New Bloods Types Found Here There & Everywhere

But “Its not the mark, its not the mark” to the tune of Beethoven’s 5th.

Move over CRISPR tech! mRNA design w/nano is here. The keys of gold to human cellular nucleus are now in the hands of the beast. The beast who has called us monkeys from the start.
IT AIN’T PRETTY! DANGER! Says the Crypt Master. This article should only be read by free thinkers.

Warning – This article contains the “F” word. Also it has some coded words.  Please, Don’t read this article if you took the portion potion and stand for the system who gave it.  Unless you had a bad initial reaction and did not take any more of them.  And if you no longer trust the beast.  Then you may want to read further.   You may also like

FOR NEW BLOOD TYPES YOU NEED NEW DNA CELL LINES. All New. triple strand in science is a thing.

Those who took the back scene trusted in the beast.  And the image of the beast (TV/Phone).  Showing their allegiance by obeying the image of the beast’s directives (TV).  Repentance is always an option that is likely what God is hoping the many will do. 

All things work together for the good to those who Love God.  Seek and ye shall find.  Knock and it shall be opened.  If you took it, God does forgive.  Fear is a good thing if it send a man toward God Himself. 

New DNA Equals New Desecrated Blood Lines

How Do you Know Man is Being Recreated in the Image of the Beast?

Reminder-But the information clearly states “The back scene DOES NOT CHANGE YOUR DNA!”

And guess what?  That’s true in fact it’s absolutely true.  Except there’s one little back door fact to be learned.  Once the potion enters the cell’s nuke.  From their the body believes (since it has the keys to the nucleus) that the mRNA directives (the instructions the rulers of your DNA both creation of cell structure and deletion of unwanted cell lines) believes that it’s your own body giving the directions to make new cell lines.  So ITS NOT THE BACK SCENE THAT CHANGES YOUR DNA AND BLOOD TYPE, ITS YOUR OWN BODY DOING IT.  After all your own body is the only miraculous creation that can do it.

So the hack isn’t a cut and splice like they used with CRISPR before reverse transcriptase and Inosine keys to the sells nuke.  Oh no this is a straight up change in your own body’s identity.

How do I know this stuff?  I spent three years deciphering their own genetic therapeutic techniques given in the science articles online.

For your Information

“Lentivirus belongs to a class of virus called retrovirus that has an RNA genome rather than DNA. To produce functional gene products, the virus also contains the enzyme reverse transcriptase, which produces cDNA from the RNA template (Chapter 10).
reverse transcriptase”

New Bloodlines

Of course new blood types were to be expected to crop up given the new genome reverse transcriptase technological alterations going on in 80% of mankind on Earth.  Not to mention (but I am) the scientifically sound possibility of a new nano based third strand. 

TRIPLE HELEX DNA self-assembly has proved to be a useful bottom-up strategy for the construction of user-defined nanoscale objects, lattices and devices. The design of these structures has largely relied on exploiting simple base pairing rules and the formation of double-helical domains as secondary structural elements. However, other helical forms involving specific non-canonical base-base interactions have introduced a novel paradigm into the process of engineering with DNA. The most notable of these is a three-stranded complex generated by the binding of a third strand within the duplex major groove, generating a triple-helical (‘triplex’) structure.

There are really no telling how many new types of blood will show up.

To be sure the deployance of this planned alteration of mankind will be covered up by mainstream news media.   The m.n.m. will charge forward with statements that the new types of blood (links below) in many cases where discovered long before the 2021 international back scene tap dance from hell was implemented. 

Implications of the statement being “it could not have been the back scene!  And there will be websites created pre-2020 that say- “new blood types.” Blood type anomalies were found many years before the backscene was given in 2021.  See the date of the article??”  The internet gets inundated with new, yet age old articles all the time.   I can pre-date my own articles if I want back to 1933.

For Those Who Had Bad Reactions to the Back Scene

Rejoice if you had a bad initial reaction to the terror driven back scene.  Even if you were hospitalized.  That is a clear sign that your safety system (immune system) attacked and very likely stopped the changes the Emma are Ann a potion was trying to make in your God given humanity.

Links introducing new bloodlines into medical society.

Here’s one “new blood” article from 2012

Another from 2012 odd…

And MORE from 2012 and of course the “33” plays its secret hand shake.  Pehaps 2012 is when they finally got the keys to the cells nuke by quantum computing.

LAN (Langereis) was officially recognized by the International
Society of Blood Transfusion in 2012 as being the 33rd human blood
group system. It consists of one single high-prevalence antigen,
Lan (LAN1)”

Oh shit!  They are saying this “And now researchers know that everyone has a Junior (JR) or Langereis (LAN) blood type” in the new 2012 men’s health article.    You know what LAN is right?  “Local Area Network.”  They always have to supply truth drops.    LAN is your internet connection.

That “network” may very well refer to a third strand of DNA by nano tech that does connect the new “receiver” of the back scene to their control grid supercomputer.  The quantum computer that solves computations at light speed.   Fucking UNBELIEVABLE.  No wonder the people go blanks when I tell them the bibles are corrupt and changing.  The only people who remember the real holy bible and discern the blasphemy in the new rewrite of all bibles are those who know Jesus.

However that’s a whole other topic covered at

There is something to this new substance they are putting in everything called “Graphene Oxide” or GO is Carbon from plastic burned to it’s single molecule base state.

"Indeed a triplex-based sensor based on the
above design has been used to monitor pH changes associated with apoptosis in
living cells to aid in the diagnosis of cancer (61). This was achieved by exploiting
the fact that single-stranded regions of a DNA molecule can bind to graphene
oxide (GO) whereas duplex or triplex regions do not. The sensor was composed of
a double-stranded hairpin tailed by a triplex-forming sequence that at pH 8.0 is
capable of interacting with the GO, whilst at pH 5.0 triplex formation prevents this
interaction (Figure (Figure3C(i)).3C(i)). Since GO is capable of quenching
fluorescence the attachment of a fluorescent dye to one of the duplex strands of
the sensor allows the duplex-to-triplex transition to be monitored by a change in
fluorescence intensity"

But if your a researcher.  Don’t be lead astray by internet author of confusion tactics.  The internet used two ways at least to confuse research that’s public yet they want to hide it.  1. Double meaning words like graphene.  2.  And Giving 5 or more terms to one noun.  They have more names for their mRNA research terms than I can count.  Same thing, different word.   That’s why it took me 3 or more years to figure out wtf is in the back scenes.  And still other than the Chimp DNA they used there are other protein sources from other animals used.  Likely Mice, and Pig.

Graphene is plastic waste burned to it’s carbon state.  However they confuse it to make it something good.  There is an element that is natural rock type near volcanos called “Graphite” the MINERAL.  They also call that Graphene as if Graphene carbon plastic has a good natural origin.
“Natural graphite occurs naturally in mineral deposits and miners extract it from the ground through open-pit and underground mining. On the contrary, manufacturers make synthetic graphite by high-temperature treatment of carbon materials like petroleum (aka plastic products recycled) coke and coal tar.”

Remember how the mainstream has been telling us for years that our bodies are retaining plastic.  And that even babies born show evidence of plastic already in their bodies?  Ya.  I suppose they learned their nanotech tricks of a third strand by single strand of ‘Dee Anne Aye’ working in a human body.  It’s just fucked.

Believe me they are not using a mineral for their bio tech hack.


Sidenote: The videos that cover the back scene on bitch-ute and other content providers are usually supplied by the elite to lead men into blatant provable error.  For instance the allegations of over the top actions of the cv back scene that makes truthers look ignorant & uneducated.  Allegations that can easily be disproved by science.

On the other hand, everything I have put forth in this article is backed up in the science of DNA engineering. You can find it online in peer reviewed scholarly research articles.

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