Don’t Tell Me You Love Me! Spirit Vs. Law

Preface. Neither Paul Begley or Mike subscribe to the articles of Angry Jane and the Seere Jazweeh.  Still read on or is it "sleep on sleep on" (another desecrated scripture) Jesus said Wakey wakey.  The Dark Lord says "sleep on blind man, sleep on".

 Truth is not an easy slice of cake to eat.  Especially when Truth comes from someone who sees what the many do not. Nor is it comfortable to look into the eyes of the beast who is ruling Earth by his Iron Rods of towers of Babel.  

But for those of us who see the end of days tribulation here now... And see the man made Cancers/heart disease/immune system desecrations etc.  These times are far worse than any.  Genocide is and has been on the table in the U.S. for stealth the human serpents slaughter mankind.  Nearly everything you carry out of any store has a toxic aspect to it.

God is Spirit.  God is Love.

The letter kills the Spirit gives Life.  The law was given to man to show sin in it’s true light.  Now evil men wield law as a weapon & a control axis against the masses.

Mankind on Earth never should have wielded its laws upon the masses. Every law is a manipulation of power by oppression and deception.  Every law works to keep men oppressed financially and emotionally.  While the laws benefit the mega rich who are above the law.  They will answer to God Almighty very soon for oppression, deceptions, abuse,  and imprisonment of the innocent.

If Love is only a feeling then there is no Loving action to be had.  Actions speak louder than words when it comes to Loving others.

Don’t tell me you love me!   Rather show Love.  Don’t spew it as a statement that was said to get a coveted reaction.  Many people today throw those three words around for all the wrong reasons.

Reasons like, to fix things, as a manipulation, as a people pleasing statement by someone who fears their own assertiveness taking undue responsibility for other people’s feelings.  They say I Love you to hear it back.  The Christians say it on Youtube videos as it they are capable of any kind of Love toward those subscribers & viewers whom they never met.  Much less shown any Love toward.

“But I do videos out of Love for the people”  they say.  Perhaps.  But most people do videos to get something back.  Or to be heard.  To show their side of the story.  To receive emotional validation. To be heard and acknowledged.  Not because they Love me, as they say repeatedly.

Words that Count

I care for you.  I care for your well being.  I hope the best for you.  These statements are real and can be defined.  “I love you” can mean anything.

Why do you say it?  Find your heart Gentile.

Define – Love

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  To give & share Truth, empathy, encouragement, compassion (feeling), honesty, respect, reverence to God, to always respect the freedom to be & do, do no harm, help others when opportunities arise.


Aspects of Eternal Love



Spiritual Strength








Self Esteem









motives of giving



Hells Gate








Cunning diabolical

crafty-conniving the CON





motives vile vulgar perverse


false pride

Lust for power over others





How Carnal Laws hold mankind captive.

Imprisonment for victimless crimes of the state.  Imprisonment for smoking or taking drugs.  Imprisonment for engaging in emotional coping skills by illegal drugs that were provided by the same evil men who made the laws.  After all they need their work force.  And the prisoner’s self worth is already so depleted that he believes he deserves prison.  He thanks God for providing for him in captivity.

Prisons are free labor camps.  County lock up is free sex from despreate young women who also believe they deserve to be imprisoned for not having enough money to buy insurance for their car.

And then the Christians proclaim “we are not in the great tribulation!” They cannot see the beast or the image of the beast in their living room.  They cannot see the forest because of the trees. God help them.

I cringe when Christians proclaim that God is ushering in a new government!  Pish posh says the Seere.

All government is corrupt to the core.  Hidden marxis oppressors from Hell.

“What is Marxism in simple terms?
Marxism is a social, economic and political philosophy that analyses the impact of the ruling class on the laborers, leading to uneven distribution of wealth and privileges in the society. It stimulates the workers to protest the injustice”  Gog. (google)

To be “governed” by God-only-knows who is to be controlled by an invisible marxis authority of whom we neither invited, accepted, or know.  We did not ask the rulers in to be an authority, master, governor, boss, god etc.

All laws-government, police, cops, sheriffs, zoning laws, martial law, ALL laws that exist legally on paper upon all the Earth written by men were thoroughly considered with ill motives.  Laws are thought out and devised for three purposes.

International & state, county, city, laws are devised from maniacal intellect and hearts of stone.  Created by evil men to Steal, Kill & Destroy.    At the same time the laws are devised to appear to have benevolent motive.  “We came to protect and honor mankind” says the Father of Lies.

Pish posh! The law makers  proclaim that their actions are for our own good.  While they are really invoked to steal kill and destroy all things good and free.

To oppress control and take mankind prisoner on his own God given inheritance/Earth.


The serpents came to steal everything good and helpful from mankind & from the Earth itself


They came to destroy mankind and destroy Earth (while the greedy and idolatrous evil serpent conserves parts of the Earth for himself to covet and forbid mankind from entering his own land.  They make their laws called “no fly zones”.  They don’t even let us fly over their special choice stolen land.

Allegedly –

Among the earliest recorded examples are peace treaties between the Mesopotamian city-states of Lagash and Umma (approximately 3100 BCE), and an agreement between the Egyptian pharaoh, Ramesses II, and the Hittite king, Ḫattušili III, concluded in 1279 BCE.

Sidenote.  B.C. Before Christ had to be negated, after all the antichrist rulers simply won’t bow to any Lord Almighty God.  The date period has now changed  to BCE “before common error”  I mean “before common era.”

After all we are in the days of the beast who is antichrist.  Laws have already done their due.

By laws mankind cannot be free to prosper.

By laws man puts himself into bondage called “marriage”.  Instead of simply making a vow to God and Loved one.  Then the Christian couple believe that since they payed for a marriage piece of paper (certificate) that now they are not committing fornication when they have sex.  But they also believe now they set themselves up for adultery.   Fornication, the dreaded sexual sin of betrayal is now on the table.  “Its better to not make a vow than to make a vow and break it.”

Their marriage certificate IS A FARCE, A LIE, a set up to now have to pay more money for a divorce.  After all most people DO GET DIVORCED.  Now it’s about money.  The woman or man now has rights to what you own and worked for all your life.  Make the lawyers money after all. More deceitful laws to break and take to the bank.

By law a man can never really own his property.  He is not free to do as he will.  And on and on the oppression called “law” swings the

By law the government steals land owned by family lies for centuries.  By saying “its for your own good that we protect this land”.  And then some viper snake man builds his house on the creekside land that he stoled.

FUCKING-A WE SHOULD BE ANGRY AS HELL!  But what can we do about all this thieving and law?

Pray!  Prayer is powerful especially now.  Join the spiritual warfare my friends. Because He is coming to give us our inheritance of the New renewed Earth.   Can you hear Him in the rumblings.  Can you see Him in the shuttering reality of the two Suns?

Evil At One of Its Darkest Moments

Back in the 50s and 60s they made laws to steal all of the “true to seed” seeds of fruit trees.  They used hacking, gmo, and grafting to steal all original seed that grows sweet fruit which seeds from grow more sweet fruit.  That is how God made the seed to grow.  Anyone could have grown a sweet fruit tree in the 40s.

Today growers have to use either cuttings from their crop of berries.  Or they have to buy seed that only grows one time.  They next generation of seed (if any) will grow sour or miniature immature fruit bushes.

It was not so. There was a book in the 60s I knew of which warned us of what was happening to the true seed.  But I was powerless at that time to stop it.  And I did not understand the mechanics of growing.

Basically they use sour orange tree stalk and graft good fruit onto it from their passed crop graftings.  But you see God made sweet fruit not man.  Inner breeding by types ….sweet fruit to sweet fruit did not cause this famine of true to seed fruit.  Through the years they have mowed down every true to fruit seed tree.  Hoarding the true seed in storage houses for only the rich and wealthy to have access to.  Leaving the earth with only fruit that doesn’t grow true to seed fruit trees because it came from grafted trees.

I suspect that at one time the Bibles revealed this true in the grafted believers story.  But the bibles have changed and are now nearly fully desecrated.

Grafting was not the only way to get sweet fruit.  Once this Earth was plentiful full of True to seed fruit trees.  The famine is here because they stoled the true seeds and the fruit.  They made all the fruit from grafted sour base line trees.

Then came GMO and by that the growers who do grow by seed would have to pay every season for new seed.  Because they flawed gmo FRUIT either produces no seed.  Or gmo’s produce vile retarded seeds that don’t grow anything.  And of course now they have done the same to mankind with their recent ability to enter the cells nucleus/finally.

What the produce scientists could not graft because of certain types of monocot vegetables and other particulars now they are able to molecurly desecrate.  Removing the most nutritious aspects of a plant.  Making the plant poison resistant.  Making the plant strictly compatible to Bayer and Monsanto’s chemicals…by these diabolical methods they stoled the farming and the food.

It wasn’t angels who were desecrated people!  Angels do not have dna or mRNA for that matter.  No such thing could have been accomplished.  It’s a high dollar propaganda campaign that was prophesied in the bibles.

“Do you not know that you shall pass judgement on God’s Holy Angels?”

Sure they used likable actors.  Even I was temporarily taken in by the story time picture show of human sex with Angels.

Angels would be appalled at even the prospect of engaging in sex much less sex with a flesh and blood human.

But hey!  It was an excellent story which was first based only on one reference to “giants” being on Earth.  And to “Sons of God” being Angels.

BUT “SONS” ARE BORN being born of women is what makes them “sons”.  They cannot possibly literally be “sons” if they are Angels.  However there are a group of mankind that will be “Sons of God” soon.  When God’s chosen are finally transformed into being not only part like Him but much like Him.  Spirit.


Angel of Light.

Fallen Angel $$ Million Dollar Club$$-Story Time Team

Timothy Alberino

Tom Horn

Steve Quayle

L.A. Marzulli Demonic name.

L.A. Marzulli - Aliens, Demons and Salvation! • Everything Imaginable - Podcast AddictEnd Times Vatican & Wormwood Prophecies | Tom Horn | Something More - YouTube

Tim Alberino: Transhumanism, Aliens and Bible Prophecy - YouTube

“But the story was so entertaining!” says Mitsy the betrayed.  She now sees that the Image of the Beast TV seldom speaks Truth.

WHY Does the Beast Promote Fallen Angel Propaganda So Hard?

One to cause men to call evil good and good evil.  To promote lies on Earth for more demonic power.  To blaspheme God’s Holy Angels because demons & demonic humans hate & fear God.  And to fulfill the prophecy of …”you shall pass judgement upon Angels” as if any human has that authority.

God’s deity are sacred to Him and so best not blaspheme God’s Holy Ones.  But of course just as the name of Jesus is taken in vein often.  So too God’s angels are disrespected by Christians on Youtube.

And who summoned up the farging Locusts?  Asks the Seere.  We know the Locust is here because we slaughtered it in the night when we felt it come. We heard it’s flapping wings as it landed on the side of our face.  Creepy fucking vile creatures were the Locust and Winged Abomination which carried it from the pit.



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