The Cosmos Theory by Observation

This Article is based on theory not fact.  It is written by Angry Jane and has no bearing on MFATW’s opinions and viewpoints.

Is The Earth Really Stationary & Fixed?

Does the giant Iron Ore magnetic poles of Earth guide the planets and keep them in orbit?

Are magnets the bases of all celestial stability?

Is gravity really a made up idea by the diabolical masonic rulers who like to keep the masses uninformed to protect their own power?

They took us to school and taught us a pack of lies.  “Your on a spinning ball rotating at 666 miles per hours


IN THE FIGHT FOR TRUTH we may be wrong from time to time.

As Above So Below.  One meaning of this phrase is that we can do experiments researching Earth’s nature and its Godly engineering.  If the experiments work on the ground then they work above.  In most cases.  The only thing not accounted for in my cosmology theory is the inertia that keeps the planets moving around Earth.  The rest is magnetics.

Earth and all Planets are Magnetic

The allegations and theories of Globe Earth Deception.

“Speed of the globe’s orbit 66.600mph
Curvature in one mile squared 666ft
the earth is on a 66.6 tilt
Earth’s axis of rotation and its plane of orbit around the Su 66.6 degrees.
The Polar circles are located near the poles of the Earth at 66.6 degrees n and s latitude.”

They change the means of measurement to hide the 666.  Such as from feet to kilometers ect.  Word deception is the game of the Beast system.  For instance it took me three years to research the back-scene because of their devising of so many words and varied acronyms that mean the same thing.


Magnets work to draw Iron ore toward them or to push Iron ore away.  Everything question we have about how the planets and Sun and Moon work and stay in orbit is answered by magnetics.

We could makes an earth terrarium with iron ore foundations north south, east, and west and if it was all balanced just right the planets and stars above would circle Earth in tandem.  All except the stars that are actually Holy Angels of God.

The Earth model would require some way to keep the planets not just up there but also in motion other than the magnetics.  If there really is something called gravity then that’s what it does.  Or perhaps its God’s inertia that keeps them floating Eastward and so on.

Gravity on Earth is simple.  Some things are heavier than others.  Gravity is weight.  Some things are lighter than air and float.

They never taught us about the magnetic Iron Ore under our as Earth being Earth’s magnetic poles in school.   They merely confuse the children by saying moving magnetic poles are moving around.  But they don’t tell that there are magnets in all the planets and Earth.   (magnets in the planets, Sun, Moon Stars).

And then we have the geographical countries north and south pole that are land masses they call “poles” South and North Poles.

The underground Iron Ore under Canada and the South pole (land mass) attract all the planets to the Earth.

So they found a way to confuse the hell out of all of it.
Wiki confusing article

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