New Jesus Vs. True Jesus. Blood Gospel/True Gospel

SIDENOTE: Mike from around the world spoke of the “red dust” in his last begley interview titled “Breaking Aler: “Yellowstone Prophecy” / on youtube. Here is my prediction about the red dust which I wrote years ago.

See the Video on the Four Sacred Revelation Angels.  Also called the Red Kachina & Blue Kachina

An Angry Jane article. Short version of Salvation

Scroll to bottom to see how to really be Saved by Faith in God.

Verse of the day Isaiah 11:6 (Lion & Lamb magically changes to Lamb & Wolf) Verse #2 is Amos 11:6 the famine of God’s words on Earth.

The Lion of Judah Jesus the Son of God no longer lies with the lambs. He has left both the churches and the holy books. He has gone to prepare a place for His sheep who know His voice.


“A greedy and idolatrous bloodline seek a sign.  But no sign is given to them except the miraculous sign of the many watchmen on the image of the beast TV.

The end of days sign of Jonah the watchmen. For just as Jonah warned the masses so too we have an array of Watchmen proclaiming Jesus’ return.  THE WATCHMEN ARE THE SIGN OF JONAH FOR OUR TIME.

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