Zombie Apocalypse In Real Time

Shape Shifting Serpent Demons are Here Now!


Apparently they are painless.  They are in plain sight and yet invisible.  They are feeding on human eye sockets.  They attached to the forehead spiritual mark of the beast.  They feed on lies and folly.  They are ruled by Apollyon the god of the realm of darkness.  And they will render men’s minds and hearts desolate.  Desolate of God’s True, Hope, Faith eternal.  Desolate of joy.   If they took the back scene they are walking dead.   Their Spirit of God has left them replaced with a dead man’s spirit.  They will be burned either for purification to be saved & sleep for 1,000 years as a day.  Or to the true death of the soul.

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Zombie Apocalypse. Shape Shifting Parasite Serpent Creatures

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