The Image of the Beast Is In Every Home

“We are Keeping the People Safe!”  (article is coaded)

Screams the Home land high clearance secure I.T.y worker a D.H.S!  As he walks toward the new T.V. his wife just brought home and applies bandaids to three outgoing cameras on the device.   Oh wait.  They use the screen.  They don’t need a camera eye because it’s behind the screen.  If you want privacy unplug it and put a sheet or blanket over the entire spy device.


Privacy laws clearly went to shit when the attic of nineish oneish oneish happened for us all to take in.  “Be scared!”   Problem =Traction =Salutation. OR=solution◀⬅ reaction⬅◀ problem◀ ◀

The people call for protection from a government that cannot be trusted with a piece of bubble gum to deliver to the child down the road until the agent gets his cut of the take.

I remember the first time I went to what was an American Airport in Orlando to send my daughter off to Michigan.  I was treated much like I had NO RIGHTS whatsoever in my own country.  And the many other worlders, foreigners from God only knows what country where all I could see at security.  They were like ants, everywhere.  All of them speaking the same language.   I was disrespectfully treated with the same kind of treatment embraced in the County Lock up-JAIL.  Ya, low self worth jail guards on a power trip…some of the nicest bastards you will ever meet.

Jail guards demoralized from birth swimming in low self image have their uses.  Says the .gov recruitment agent.  They receive their new found self esteem from treating others as inferior.  It’s simple Freudian psyche 101 “The joys of demoralization of humanity”.  And don’t tell the foreign invaders the truth about their disrespectful behavior which they thrive on because it now makes them feel “good & right”.  Lest they lock you up indefinitely.

Fuck you very much U.S. Government.  The airport event was back in …..oh around 2008.  In 2001 The Pet Riot defacto passed. Dew to the picture show, story time on the Image of the beast (tv) called “911” CALL 911 call 911!” screams Bette Midler in “Down and Out in Beverly Hills“!  Great movie by the way on Vudu.

I read half of the Pet Riot Act, it wasn’t long then, before realizing that the content of the laws passed were summed up as this… “we can arrest anybody for anything and hold them indefinitely without their God given human or con situational Wright(s).  End of story.


Lest they label you a dissident.  And at or sell your sexual activities to the dark web.  Do you have a TV in your bedroom?  Cover it.  It’s like that the TV has a battery but the battery will only transmit power for so long.  If you always unplug (put the plug on a power strip with a switch to make it simple) you image of the beast tv the battery will hopefully run low.  It’s likely the battery will only work to transmit audio.  Video footage would take too much power.  Most people NEVER unplug their image of the beast tv’s.

One World Order

The agencies which are questionable at best are DHS, ICE, & HLS.   H.Security likes to point to immigrants as their primary targets.  However that is likely a ploy to make resident americans feel secure.  They have the tech.  Why wouldn’t they use it?  Especially now that corporate america owns the entire WORLD.  The corpses showed us during the unification of all countries (during the frying pan demic) that we are now under a one world order of law.

The News is entertainment.  Story show time with picture shows to boot.  Lies lies lies written by the Father of Lies.   Christians on YT say this but they do not believe it.  They act like they know it’s all theatre.  Then in the next breathe they talk about international events as if they are true.  Events which they have no way of verifying as true.  You know you can download apps for your internet TV.  So many channels.

I wonder which channels channel the beast’s worst live TV.  My bet is that you don’t need the dark web to find it out.

Your TV Camera footage sold to the highest bidder?

Father God made sure we knew there would be an image of the beast. So while the Christians sit around with their “it’s coming, it’s coming” mentality as they wait on a talking statue to appear in the courtyard (ridiculous).  The real Image of the Beast does the works of Hell itself.

What your Image of the beast provides and to who.

First all governmental organizations get their access to the private footage in homes and buildings and offices and anywhere else a TV exists.  After the sell outs get their piece of the private action.  Then your privacy and privates are sold to the perverts on the dark web or maybe even regular internet.  Who knows.  Organization after organization is provided a category of footage ranging from sexual shows, to violence, to murder, to fights, to betrayal to whatever debauchery sells.

Image how much more interesting real live TV can be when it’s recording those who are unaware they are being recorded.  Image the MONEY the Image of the Beast brings in to these organizations.

WHY WOULDN’T THEY DO IT?  The government is first in fucking in line for the $$ train of the Image of the Beast (tv).  Not to mention the phones which are also T.I.O.T.B.


What is the government’s primary purpose as we see it?  To get money from you! In the form of taxations, & licenses, & more licenses, and certificates of this and of that, tickets, laws that make them money, homeowner laws, land laws, land grabs, thievery for money, jails that make them money, slavery of prisons, slavery in jails, courts which make them more money.  The first thing homeland did when they got their wings was gather financial info on all the people in the U.S. and they began taking people bank accts in the name of “security” and taxation.

The gov is evil.  The corruption is endless.  And the highest selling live tv footage of all is the gross violence and perversions of unspeakable abuses.  Crimes against humanity are what the govs should be fighting.  But instead they are making it possible for slavery of every kind to run rampant on Earth.

Looking into the face of the beast isn’t easy.  Most people think that everyone is basically good.  And that governments actually have moral standards with moral high ground to boot.  Not so.  The rich man sits in front of his I.O.T.B all the day long watching whatever fetish the world offers him.

He feels very powerful by this technology.  The apps are providing him resources for entertainment that are beyond  even his own imagination.

Mind control is the primary purpose of the image of the beast.  But it’s not the only purpose.  Mind control may very well be the worst use of Beast technology.

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