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A must see article of spiritual mysteries of God. 

What is happening in the Spiritual Realm of the Heavens.  The place where our ancestors make their homes.  The place where decrees of God are put into place and carried out.  First in Spirit then in the carnal Earth.  All things on Earth that man can see with his human eyes have a spiritual equivalent.

“All things work together for the good to those who Love God and live according to His Will.”

“All humans have fallen short of the will of God.”   But to say they “fall short of His glory” is pomp and ignorance.  For they come nowhere close and never will come close to God’s Glory.

Make no mistake human “ALL GLORY IS GOD’S FOREVER AND EVER”.

Man’s glory is that of the image of the beast and those who are shown on it.  and yet the humans are so far removed from their own hearts they cannot even see the image of the beast in front of them. Nor are they attuned to recognize it’s lies.

My confidence in mankind is little.  Some say all men are basically good.  Yet they are simply followers of vanity and false pride.  By their false pride and vanity so go their morals and spiritual compass.  They follow the cattle who follow the beast

Oh yes, says the wise man who was once a fool.  Mankind is flesh and flesh is what they feed on.

And so Father proclaims let the Dark Lord have his way with those who choose the lies from Hell.  Will some still be saved by Grace if they have Faith in God?

Many are called few are chosen.

The Gentiles shall have their paradise of illusion.  By their own choices their illusions are set up.

But they are in youth Father.  I was also lost in my youth to fear and vanity.  And yet there are six year old’s who seek God relentlessly & fervently with their heart of hearts and younger.

They live lives or reincarnation over and over and over again how many lives shall He allow them before He finally says “It is done”?

Reincarnation.  Choosing God in all the lives one is given.


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