What Are Crop Circles? Who Are the 144?


Mysteries Revealed by Truth

The Pentagon insider says the crop circles are very easy to explain.  The elite had a new toy…

Back in 1975 – 1978 there was a rash of sightings of crop circles.  And it’s likely farmers were not pleased with the destruction of their property!  However aliens was the initial assumption of the masses.  And also the Image of the beast advertised the same theory. (TV).  Tell a vision.

We have another idea that makes alot more sense. Remote lazor beam weapons know as D.E.W.  Or Directed energy weapons.  After all they had to test out their abilities.  By testing their precision they drew artwork in the fields of their choice.  It’s that simple.  This means they had directed energy weapons…lasers back in the 70s.

The Covenant with Many

What else can the Pentagon insider reveal to us in the realm of the natural?  MAGIC IS REAL.  The supernatural is real!  Spirits are real.  Dark entities are directly summoned onto Earth by mankind’s actions.  Commit a mortal sin…summon a demon.  Commit a non-mortal sin…summon a lesser demon.

High level elites have been studying ways to communicate with the spirits for years on end.  When they built CERN and the immense refrigeration units they reached their goals.  The biblical prophecy is misinterpreted and the words are a puzzle.  “The Covenant with Many Demons”.

A covenant was made between mankind and the demonic.  Given that the demonic have power over something humans wanted very badly.  What do men want?

TO BE GODS Men want to be gods.  Sad part is they don’t realize that only God appoints true gods.  These gods went through a rigorous human testing phase to be found trusted and worthy enough to be given power from on High.

That is the rule and that is how it works.  The time of evil men’s rule over the masses is over.  These human & inhumane false gods shall meet the Lake of Fire very soon.

If you were God Almighty, The God of Creation and of Love.   Would you allow evil men to rule until they destroy all of mankind?  Would you give the power of a god to a greedy reprobate minded man?  Would you allow the children of God to be abused without retribution?

Evil was allowed to rein on Earth for a time for one reason only…so mankind could choose their destiny.  By the heart the man makes his eternal choices.

A Sad Story

And so evil found a way to hide the man’s own heart from his intellect.  A great chasm was developed in the minds of men.  Separating their intellect from their heart’s True voice.  How did this happen?  Deception and manipulation with lies redundant and repetitious from youth forward.  Over and over demoralization over and over the child was told in every direction that his heart’s voice is bad and wrong.  Bad and wrong bad and wrong.   Trauma and disdain racked the hearts of the masses.

If evil could not identify the chosen few it would simply attack all of mankind in fear of losing it’s own power.

The Process of Mind Control

Relentless demoralization came until the child’s heart broke.   He hid his heart away in shame.  It was too painful to see that he is a failure.  So he hid away his own being and locked the door tight.  The children bound their own hearts.  The picked up a mask of falsity.  And became what they perceived as someone who people would Love.  They learned to parrot and parrot again.  The image of the beast was their primary teacher.  Their peers showed them how to “act”.  Rather than “to be” in Truth.

The process of mind control is a subtle one.  It’s hidden away in the subconscious.  By fear, shame, and lies it is accomplished.  The child becomes the picture show.  The child keeps his heart locked up tight chained barely breathing.

The Woman of Revelation 12

Who is the woman the child the man of Rev. 12?  Why did she travail with labor?  What was her true plight?

As the whole world chains it’s own heart away refusing the supernatural.  Refusing God and refusing what is not “kool” the few walked a narrow path of the woman of Rev. 12.

Oh yes they chained their own heart more than most at some point.  They silenced and loathed who they were.  They made sure the child never escaped the chains….until their great tribulation became too painful.

“Those who have come out of great tribulation and been purified.”

The chosen few found a way to free their own heart.  Bit by bit they became who they really are.  They let the child play free.  They let the child run and learn at the feet of Jesus.  They became the clay in God’s hands.  They made the hard choices releasing their control to God.  Why?  Because the gift of desperation gave them the motivation to go before God Almighty in Truth and transparency.  Is this you?  Did you let the child out?

They learned who the are and why they are.  They learned the whole spectrum of their own subconscious.  The Lions roared and by courage they faced themselves.  They are the adult-child or man-child.

The Mirror Drinker knows his heart

The Travail of The Woman/144/133

Who are the 133?  They are those who go before the throne.

They birthed themselves, they birthed Truth.  But not before years of painful travail & intercession in The Spirit which had to precede.  By the Holy Spirit they did labor, face down.  Yes first they were born of Spirit.  Then filled with the gifts of The Holy Spirit.  They had prophecy dreams and spiritual experiences that most would not believe.  They climbed Jacob’s ladder.  They went to purgatory and lead many out unto the halls of True and righteous judgement.  They also have the keys to death and to Hell.  They of course died and were resurrected as is required to rip the vail and see.

“These things I do and greater shall ye do in my name”.

Great works of Faith are accomplished in Faith.  Hope shall be fulfilled and soon.

All of the 144 have the gift of Higher Language.  Why do you think tongues are mocked so vehemently?  It is one of God’s most powerful gifts given unto mankind.  To speak aloud God’s language is power.

And the image of the beast has portrayed tongues as being a shame, evil, and fake.   This is because the dark spirits fear Higher Languages more than most works of Faith. Crush goes the serpents creed, crush crush crush Jacob’s heel to the head of the serpent they CRUSH!

Warriors of God do not sit back and say “The battle is the Lords”.  But rather they wage warfare by God’s power in them.  Just a Jesus said they would.

All those New Age videos which proclaim the coming training of the 144….pish posh.  Earth is the training ground for the 144.  The final refining will likely come by ascension.  Transfiguration by the transition unto the first Heaven.  Yes Rapture.

How else do the 144 overcome the enemy except in The Spirit? Preachers heal and bestow the Holy Spirit upon mankind by the laying on of hands and prayer.  Preachers often have the gift of deliverance.  Healing and deliverance had to come to the 144 so they learned.  They had their own demons to resist and expel.  But some come out by the preachers prayer/hands.

The treacherous prodigal walk….is when the 144 met their death.  They too entered the rock of ages and were bound by it temporarily.  By God’s Grace they overcame death and walked out.  When the spirit of fear came upon them it was even worse than meeting Death itself.  All men fear.  But the spirit of fear is something you never want to experience.  It causes panic and deep dark anxiety and paralyzes the one it has hold of.  Seldom are men delivered of that spirit.  And those who suffer with it call it by other names.

Perhaps that spirit came from the pit of Death itself when they met death.  It had to be expelled.  Cast out by the hand of God’s anointed.  We thank God for the Gentle preachers who delivered the chosen.

These events show the 144 the are both children & warriors.  Without the Gentiles they would not have made it.

We repent of our harsh judgement toward them in their present veiled state.  We want them to see what we see but that is not possible yet.  Apparently either the Gentiles have fallen away by the great falling away prophesied long ago.  Or God is testing us for our compassion toward those who just can’t see.

You see the 144 are not like normal people.  Not even close.  They spent a lifetime in lessons both spiritual and emotional.  Hard lessons of both spiritual & emotional growth.  This has been their training ground.  Next comes the promise land.  Their ascension is nigh.  This is our Hope.  We are certain to a point that the Gentiles who are now veiled with have their paradise.

The 133 & 144 go before the throne.  They are also under the throne.  They rode the Sacred Donkey into the land of Eden.  They were under the sword.  Saved from a second death by the angels hand.  They lived the Jesus story in ways normal people would not understand or believe.

Why do I know all this?  I am a Scribe of God a writer of Truth.   It is my calling to write these mysteries.  And for you to read them.  Scottie Clark was right…Jesus’ words are for the many but not about the many.  Israel are a people not a geolocation.

God Looks Upon The Heart!  He always has.




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