How Does Evil Separate Mankind from God & Truth?

And Angry Jane says…”she drank deeply from the waters of Truth and it cleansed her soul and made her whole by God’s Eternal Love”.

First a Word About Our Favorite Truthers

The prophet is not shown honor by people familiar with him.  Especially his family who know him from his time of youth.

Why?  Why do we honor Mike from Around the World as being both spiritual & a knowledgeable Pentagon insider who shares with us the fruits of his insight?

And has he not also shown us things to come?  We honor him from afar because what he told us ring true in our Spirit.  And because events he predicted came to pass just as he presented they would.

Is M.F.A.T.W a prophet or does he just have inside information when he predicts the future and it comes to pass?  Good question I think.  You guys know him as well as I do, believe it or not.  I watch most all of Pastor Begley’s videos with Mike’s commentaries.  Allow me to say this about Pastor Begley straight from the seer Jazweeh.

Jazweeh saw the seal of God on Pastor Begley’s forehead.  Yes she sees both the mark and the seal on most all foreheads.  One or the other sometimes both.  She doesn’t think that the mark is as permanent as the Bible translations ensue.   Her and I believe that since so many people, namely Christians have the mark of the beast on their forehead already its because they are likely end of days tribulation Saints.  Saints whom unfortunately require the gift of desperation (great trib.) so they can finally break through their beast system programming into Truth toward God.    But clearly Pastor Begley does have the seal of God.  He’s a real born again it seems.  And we think that’s why M.F.A.T.W shares on his program.

Mike from Around the World appears to be self aware at a level that’s uncommon.  We applaud him for that. And sometimes all it takes is a good therapist to help us find our heart.  Some never do.  I want to talk about the psychological and emotional ramifications of beast system programming.  How does evil stop people from truly being born again?

Inevitably Most All People Are Programmed by The Beast from Birth.

How?  By Drugs in youth (vitamin K mix & vaccines), TV, (image of the Beast) Phone, Education, parents, (who are also programmed), peers.

How to deprogram

The programing at youth that we suffer here in the U.S. causes most children to bury their heart in a place where they cannot find or feel it.  By trauma we being emotionally uneducated and unaware of knee jerk subconscious solutions to emotional heart break choose solutions that inevitably and often invariably alienate our own heart’s voice from our conscious intellect.

We did not recognize trauma when it came to us nor do we understand it now in most cases.  Jesus breaks through this barrier so we can find our heart.

This separation from our own heart leaves us in the war of duality.  And it spikes us into a state of unawareness of who we really are and what we really need.  Its not our fault.  It is the trauma based mind control of the entire nation at work.

We are shamed at every turn for the very emotions that make us human.  The very emotions that God gave us are called “sin & evil”.

Anger.  Weakness.  Desire.  Fear.  None of these are bad or wrong.  They are all part of humanities emotional condition & growth.  Fear saves lives.  Its only the reactions to fear that can be good or evil.

No Fear No Courage.  Know Fear Know Courage.

Anger is the appropriate emotion to what’s happening the the world today.  Hell yes I am angry.  “Be angry and sin not”. BE ANGRY says Jesus.  Anger absolutely has its place right along with fear and weakness.

“In weakness we are made strong”!

“I am bad & wrong”.  Is the program of the masses and the lie perpetuated upon society.  Why? Consider the fear-shame programming we received in elementary school to start off.  Look at the choice names they applied to fearful people.   The human emotion of fear is trashed by the image of the beast.  It’s trashed by our peers.  It’s trashed by those in authority.

So we hide it.  And what does hiding fear instead of expressing & sharing it do to a human whose ashamed of being afraid?

It grows more powerful in our minds and gains traction.  When sharing fear we need someone trustworthy who is REAL & compassionate.

We don’t share our fears with those who are incapable of seeing their own fear.

If we say we have no fear…is the truth in us?

WE ARE AS SICK AS OUR SECRETS.  Solutions.  Make a fear list straight from the heart.  It should NOT be logical.  Fear isn’t about logic.  But make no mistake, if your afraid THERE IS A VALID REASON FOR THAT FEAR.  After the list is finished look for any dysfunctional patterns of behavior that need changing.  The ask God to remove the fear you share with Him.

Christian preachers treat fear and anger like a sinful disease of dark sources.  But in reality these are with us for a good reason.  God knows what He is doing.  It was God who gave us these emotions so we would become righteous overcomers.  “Oh you means perfect?”  They might answer.  No.   We were not created perfect.  Not in my lifetime.  We are to be overcomers.  And what is it that we are to overcome?


What the beast does it trains us to hide from God.  Or at least hide parts of ourselves from God.  That’s its trick.  It’s tool box.  Shame, passive aggressive persecution & shaming of our God given human emotions.

We must with God’s blessings of deliverance learn, transform and overcome our own torturous duality.   This doesn’t happen overnight.  And time is short.  It is not too late to start by prayers of Truth from the heart of hearts.

We simply must embrace our human condition and accept our imperfection as God given.  No I am not talking about vile sins that hurt other people such as blame and attack to justify them.  Sin is sin but it too is part of what we overcome by becoming the clay in God’s hands.  I am writing to you about Truth.  The very Truth that allows us to go before God in full transparency so He will fix us.  All of God’s children given time will have their prodigal walk.  

The man cannot obtain oneness (the absence of duality, good dog, bad dog fighting, one on each shoulder) and total acceptance of himself until he deprograms and accepts his nature given by God.  God made you perfect imperfection.  This, right now, is stage two of the Creation of Mankind.  We are in our spiritual phase of development.

But if a man cannot work and finally see his patterns of dysfunctional emotional defense modes then neither can he go before God in Truth.  How do we ask God to remove something from us if we will not admit that its there because of shame?  Shame is a lie.  The Truth will set your free.

What Truth?  Self awareness Truth.  It takes a good 7 years to deprogram and work on building new neuropathways of behavior in the brain.  That is my experience at it.  Maybe its just me.  My and .com sites tell all about it.

Solutions to Hate

My best tool for hate that works every time is to pray all the blessings of Heaven and of Earth for the person I despise.  And keep praying daily until the resentment is lifted.  And it will be lifted



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