn to learn, to earn, to seek, to find, the Oracle, Holy Grail, our walk unique.  By God’s will.  By that walk of oddity and peculiarity many will label the chosen few “freak”.

What is The New Gospel?

The lies are in bold type.  He wasn’t buried.  He did not die for “my sins” but rather for me.  It’s sure as hell not “according to scripture” as if the bible was the authority.  Which didn’t even exist at the time of His resurrection.  Faith has little to do with “keep in memory” rather Faith is an eternal gift supernatural from God Almighty.  Which is either grown and nurtured, or tossed away to wither.  St. Paul would not have taken such credit for the Gospel of Jesus.  He had humility shown in the real bible’s words.  Now Paul calls the word “my gospel”.  Come on.  Those who do not see the bible changes (magic) never knew God or His precepts of Truth.

The New popular Gospel is all about doing nothing to further the Kingdom of God.  They quote these desecrated scriptures primarily.

“1. Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand;

2 By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain.

3 For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures;

4 And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:”


The Christians harp on Jesus’ torture and maiming.  They obsess on sharing their version of “The Gospel of Jesus”.  Which puts Him back up on a cross.  They don’t share The Living Jesus.   Their gospel is no longer about my Living Saviour and Lord Jesus The on begotten Son of God Almighty.  Sent to bring Life more abundantly by His Name The Holy Spirit did descend upon the chosen.

And Life and understanding came by the words of God that He brought us.  He was sent to overcome Death and Hell and take the keys, He was sent to bring God’s precious words to mankind so we too can overcome Death and Hell by His teaching of The Way, The Truth, and the Light.  We are to learn at His feet as Mary of Bethany story portrays & therefore teaches.  No longer is the gospel a testimony of what Jesus did & does in the lives of those who seek & know Him.  Now it’s a blood gospel of “Grace”.  The blood did it all so you now (according to the desecrated Bibles) must put your eternal faith IN BLOOD.  Rather than in God Himself and Love everlasting by the Hope the Helmet of Salvation.

No one teaches of the true armor of God.  The blood is a mystery.  I once asked God about the blood of Jesus.  That night I dreamed that His blood was raining down on me.  That was God’s answer to me.  And so it is still meant to be a mystery.  Some things are far too sacred to roll off the lips of carnal humans.  And the extent of the mystery of the blood Jesus shed is one of them.

He could have summoned to Himself legions of Holy Angels to deliver Him from death.  But He knew that for us to learn and walk in The Way to God we must also take the keys of death and Hell.  And the chosen have overcome death.  All the chosen have died once already.  Hence the second death.


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