Prophecy. How Will The Great Tribulation Play Out?

What is Going to Happen In the Great Tribulation?  A Theory.

An article of myth or prophecy. You decide.

Cognitive Dissonance Runs Rampant in this Apocolyptic Age

Its one thing when my room mate/husband/partner refuses to believe in anything he cannot see with his carnal eyes.  It’s quite another thing when he insists on closing his eyes tight to what is right in front of him.

For instance chem trails which have painted the skies for nearly twenty years have suddenly vanished.  He still insists they are natural phenomena.  And then there’s the iron oxide dust pouring down from the skies….As the Red Kachina pours out his viles upon Earth.  My own water barrel is now full of the dark red dust.  I have watched the planes change the skies for about eighteen years.  Have they given up on cooling Earth?

Being called insane by unbelievers is the plight for those of us who see the end of days.  But more is revealed as time goes on.  God is telling us  more and more exactly what is happening on Earth.  If we only have the spiritual eyes and ears to hear Him.  And much of what I see lines up with prophecy.

But not as the preachers interpret prophecy…oh no.  Not even close.

I Had A Dream Last Night 08-12-20-23

I was riding a bicycle with flat tires. Down a huge hill and I ended up on a sandy beach.  After a long trip down a hill I slid into the beach.   Apparently I was supposed to be somewhere else.

As I scurried to my obligation of presence I sat at a picnic table with a man who’s eyes were surrounded with orange discoloring.   Right now both “Venus” & “Mercury” have “tails”.   What are these tails comprised of?  Red/orange dust.  A prediction Jazweeh gave years ago of red dust all over Earth has come to pass.

The Blue Kachina & Red Kachina Hopi Indian prophecy is fulfilled.  The prophecy is paralleled with the four angels of Revelation pouring out their viles upon Earth in the end of days.

What are they pouring?

Iron Oxide/red dust.  Red dust that can ignite by losing one of its molecules.

But for the chosen blessings are being poured out.  The few are immune to the poisons of the firebirds.  For the rocks are their friends.  The stones of Hematite and other Iron based crystals know them well. (mystery)


I sat down at a picnic table with a man who had orange all around both his eyes in his skin pigment.  He was drenched throughout with Iron Oxide which can become Ferrous.

“IRON OXIDE as Ferric Oxide (Fe2O3) is not combustible, unless finely powdered. However, Ferrous Oxide (FeO) is extremely flammable and reactive, and may ignite spontaneously in air.”

In the dream the man with orange face skin said to me.  “What good is the lion and the lamb if there’s no lamb around.”  Or he said it opposite I don’t remember exactly if he referred to me or himself as the lamb.  “What good is the lion and lamb if there’s no lion around?” He said.

Sidenote.  There is a change to all bibles.  Now the wolf lies with the lamb Isaiah 11:6 the once famous scripture.  Yet even the pastors cannot reason out that the books have magically been edited.

Dream continues.  I sat down across from him at the table.  And when I woke up I interpreted the dream.

People are filling up the tails dust of the planets.  Space science people are saying that some planets are spinning in reverse and moving opposite direction as well.

“The Luminaries in the Heavens shall not keep their place.”  Prophecy fulfilled.

Science direct and other planetary articles state that the tails of Venus & Mars are made of Iron Oxide & Hematite.

I have a water barrel outside my house that is full of rain water.  And now it’s riddled with red dust.  I have confirmed the science of planets tails being red dust iron with my own eyes.

I have seen their “Venus & Mars” with binoculars they are clearly Fire Bird Angels bright and shining with great glowing wings. Such a sight to see.  Flying any direction they please.  Dancing in the sky as they go.  They are pouring out the red fire dust viles.  I don’t expect others will be able to see what I see when I look at them.  I have already tested this theory.

God says there is a reason they don’t have spiritual eyes.

I don’t see what others see.  God has given me spiritual eyes to see Holy Angels in flight.  Granted the Red Kachina does look alot like a small moon when He closes His wings.  The Deity are here.  Speak not of Angels to pass judgement as the prophecy said they would.  Many blaspheme the name of God’s Holy Deity.

The fallen angel propaganda is prophecy fulfilled.  Humans passing judgement on Holy Beings.

Bad idea to parrot Christians.  Wage not a railing accusation against any angel.  Satan or otherwise.  Each man must take responsibility for his own actions.  Blame is dysfunctional.

So then what will the iron oxide pouring from the Heavens do to men of flesh?  I read in this article

that repeated contact with the iron red dust settles in and around the eyes.

I see what may happen to mankind on Earth during the great and perilous tribulation days.  “Spontaneous combustion”.   Salt water makes the Fe203 become FeO.  Extremely flammable.

The Blue Kachina said this to me.

“Men shall draw fire unto themselves”.

Then I study and find out the FIREWORKS are made out of rust.  Red rust fireworks.  My studies all ties together with a red bow on top.

Earth will burn or people will just spontaneously combust.  Saving the Earth and nature from any more corporate waste & toxic chemical destruction.

Clearly the only one’s who will survive this new age are those protected by God who Love nature and respect God Almighty.  Those who have learned of the Beast systems diabolical stain on Earth.


If you can see these things in the Spirit realm then you shall ascend.

Do you have a Fig Tree in your house?  Is Father protecting you from the towers of babble?  Did you ride the Sacred Donkey by Jesus The Way?  Have you drank the waters from the wells of Spiritual Revival and Truth?

Fear not Gentile if you have not seen The Way yet.  For not all are the few.  God’s Grace and mercy still abides.  Some will be purified by fire.  Others will walk through the oven and Jesus will be there with them.

We will not allow this debauchery, the destruction of Earth. TO EVER HAPPEN AGAIN.

How?  How will be prevent mankind from destroying the coming New Earth.  God is setting up Guardians of the New Earth.  That’s all that can be said of this for now.

The Gentiles will be allowed to return to Earth after the 1,000 years of rest.  While God’s scribes are allowed to travel Earth’s New Nature and chronicle the miracles of birthing a New Earth. We suppose also the Scribes will write a true bible of God’s words since the old one is now for the fallen hybrids.

But also the Earth’s devices made by men must all be turned to nothing.  That is another aspect of ushering in the New Earth.  God made mankind upright but they have sought out many “vices”, changed to “devices”, & now “inventions”.

Not all the Dark Lords bible edits are lies.


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  1. I believe we are living in the end of days. Mike around the world has opened our eyes on pastor Paul Begley on Thursday nights. He has so much information to share with everyone. We love Mike. He is trying to warn us of what is going to happen soon.

    May Yeshua bless you,


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