Zombie Apocalypse In Real Time

Shape Shifting Serpent Demons are Here Now!


Apparently they are painless.  They are in plain sight and yet invisible.  They are feeding on human eye sockets.  They attached to the forehead spiritual mark of the beast.  They feed on lies and folly.  They are ruled by Apollyon the god of the realm of darkness.  And they will render men’s minds and hearts desolate.  Desolate of God’s True, Hope, Faith eternal.  Desolate of joy.   If they took the back scene they are walking dead.   Their Spirit of God has left them replaced with a dead man’s spirit.  They will be burned either for purification to be saved & sleep for 1,000 years as a day.  Or to the true death of the soul.

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Zombie Apocalypse. Shape Shifting Parasite Serpent Creatures

Don’t Tell Me You Love Me! Spirit Vs. Law

Preface. Neither Paul Begley or Mike subscribe to the articles of Angry Jane and the Seere Jazweeh.  Still read on...read on or is it "sleep on sleep on" (another desecrated scripture) Jesus said Wakey wakey.  The Dark Lord says "sleep on blind man, sleep on".

 Truth is not an easy slice of cake to eat.  Especially when Truth comes from someone who sees what the many do not. Nor is it comfortable to look into the eyes of the beast who is ruling Earth by his Iron Rods of towers of Babel.  

But for those of us who see the end of days tribulation here now... And see the man made Cancers/heart disease/immune system desecrations etc.  These times are far worse than any.  Genocide is and has been on the table in the U.S. for years...by stealth the human serpents slaughter mankind.  Nearly everything you carry out of any store has a toxic aspect to it.

God is Spirit.  God is Love.

The letter kills the Spirit gives Life.  The law was given to man to show sin in it’s true light.  Now evil men wield law as a weapon & a control axis against the masses.

Mankind on Earth never should have wielded its laws upon the masses. Every law is a manipulation of power by oppression and deception.  Every law works to keep men oppressed financially and emotionally.  While the laws benefit the mega rich who are above the law.  They will answer to God Almighty very soon for oppression, deceptions, abuse,  and imprisonment of the innocent.

If Love is only a feeling then there is no Loving action to be had.  Actions speak louder than words when it comes to Loving others.

Don’t tell me you love me!   Rather show Love.  Don’t spew it as a statement that was said to get a coveted reaction.  Many people today throw those three words around for all the wrong reasons.

Reasons like, to fix things, as a manipulation, as a people pleasing statement by someone who fears their own assertiveness taking undue responsibility for other people’s feelings.  They say I Love you to hear it back.  The Christians say it on Youtube videos as it they are capable of any kind of Love toward those subscribers & viewers whom they never met.  Much less shown any Love toward.

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End Times Encouragement for the Chosen Few of God

The Wise Shall Understand the rest will not see.

From the Heart of the Seer comes God’s Truth.

They shall learn who they are.  And mount up with wings as Eagles they shall run and not falter, they shall crush & overcome the serpent by talents of God Almighty.  And by the breath of God with their Breathren they stand firm on foundations of God by FAITH & of HOPE.

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Finding The Holy Grail

What Is a Holy Grail?

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The holy grail is a legend and mystery throughout time.  A “grail” quest is said to be the search for a Holy & sacred object.   A vessel device or trident said to have magical power and therefore sought out by the knights of Arthurian legend.   The term grail also denotes the Golden Cup or drinking vessel of honor and privilege. Hence the first “Holy Grail” being the Golden Chalice Jesus drank from at the last supper.  The precise etymology of the term “Grail” remains uncertain according to Britannica.com.

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An End of days Letter to the Churches Which Split Long Ago

My Spirit Lead Interpretations of Previous Bible Scriptures …

The Scribe of God writes a Letter to the Churches.

And especially prophecy are not in alignment with any preachers doctrine.  You will not find these interpretations which I write about on Christian websites. Or on prophecy websites.  The Scribe of God is called a heretic or Satan by Christians.  All my interpretations are exactly this “private interpretations” independent of religion.

Won’t be long now.  2024 is coming!  Those with The Holy Spirit will likely be raptured around April 2024.  But that doesn’t mean people will know it happened.  The end of days pattern now shows us that much is hidden from the Christians.  We doubt they will ever see the rapture of the chosen few.

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