The Meaning/Reason of Human Life On Earth

WHY AM I HERE?  Answers for a Video.

What are the most important tasks for me to accomplish on Earth?

With God’s help become who I really am by finding and following my true heart.

Take inventory of my shortcomings to work toward overcoming.

Seek God with my whole heart, mind, & strength.  Respect myself & others.

Live by the standard of Truth & Respect.  Be true to my heart’s voice.  Follow what I know is right.  Make a list of my shortcomings and ask God to remove them.

What is the Holy Grail?
The Holy Grail is to find one’s own heart & true purpose on Earth. The calling & anointing of purpose to be fulfilled. This cannot be done without spiritual help from a higher power.
Who is God?

God is our Creator.  I know Jesus the Son of God.  He is The Way, The Truth, and The Life.   There may be two Creators.  One God of Darkness and the other God of Light.  Balance may truly be the great necessity of this fallen Earth.  Granted Earth is now out of balance.

Why does God allow evil on Earth?

Evil had to be introduced to mankind.  We are here in this stage of Creation.  Creation part two-the spiritual journey.  We are here to make a choice.  To embrace our path of either darkness or Light.  All must choose or die the true death.  We must choose our God.  Mankind must have a God when facing Death.  So as to move us into the next realm of Life for progress & growth.  We are becoming immortal.  Goats who have no God, no allegiance to purpose or spiritual growth will go to the Lake of Fire which is the True death.  Lake of Fire is the soul’s death.  I could be wrong but that’s what I got.

Two types of Believers in God of Light-If a man believes in God but he never allows God to form him spiritually that man has a different path into eternity than those who become the clay in God’s hands.  The clay walk the Way of Jesus.   They attain the Holy Grail.  And they know their own heart.  They hide nothing from God.  God gave them to Jesus for great works of Faith.

Those who refuse to be formed spiritually will lose access to the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  These are believers who have the mark of the beast on their foreheads.  Yet they are saved by Faith in God. (John 3:16).  They bible used to read that if they have the mark they are done for.  But there are two marks one of the forehead.  The other mark taken in the right arm.

The mark that makes a man “done for” and beyond salvation’s grasp is the mark that caused a desecration to the holy place.  Mankind have the capacity to embracing God and receiving His Holy Spirit.  But also their is a sacred place in the body that is the temple of God.  The place within us that is the seat of our worship.  Hope & Faith are gifts given to every man at birth.  But somehow that shot desecrates the holy place within.  It’s Pandora’s box stealing Hope & Faith by which salvation comes.  It desecrates the body with animal/beast Dee Anne aye.  With chimp.  And likely pig and rat.  The mark that the many took rendered them Gee Emma oh Hugh man.

These people never even asked God if it was safe to receive it.  I know that because when I asked Him that question.  He answered me audibly as never ever before.  I know He would have told them if they’de asked.

Having the mark on the forehead doesn’t desecrate the body.  But the demonic Locust that attaches to it does.

How does the life cycle work?

We surmise that all humans have likely had many lives on this Earth.  There are not as many souls in existence as we assume.  Because we were given many chances over and over and over to choose a Higher Power by seeking God with our heart.   To move us to the next realm of our great process.

What happens when we die?

That depends on us.  When I died I went into a rock, just as Jesus did.  Because I was chosen for, and chose The Way, The Truth, & The Life.  By God’s Grace He sent me back to finish my work on Earth.  I did not know Jesus at that time but I knew God was real, and I prayed.  By Faith in God I was saved.  Some will go to the place of darkness and live on in debauchery if that’s their hearts choice.  Some go to the true death if they have no God.  No Faith in anything except what their eyes can see.  These are goats.

What about those who live for a good time and occasionally pray.  But they lack fervor toward spiritual matters.  Yet they speak of spiritual things as if they know God.  But in truth it seems by their actions that they only believe in what they see with their eyes?  Its obvious God is very low on their list.  Usually their worship the creation instead of the Creator.  Honestly these people are a mystery to me.  Their are variables to every man’s journey.  Only God or The Son of God know who is really saved.  Only God looks upon the heart.

Are we in the end of the age moving into a new age?

Yes time is up for our human spiritual journey.   Anytime now the Sun of man will cease and desist.  The Sun of man will likely just blow up.  The Sun of God is already on the rise.  The Sun of God is growing stronger and brighter every day.  The New Earth is on the Way.

What about Rapture?

Rapture is a mystery.  But it’s also likely.

Sounds arrogant doesn’t it?  To say I have the answers to all these questions.  But I do.  I am the scribe of God.  False humility is not something I suffer from.  I won’t pretend I don’t know shit.  I have spent the last twenty years seeking God for answers.  And I am here now to share them with you.  I will make a video of this article very soon.


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