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AN ARTICLE ABOUT THE PRESENT DAY STRONG DELUSION.  Unbelievers beware!   Mikefromaroundtheworld does not promote these ideas.  

It appears that Mike has a new channel with no host or presenter.    It’s called “Daily Excellence” on Youtube.  However there are commercials you can skip after 5-7 seconds.

I have always avoided the invasion of commercials but I don’t blame Mike for adding in commercials.

Things Mike is not allowed to say out loud or just doesn’t see.  Gentiles are not the elect.  And the elect are not Gentiles.  Though we thought we were for years.

    1.  We are already living in a One World Order Governing Earth. (Hence Russia on the East coast of Florida, and the changes to all international shipping, and the evidence of the covid menaciary world in lock step and more.)
    2.  The great tribulation is already started.  Nature is rebelling.
    3.   The strong delusion is already over most Christians.  What is it?  It’s memory loss and new fake memories inserted.  New dialects, new language.   However the elect are not under the delusion.
    4. The towers of babble effect.  The towers or the iron rod god as the christians now call him in their book.  Scripture is now the Dark Lord’s realm.
    5. The Locust already flew on the back of the winged abomination.  Most people need deliverance from it.  It’s a spirit parasite demon which sits on the face. It’s partner the winged rat from the pit was perched in the hair.
    6. Only “Israel” the people who are the elect (not some geolocation) have the armor and weapons to see, & slaughter the creature when it came in the night.  It’s painless and invisible to the many.  God’s warriors can see it by Spirit of God.

The Locust cannot fly. It has no legs. It’s lower body looks much like it’s upper body.
    1. Who are the elect? They are not revealed.  But they know who they are now because Father showed them.
    2. Men had to have the choice to choose evil because that is our spiritual eternal choice to make.
    3. All things are of God.  But now the separation of the wheat from the chaff is finished.
    4. Harvest time is upon us.  Time is up.
    5. The serpent is already crushed….soon that fact will manifest in plain sight.
    6. Gates of Hell is already revealed…just not to them.
    7. The false prophet is the Oracle of Omaha who put Bill Gates of Hell into power.
    8. The four angels have been pouring out their viles for seven years.
    9. The Sun of man is now a White Dwarf set to go Neutron Star…it’s being fed by the four angels and it will explode like a nuke. (theory)
    10. The Sun/Son of God went dim.  He went to prepare a place for us.  The Sun/Son of God is returning.
    11. When the Sun of God returns His Spirit will return with the new Sun.  Those who have been purified will be able to stand in His Light.  He is the Light.  The Truth & The Way.  He shows His chosen the Way to go throughout life to follow in His Way.
    12. The Gentiles will go to sleep for 1,000 years as one day.  Then the New Earth will be ready for them.
    13. God will deliver the Gentiles from the creatures and all their demons (seven deadly sins) and put them in paradise sleep while the Earth is being prepared for them.  Some may go to Heaven…..we surmise.  Did you book not tell you that the many would be “worn out” and overcome?
    14. The mark of the beast on the forehead.  A supernatural mark shows the first Love and/or an Eagle/Brood of vipers/ we read foreheads like reading a book.
    15. The mark of the beast the shot.  Desecrates the bloodlines it is Esau’s soup to steal the spiritual inheritance of the believers.  Repent if you took it.

More on the God of the Iron Rods
TO BE SURE….JESUS CARRIES A GOLDEN SCEPTOR NOT AN IRON ROD.  His sheep KNOW His voice & will not follow another. These scriptures depict the Dark Lord the New Jesus, he who holds the power of the black magic/technology that you hold in your hand.  Fear not all Gentiles will be delivered of the strong delusion.  That’s right..even Mike himself has no clue of what I reveal to you here about the strong delusions of the towers of babble.   Nor does he co-sign the Seer’s sights.  And it’s likely that no Gentile will ever believe what’s written here anyway.  I presume my writing is to appease the elect who are alone in their knowledge of the supernatural.  Or I am here fore the few Gentiles who realize something is very wrong.  And will repent.

“iron” AND “rod”
occurs 8 times in 4 verses in the KJV.
Psa 2:9
Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron; thou shalt dash them in pieces like a potter’s vessel.

Rev 2:27
And he shall rule them with a rod of iron; as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers: even as I received of my Father.

Rev 12:5 (changed dramatically)
And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne.

Rev 19:15
And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron: and he treadeth the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God.

Question regarding the Gentiles – Is a man under the burden of the wrath of God if he has no clue that he’s in bondage?  If he has no clue he’s deceived?  If he has no clue that he is being slaughtered by the poisons of the Dark Lord?  If the Locust has infested him unawares…does he suffer from the Locust creed dark spirit?  Is it talking to them in their minds screaming dark sayings?

As far as we can tell we have seen only seen slight changes in the people’s behavior since the Locust/the towers of babble/& the mark that they took.

Those who took the mark/chot now have a new spirit about them that is certain.  A dead man walking, (dead man’s bones) is what we discern from those who took the mark of the beast final solution back sin a Shaun.  Hope and Faith is blocked from the heart.   But they never nurtured it anyway so apparently they don’t miss it….

From what we understand of our visions the desolation of the M.O.T.Beast will occur progressively and in time not only to men’s spirits which we see desecrated now, but also they will be desolate of good sense. After all the body is the temple.  The holy place as is the books…bibles.

What are the towers of Babble main purposes?

Deception a new bible that holds within it no power for the true believer.  God’s words stolen and desecrated.  The desolation of the Holy place. (one of them 2nd is man’s bodies/blood by the mark of the beast which desecrates the lineage making them impure in their generations.  Your bloodline held far more power than you knew.  And if you didn’t take the mark and are a believer you likely carry within you the pure blood of Jesus.

The towers are for the new dialect and languages across the Earth.  Words have far more power than we knew.  The Dark Lord bends all language to empower himself.  The people now inadvertently speak in lies.  The more lies the more power the Dark Lord has.  He is the author on confusion. He is the Father of lies.  And God has allowed a dark bible for a dark people of Earth.  He has given them the lies of their choosing.

The bibles never told the true story of the towers of babble in my time.  However it was a prophecy not history.  It’s my theory that these events such a strong delusion over so many people have never ever taken place on Earth before.  The towers blind unbelievers to seeing the signs and wonders …but not all.  Many unbelievers do see the “mandela effects”.  Mandela effects are changes to history…..  There are thousands of changes to reality/history.  Miracles in plain sight.  Youtube Christians are oblivious to them.  They are unbeleivers apparently and are satisfied by the lies.

Do you remember the monocle?

Example of Mandela effects (miracles in plain sight)many of our  memories says South America was directly under North America.  Now S. America is three hundred miles to the East below N.America.  Hass avocados were always spelled haas not hass but some don’t remember.

Many of the word changes are malevolent and vile, vulgar at best.   Especially the word switches in the bibles.  Christians neither remember or notice the blasphemy & vulgarity of their new old bibles changing on the shelves.  They wake up with new vocabularies.  They wake up with new memories.  Are they just being protected from the changes while they do see holy words and see no vile script?  Maybe.

Nevertheless, Gentiles will be delivered if they believe John 3:16.

For the elect’s sake….those days are shortened.  Why for their sake?  It’s not easy to see so many deceived and we cannot open their eyes whatsoever.  Yet we write….still we are censored.


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