Jesus is Savior of the Lost, Sick, & Oppressed

Gentiles & Israel the 144

Jesus came for the sick and downhearted.  For those who are well do not need a savior.
Do they?

For God so Loves the people of Earth that He sent His only begotten Son “The Word of God” to us.  That whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish but have everlasting Life.
He sent Jesus with The Holy Spirit for us to also overcome death and Hell.  Jesus also brought us God’s Truth in words.  But in this dark new reality His words are fading fast from the books on Earth.  Magic, & Unawares, unawares.

Jesus also showed His chosen the way to God, deliverance, healing, and the way to the Holy Grail of self revelation.  Few learn their own hearts while on Earth except by the revealing God grants us.

Jesus delivered His chosen not once but many times from many perilous circumstances.  In youth, the chosen searched desperately for something to bring meaning & purpose to their lives.  “There must be more!” They engaged to quest for Truth by the Way.

The chosen spiritually blind ventured down many very dark paths seeking Love & Truth.  Until finally they found what they still seek.

By Jesus showing them the way to God they found both God and themselves.

“But what now Father!” The chosen do proclaim.  For we now have no direction except to sit and watch the rain fall.

“Be still and know that I Am God.”   “Now watch what I shall do”.  “Wait I say wait on The Lord”.

For warriors of God this may be one of the hardest directives from God as of yet.  We have been very active in the end of days fury of God.  Crushing strongholds and annihilating dark spirits.  Our time of cleansing has passed.  All the end of days scrolls are now open.

All skeletons have left the closet.  Every resentment and regret addressed with a fine tooth comb.  The 144’s time of purification is complete.  Anointings and confessions are done.  We sit and we wait.  But this is not our hardest directive from God.  Surely Jacob’s troubles were much worse than this.

But the waiting is lasting  for quite some time.

The Watchmen blow their trumpets.  We do our gardening and we plant our plants.  The many are marrying and building all around us.  Most people see nothing of the end of days signs & miracles.  They don’t even see the Mandela effects and endless synchronicities one after another.  Much less see the miraculous signs in the Heavens.  And of course the desecration of the holy places x2.  Miracle after miracle passes them by.  The eyes of the many are closed.

We cannot help them to see.  It is their own heart which blocks their eyes from sight.  We see because we became the clay in His hands.

Nevertheless Gentiles will be saved if they have but a mustard seed size Faith.

Not all will sleep but we shall all be changed.

The Gentiles are facing a very long rest, peace, and a blank slate mind.  The knowledge of evil shall leave them during their long sleep. They will forget all of their past ventures on the fallen Earth.

Why?  Because they chose deceptions over Truth. It is their choice to not seek the Way of Jesus.  Yet since they believe God will save them nevertheless.  This time is the time for those who see.

Those who shall not sleep nor will they forget.  Why?  Because the they are in a process of learning lessons.  And each spiritual lesson of God is sacred Truth which they take with them to the next journey adventure on the New Earth.

And so while the Gentiles sleep the 144 shall walk one thousand years.  They will meet the mysteries end in the caves of Truth.  They shall draw the Lion of Judah unto His best Home.  They shall see the rising of the New Sun/Son of God.  And they shall finally find their Golden Breathren.   They will ascend and meet those like them…”twenty four before, my Love, you’ll see, I’ll be there with you”.

The songs of the New Nature will be their guide.  And the morning Sun shall reveal & translate them unto timeless and fulfilled.

The coat of many colors protects them on their journey of Light.  The Serpent shall be no more.  At their journey’s end they shall watch as all the enemies of God’s Earth & all children of kaos and darkness burn at the hand of God’s Son/Sun.

And then when the children of Earth are safe from further harm they will awaken from their one thousand years- as one day- sleep.  The Gentiles who shall awaken to their Paradise as if for the first time with no memories of their past life and problems of the fallen Earth.

All tears shall be wiped away.

All pain shall be gone.

All fear will be annihilated from existence.  And then those once named the 144 shall be Wise as gods..  They shall be Guardians over The New Earth & will watch over all Life on their New Earth.

We have despised Gentiles by their blindness.  However if they have the Faith of a mustard seed size Israel will have compassion for them just as Jesus has compassion for the victims of the Beast.  And thou we covet our Father’s favor when we see the lost sheep as they truly are, naked and afraid, we shall hold fast to the Love Jesus put in our hearts for them.

Gentiles Repent of their Covetousness Over God

And we shall honor & protect from harm the renewed Gentiles with godly respect (Love).  Knowing that it could have been us. And it was us at one time who were lost and deceived.  Gentiles are hijacked, blinded, infested by Locust & demonic winged abominations from Hell.  Israel realized it could have been us who trampled God’s words for a season as Gentiles are doing now unawares.

According to bibles those who are deceived are deceived for a reason & are perishing.  But death doesn’t mean they are not saved.  The purification of FIre plays into this passage.  So few if any Gentiles on YT were able to resist the strong delusion.   A gray area.  We think there may be Hope after all, for the Gentiles who are under the strong delusion and are now given to lies.

Time will tell.

The Dark Lord will have gone to his final home, his job finished. And every demon of Hell will be no more.  Nature will be eternal.  No plant will die.  The water shall be living, vibrant, alive with eternity.  Flowers always in bloom.  Seeds of Earth shall be miraculous and birth unnamed miracles.  We will likley be able to communicate with plant life.

And so the journey of the warriors of God will be peaceful.  And they will hear Him and know Him like never before.  And His family of Gracious Deity.

The return of the gods shall be a wondrous time.  And the chosen few shall then know, as well as they are known of God.  Selah!

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