The Sun/Son of God Will Bring Immortality To Mankind & Nature

These are not the opinions of Mike or Pastor Begley.  This article is the writing of the Seer Jazweeh.  She is author and believer in Jesus/and God Almighty born again in 1986 and received The Baptism of The Holy Spirit in 1989.  We welcome her with an open mind.  We like to give others a change to proclaim the truth as they see it.  Keep what your heart proclaims as Truth.

The Son of God’s presence will fill the Earth by God’s New Sun.  His New Nature will grow vibrantly.  Fruit of the Earth for the children of the Sun/Son as God intends.  Not a nature that has to fight to survive by growing thorns and thistles due to mankind’s violent disrespect and negligence of plant life on Earth.

Not a nature that lacks plenty, is unfruitful, and unforgiving.  God’s New Nature will offer to us the fruit for those who abide in eternal light & Life on Earth which has been planned for eons.

When God’s New Sun/Son explodes onto the Earth it will fry the godless masses and all semblance of the best system will be devoured.  While those who are already purified will be able to stand in The Sun/Son’s Glorious Presence.

The Gentiles who require purification will be purified by God’s Sun of holy fire.   Then go to a sleep as one day a thousand years.  God uses nature.  Do you ever know Him to be instant?  Well in some things yes.  But usually God uses nature by slow growth.

This is why some of the 144 will walk the Earth for 1,000 years.  They will “seed” the Earth.  To use a New Age term “seed”.  All religions have some Truth in them.  We do well to gather by the belt of Truth what Truth is offered to us and leave the rest.

Bibles were never clear or black and white on many topics of the hereafter.

Why Did God Allow Evil to Rise Up on The Fallen Earth?

To me God’s reasons are now clear, all of mankind had a very long time to choose their eternal home.  Whether consciously or subconsciously we all choose our God.  We choose either Truth or lies.  Love or hate.  Respect toward others or disrespect and wrongs.  We choose to either worship the creation or the Creator.

What Is the Mark of the Beast?

If you have but a mustard seed size of Faith in God you shall be saved.

It’s not a mark damning mankind to hell.  If it was or is then very few will be saved.  How do I know?  The 144 can see the mark and the seal already on the foreheads of mankind.  Take it or leave it but it’s true.

Its a mark of the heart’s first Love.   The 144 can see it by the gift of reading abstract shapes like a book.  The gift is akin to the tea leaves reading gift.

Most have the Eagle on their foreheads.  Which invites salvation and purification by fire.  When God’s Holy Sun rises upon the Earth some will be purified.  Others will just burn.  The Lake of Fire is not a torture chamber.  Rather it ends the soul eternally.  That is the eternal aspect of the firey Sun of God that will cleanse the Earth.

Have you noticed the dramatic changes in our Sun?  We surmise God’s Sun went dim as prophesied.  And by Earths natural magnetic poles and planets those who now see themselves as gods erected our fake harsh white sun and saved the green grass trees and life on Earth for a time.

This action of a fake sun to save the green grass is prophecy.  “Few will understand but the wise shall know.”

The Eagle represents Rome the Beast System which never lost it’s power on Earth and rules by the towers of babel and the Iron rods reining on Earth NOW.  Look you will see them.

Some foreheads show the eagle along with their first Love anything other than Jesus/God shows as the Beast…the Eagle.  But then atop of that they may have their wife’s ass on their forehead…or their dog, their cat, themselves, whatever is in one’s heart first Love.

Now many Christians are at war fighting the serpent in their own bodies.  The Serpent is worse than the Eagle.  When the Eagle morphs into a brood of vipers as their mark they will get worse and lose their spiritual battle.  Why?  Because they are trying to overcome without the help of Jesus.

Their is only one way to put God first and that is to become the clay in His hands.  Offer one’s heart to God by Truth!  No bullsh**.  People try to bullsh** God and its a bad habit of emotional dysfunction.

The Great tribulation will come and grant these struggling Christians the opportunity which comes only with the gift of desperation.  The 144 have already come out of their own desperate tribulation.  We know its the only way a man is capable of asking God for help in giving up relentless self will and allow Him to change us into what we are meant to be.  Our True selves.

God will have you become who you truly are.

Most men have shut down their hearts voice and therefore have become what the world told them to become.  That’s the problem today.  Religion is Legion and they are many.  Deprogramming is impossible without Jesus at the helm.

Hence the great tribulation is for the gift of desperation.

God makes a way where there seemeth no way.  The mark of the beast is not final it can be changed into a seal of God (we hope).


It’s God’s new Sun full of His glory that’s coming.  Mankind will no longer worship in buildings.  They will worship at the rising or setting of God’s Holy New Sun.  The Son of God.  Worshipping God by singing praises to His creation. A New Glorious Life giving Sun from God.  God’s Spirit will flood the Earth by it.

Of course Jesus is real.  He delivered and healed me several times over.  Giving thanks to God for His life giving Sun is not evil.

Evis is as evil does. (lies, harm, betrayal, plotting, controlism, torture, and deviance, verbal attacks stealing killing destroying etc.)

I know Him.  People honor the bible more than they do God.  So He handed it over to the Dark Lord’s author of confusion.  Changing precepts and dialect and scripture.  And the many under the strong delusion still worship the book calling it by Jesus’ name/title.

Jesus is the only “The Word of God”.

This is how the great falling away is taking place.  By stolen memory and desecrated bibles.  Their memories skewed with a hot iron rod on one of the many towers of babel in their back yard which stoled their memories and implanted new fake memories.

All Glory is God’s and always will be.  Yet the bible now calling itself God from the once Holy place proclaims man to be a recipient of God’s Glory.  A real no no under God’s true words.  The Dark Lord even put the word “hate” in the book 87 times.  God hating this r that Jesus calling mankind to “hate your family or you have no part in me”

Those who prefer these lies in the books are under a spell of deception.  But the problem is their heart apparently agrees with the blasphemous scripture.  They never let God change them, cleanse them, show them who and how they really are.  And remake them into a child of The Son of God.

What in the hell do I tell people?  It’s harvest time.  Maybe the Christians will get their seven year tribulation.  But I proclaim to you this…Jacob’s troubles were about 3 1/2 years and they are now over.  All the prophecies are already fulfilled except the really good parts.


We already watched the moon go dark miraculous and full yet totally dim right in front of us.  We have seen the four Angels flying magnificent and just beautiful!  We watched the bibles magically change day after day falling into desecration nearly desolate while Christians have no memory of the old words of Truth.

This is not easy for us so our days are shortened.  We can’t tell anybody ANYTHING no one listens to the chosen few.

No one except other chosen who also see.   Mandela effects (signs and wonders/miracles) came and went and the Christians never batted an eye.  They just sat in unbelief of God’s miraculous signs and wonders.  They didn’t even try to see the miracles.  No wonder Jesus said in so many words that unbelievers have a better chance at salvation than religionists. (hot cold).

So we are back to the mustard seed of Faith to be put in God.  If you have that you will be okay.  God won’t throw your soul into eternal nothingness.  But we are pretty sure unbelievers of God’s end of days miracles won’t inherit the same promises as the chosen.

Father requires people who believe in Him. Jesus requires those who Love His words and kept them in their heart after Daniels seal was removed.

“They loved not The Truth so God gave them up to their preference the lies & strong delusion.”


“They seek a sign but no sign is given to them except t he sign of Jonah”.  And what’s that?  THE MANY WATCHMEN on youtube and all of social media.  Just as Jonah warned the Ninevites so too the Watchmen have a calling to warn all of us.  And even though they themselves are their own end of days sign.   By their anointing they know but cannot see God’s miraculous signs and wonders all around us today.  They cannot see the fulfillment of so many supernatural prophecies.

Who Are the 144

Yes the blindness of the Gentiles frustrates the 144.  God will take us from this Earth by The Holy Spirit in five months time we Hope.  Then either The Gentiles will get their gift of desperation…and face great tribulation calling out to God in Truth.  Or that will be it.  The Watchmen may be right about 2030 being the end for them.  It makes sense that 144 would return with Jesus for the Gentiles in 2030.

The 144 Leave Earth around 2024 April 8.  This is our date of exit and has been since 2018!  God will take His Holy Spirit from Earth at that time.

Who are the 144?  Those after God’s own heart as David.  They are the one’s who slew the giant and crushed the serpent’s head yet bruised their foot.  They follow the Way of Jesus wherever He goes.  Even when the Lion of Judah leaves the lambs with the wolf.  Isaiah 11:6.  Jesus has left both the bibles and the churches to the wolf.  I am sorry we too must leave the Gentiles to their free will.




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