Christians Often Want to be Prophets

To Bring Forth True Prophecy is to be ALONE & Mocked.

Those who bring forth true prophecy are seldom if ever standing with the majority.  Therefore the majority by their fear of being wrong will mock Truth.  I heard a man say those who do not wear the belt of Truth repel and mock Truth naturally.  This is why the prophets and those who interpret correctly the Truth of prophecy and of spiritual matters are often mocked.  Even though prophecy is lined up perfectly with God’s given words.  Even though the prophets interpretations are balanced and righteous in line with God’s words unto man still if it doesn’t match Hollywood’s interpretations its refused.

Why is the prophet of Truth so different than others?  Why is the Shaman mocked? See my self discovery article for the answers you seek.

Big Mistakes by Watchmen on the Wall

The Watchmen on Youtube say this.  “Its not the mark, its not the mark.”   God in Heaven has only spoke to me once audibly.  One word He said “Zebra” when I asked in 2018 how I would know the mark of the beast.  I wrote it down publicly in 2018.  It was confirmed in late 2020 when Zebra tech. offered and used their hi-tech cold packaging temp monitoring systems to make sure those doses were effective.  Confirming my suspicions of the mark being the back scene.

And they say this “We are not in the great tribulation, yet, yet, yet, but it’s coming coming coming”. 

How would they know Great Trib.?  They cannot see the hidden beast in it’s slaughter. 

There is a Rapture and lets argue about WHEN.  Pretrib-Posttrib, pre-post, pre-post!  The rapture debate is the Christians distraction giving them someone to hate.

I Want to be a Prophet

Glory glory sings the Christian.   My words the story of glory that tell the future
hurrah hurray!  Call me a prophet hurray hurrah!

No no no, no need for prophets now!  States Jazweeh the proclaimer of prophecy.  The prophets are long dead sleeping in spiritual bed layhi, laylo, layhi, laylo.

What Truth have you Jazweeh? Do tell.  Do tell. Of prophets dead.   No need for them now at all?  Now now?  Dead dead layhi dead dead lay lo.

This is know.  It is no show God’s prophesies of old cannot be stoled.  Laylo, layhi, laylo why why?

God’s Truth is secure until it’s end stir stir defend defend.   The prophecies are ALL MISINTERPRETTED BY PREACHERS AND SNAKES.  Serpents and drake all lies.

MIS INTERPRETTED BY YONDER RANKS OF SKANKS OF SKANKS with crooked blanks of shanks.  Laylo lay lo.  Here we go.

In plain words I say this now.

Biblical prophecy told of old is fulfilled today fulfilled fulfilled all prophecy fulfilled.  Except one that’s still, still just one.

The interpretations are hidden by perceptions that are Hollywood driven, driven.

Until the Christians see the light, the picture show is their delight all scenes are dreams just dreams.

See the picture shows on TV & by phone (image of the beast is their feast) they will not believe or see the fulfillments today today fulfilled today.  Laylo laylo prophecies woe laylo.

Tell us Jazweeh of this prophecy fulfilled fulfilled this day this day…tell us of those fulfilled this day!

I will tell you of those, says Jazweeh those fulfilled today but you will not stay to read, to read.  For it does not match the picture show the feast of the beast on TV they know they know.

Tell us in spite of our tv show.  Tell us that we also may know your sight, of delight.

Okay okay but it is no delight but rather its fright a true fright night of fulfillment.

Did you hear of the fallen angels they say who corrupted mankind making babies they say of GIANTS?   Corrupt corrupt the flesh corrupt after angels knew women babies were born corrupt, corrupt.

So then God said “Woe the whole Earth has fallen to evil” He said  “Woe woe the whole Earth my Creation thinks evil continuously.    Destroy destroy the Earth and all inhabitants shall be dearth, The Earth must be destroyed”

And so what then did the story say?   Was this corruption the angels fault?

“They will speak evil of deities in the final days.”  Not a railing accusation not one spoken by Lucifer himself when battle for Moses body.  Yet man speaks evil of Angels of God.

Jazweeh says “THE ANGELS DID NOT CORRUPT GOD’S EARTH.”  Oh yes evil had to be introduced for free will’s sake that each man can choose his home…eternal.

The corruption of mankind I must speak to code.  My apologies.  Sin sure ship is here.

It was the blue jeans, the blue jeans inside of the stave a scorpion sting given to most of the slaves via stave…via stave.  The scorpion sting in all it dark parts brought desecration to the blue jeans and not only in part total total total x3.  Desecration of the body where God’s presence would be.  The body.  They will be desolate of God’s true Love desolate of His Divine Presence sent from above desolate.

Can they think for themselves still?  A temple of antichrist unbelievers was never sacred therefore cannot BE DESECRATED.

What is Really Holy?

God’s holy words put into a holy book.  And God’s sacred Spirit put into the body.  These two can be desecrated.

And are.  And are.

What what?  But we don’t see a thing?  What desecration of this bell do you ring?

Another yet prophecy fulfilled read and hear the Strong Delusion hides the memories of the many.

Most all are under the strong delusion unable to remember the holy words.  They embrace what is evil that calls itself God.  It sits in the house of God’s words spewing blasphemy.  It sits and calls itself God.  “The Word of God”.

See for proof.

The angels are in the sky.  Only the chosen few can see them.  Blue Kachina, Red Kachina, the red/orange star, the dancing star they speak to those who can see and hear.

The moon is spinning the sun has gone dim.  A fake sun has risen bright light is its sin. Prophecy true prophecy true.

1/3 grass and trees are already destroyed ask the “save the Earth” about their statistics.

The Christians can’t see the slaughter of the people by Cancer and the rest of man made diseases.  Enlarge your heart its not a treasonous sin.

The humans sleep they think its normal that 1/3 of mankind is poisoned by the food and screams the death cry of torture in the institutions.

The torture they call “treatments” you see, no you don’t see or do you, tell me.

Make no mistake there’s a whole new array of man made disease being implemented today called “auto immune” and what a tune.

$Big Business$ from the back scenes.  Enter the new Cancer will be the money maker of a lifetime.  Automatic immuno distorters by the mark of the beast.  The new line up for medical anarchy.  Back scenes to fix the immuno distortions.

Coming soon the new micro saufte immuno sis stem.

Why now why now?  The immune systems are hi jacked right now.  And so the array of dis ease dis ease.  They already have the micro sauft immunie sistem ready to go and its part of the new desecration you know you know.  The blue jeans has it’s own immunie sistem.   With back scenes for each new dis ee se.

There’s your murder and death of end of days prophecies in a nut shell.  Do you not see the prisoners so many they make the dope to feed the pope his prisoners.

And what of war oh yes what a score! Of death of death a score of death.

Still not see the trib no less?

The river Euphrates is dryig up turning to muck, that’s a hiccup they can’t hide.

Red sunsets are here.

The two witnesses are already seen and known by the chosen.  They came to heal the chosen in end of days. (skewed bibles skewed and chewed).

The tower of babble oh that one’s a miracle!  Just ask someone who sees the Mandela effects about the signs and wonders.

The tower of babble is here as language is changing it’s gear.  Mixed up babels from every country hangs over language.  Words changing.

But many things I speak of are hidden by the strong delusion and easily searched on Google because SO MANY see them.

More will be revealed on the true prophecy of the tower of Babble.  It clearly is not happening like the book or the preachers stated it.

We suspect it may reach chaotic proportions resulting in the inability for countries/politicians/all foreigners to communicate with one another period.

God has clearly awoken His watchmen on you tube.  They are called as Jonah was called.

A greedy and idolatrous generation shall seek a sign but all they get is the calling of Jonah to preach the end of days.  (they see not the miracles around them) but they know it is the time of the end.

They turned to fables (bibles are now fables)

Dividing of time. Two times are at hand.  Those who see the signs and wonders all around (literal miracles) and those who don’t.  “Mandela effects”

Deceptive signs and wonders.  (bible changes supernatural all bibles)

He will claim to be God showing himself he is God.  bibles call itself “The Word of God”.

Fulfilled-Amos 8:11 & 12. The famine is here and the black horse rides.  God’s words rolled up like a scroll.

Image of the Beast is obviously the TV & phone.  People can’t cope with this truth.  One must employ this scripture.

“Blessed is the man(kind) who does not condemn himself for that which he allows in his life.”  We do not have the right to condemn ourselves.  Nor does God expect perfection from an imperfect human.

The woman of Rev. 12 are the chosen few who have the gift of intercessory prayer by higher languages of God Almighty.  For them Jesus’ most intimate prophecies the one’s that are His personal teachings apply to them.

The woman at the well.

The ride of the Sacred Donkey which spoke

The burdens He chose (some of them)

He was alone.  How long will have to bare with ye of little Faith, He asked.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for Righteousness.  They shall be filled.

Miraculous Healings received

Deliverances received

Demon’s expelled

Prodigal walk, treacherous.

Death.  These chosen all died at least once.  Went to the grave (purgatory top floor.) And brought out those who were in purgatory due to self condemnation.  They will all be brought out to righteous Judgement next door to the hall of death.  

The Keys to death and to hell are theirs by Jesus and by their choices.

Make no mistake walking in the steps of Jesus is no joy ride after the first year anyway.  Yet each key is their choice to pick up and learn of.  They are being trained.

Warriors.  Spiritual battle embraced to the point others would not understand.

To see the prophesies fulfilled and to walk in Jesus’ foot steps was never about sinlessness as much as it’s about overcoming sin by letting God in more and more.

To become the clay in God’s hands is to walk as Jesus walked.  These are not sanctimonious people or religious.

Religion was built to detour mankind from gaining spiritual power.

Religion is Legion skewed in the bibles and hidden.  Religion is Legion and they are many, vile, vulgar, hateful, genocidal, murderous, deceptive liars.

Looking into the face of the beast is troublesome and takes much time to overcome emotionally.  Mankind protects himself by refusing to look.

But those who war against the beast must first see it as it is, in its hiding places.

All prayers of God’s children are powerful.  Make no mistake, the chosen few need Grace and Love even more than the average Christian.  They need your prayers just a you need their higher language prayers.

Higher language is mocked on the image of the beast for a reason.








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