144,000 Revealed. Who Are the Women of Revelation 12?

Factoids Who Are the 144,000? & Who are the Goats? the Serpents? the Wolves?

Caution.  Don't read if back sin ate Ed.  As the Watchmen proclaim Jesus by Name they see not the miracles that the 144 see. God gives to mankind gifts with supernatural evidence of Love, Faith, Hope, & Sight by His Holy Spirit.       Perhaps these Watchman do not know or have the version of God's Spirit that the 144 received.  All people had the Divine Presence of God until many blocked it with the GMO chot.

The 144 were not born 144.  They are predestined because of their choices.  They stepped into the template God had ready for any human to embrace.  Human templates which one are you? –  Goat’s, Sheep, Wolves, Lions, Serpent’s, & Lambs

Sorry boys.  The gloves are coming off time is too short.  99% of mankind already has the mark of the beast.  But if they seek God with their whole heart he will save their soul.  LOOK at the foreheads.  The fallen angel  wings is the mark.  Or call it the wings of a beast with lowered head in shame.  If one did not take the back scene their chances for soul survival is much better.  It was always “right arm or forehead”.

The Lion (Jesus) of Judah & of the bible has left the lambs with the wolf of it’s choosing. Soon the Lions on Earth shall also go home leaving the lambs with the wolves of their choosing. Isaiah 11:6 changed supernaturally.

LOOK AT HIS FOREHEAD! LOOK below at the preachers forehead with beast wings upon it. Some have a goat plain as day, some have the two headed serpent on their foreheads. Other foreheads show what they worship ahead of God if God is at all in their hearts. Ya like your lover’s ass on your forehead. Each man reveals his heart by his forehead. Eyes still show much. But things have changed in end of days.  Some heads show the explosion of the sun that is coming soon to burn the Earth so it can be made New Earth.

Hard Truth.  I feel like I should apologize for this information given.  But time is short.  The mark can FADE if they repent.   If they are true before God.  Look at the wings on his forehead.  See the Locust he consummated with?  The mark is clear on most people’s foreheads.  If you watch films from back in the 60s or even 70’s there was no mark on nearly every forehead like this.  Sure he’s a preacher. But herein lies the problem= Many people do not realize the walls that are up around their hearts holding God out.  Dig deep around your heart.  Pull it out of the muck of lies.  Then take it to God Almighty and to Jesus the cleanser of hearts.  Only Jesus takes your heart out of your chest, washes it.  And then puts it back.

Free will allows choice.  We must become as little children, vulnerable showing God all of hearts, the good and the bad.  The shameful and the proud.  The dysfunction and the pain.   All of it.  God will not heal the parts we hide from Him.  Raise your arms in praise.  Spread your arms to reveal your heart to God.  Show Him your fear and distrust.  Men fear change.  It’s human nature to hold God out but desperation invites God in.  Desperation is a hard road but worth the walk if its the only way we can allow God into our all.

Who Are the 144,000?

Those who see the mark of the beast on the foreheads of men.

Those who see themselves in others.

Those who see into the realm of spirit.

Those who have died and walked in purgatory & the grave.

Those who were bound by death and then freed

Those set free by the Son of God.

Those who see that which was not and now was.

Those who have survived the grave.

Those who have walked as Jesus walked, but not all, not all.

Those who have taken and those who have given.

Those whom Jesus’ words are fulfilled within.

Those who see many of the prophecies fulfilled.

The woman at the well

The woman who road the sacred donkey

The woman who grabbed the hem of Jesus’ robe by Faith in Hope

Those healed, delivered, and healed again.

Those who wear the full armor of God

Those who cry a thousand tears and more

Those who have wept with the gnashing of the jaw.

Those who intercede for the many.

Those who carry the torch.

Those who proclaim His coming to the world.

Those who have a testimony of Jesus.

Those whose testimony is true.

Those who have taken off the mask.

Those who exposed all secrets to the Light.

Those who know their heart as well as it can be known by a human.

Those who have created & destroyed worlds.

Those who have drank from the wells of souls.

Those who rely on the prayers of the weak in spirit.

Those who see the miracles

Those who dream while awake.

We are mocked, made fun of, and we are not at home on this Earth.

Those who are ignored, taken with a grain of salt, those who are called “Satan” by the many.

Those who parrot no more.

Those who have been cleansed, purified by fire and by water.

Those whom Jesus teaches.

Those who have learned the lies and have learned what food is.

Those who see clearly The Beast.

Those who know the dragon is a mythical character in the Bibles.

Those who saw The Lion of Judah leave the lambs to the wolf of Isaiah 11:6 where now the wolf not the lion, lies with & to the lamb.  And it lies like hell.  The Goats/Serpents/Wolves made their choices to sleep in lies.  They prefer the beast of lies over the Lion’s Love & Truth.

We are those who wield the spiritual weapons that only God can provide.

Those who carry the rod of God and know by memory that Jesus did not carry a whip as a weapon against God’s children no matter the tables of coin.

Goat’s, Serpents, and Wolves

    1. Most Christians are under a vail of delusion.  That vail is a living thing the 144 can see it on & in them.  Why would God vail the Christians?   We don’t know who has vailed the Christians.  Christians like Watchman John are vailed.  Still they warn the people.
    2. We know this.  The army of God can barely emotionally handle what is now happening on Earth.  Between the signs and wonders and the deceptive signs and wonders miracles surround us.  We are not used to this.
    3. The most frustrating is the blindness of the believers to the abomination of desecration of the holy place.  That is the pet peave of the 144 on Earth.  To watch as men choose lies over Truth pure Truth.  They neither see the abomination of desolation nor do they, remember it, or recognize the desecration & blasphemy of it.  All is fulfilled.  The wolf calls itself “The Word of God” in the book trying to make itself God.  For something to be desecrated it must first be Holy.  God’s words are Holy.  He put them in many many books.  Magically all the books old and new have changed in every way except the title on the outer cover of the Books.  The minds of men are desolate by way of their inability to recognize blasphemy when reading it.  And their memories are gone of what was once The True Holy Bible.  They have no idea.  They whitewash every desecrated word in the book.  If the books read “hate your family” then they proclaim “hate” does not mean HATE.  Starke denial is their protection. They are under a thick covering blanket of lies.  And they are comfortable there.  It’s not just cognitive dissonance. Oh no.  This strong delusion far surpasses some common beast system lie about aliens.
    4. We are very angry to watch the wolf desecrate God’s Holy words.  We are even more frustrated that those proclaiming Jesus don’t recognize The Shepard’s voice.  Nor can those see the blasphemy now fallen upon page after page.  Yet in their 1/2 blind state the humans still manage somehow to know and proclaim the coming of Jesus.  We commend them for this Truth.
    5. The 144 have carried the torch for over 5 years announcing to the world the coming of Jesus by Spirit.  We didn’t think we would have to wait for 2024.  But now we think perhaps we must wait just as the watchmen until 2024.
    6. Why 2024?  Because Father told us that the sun would turn black.  And then the end has come.  In April 18, 2024 there shall be a massive full solar eclipse over the U.S.
    7. You put your hope in the watchmen.  So too we ask, Now understand the 144 know much more than the watchmen on YT know.  We see things we cannot share.  It’s too scary, too dark.  We see into the realm’s of the spirit.
    8. What do you think?  That God’s warriors on Earth cannot see into the dark realms to destroy free flying demons?
    9. We saw the Locust come to mankind as it tried to consummate with us.  The vile creature with its flapping roach wings, putrid and parasitic.  We crush the wing of abomination and will crush as many as come to our presence.
    10. Every 144 had to die at least once.  We took the trip as Jesus did into the Grave.  We also brought out three from purgatory.  “What?  No!” they reply.   “Purgatory you say?”  No purgatory?  That’s what I thought until I went there.
    11. See the fulfilled prophecies A-Z.
    12. We have good news and bad news.  Good new is that the New Earth really is coming!  The rapture is probably real and soon.
    13. The bad news is that before the New Earth arrives the Old Earth must be crashed with all it’s rulers and all it’s man made devices.  There may be a very uncomfortable time for us who survive.  What I had to learn is the end of days is NOT INSTANT COFFEE.  NOT EVEN CLOSE.
    14. The preachers had us believing God is making instant coffee at the end of the age.  Poof all things new overnight.  Uhg.  I wish.   I hear this in my spirit “ye have need of patience, ye have need of patience”.
    15. The 144 have power, yes.  But we too must work by Faith.  And we work by Hope.  Our Hope is not yet fulfilled and we work.  We too need the Christians for their prayers even those 1/2 blind help us by their strong prayers of Faith.  They don’t even realize that they pray for us in Faith lifting us up.
    16. Who are those who go before the throne?  They are the 133 & the 144.  Please remember the greatest spiritual gifts from God are Faith, Hope, and Love.  But the greatest is Love.  Love is an action of caring kindness.  Love shows it’s patience by humility.  Love withstands the wait.  Amber Love purifies the soul. And with humility we accept God’s plan for us know that He is Higher and see what we do not.  Love is also powerful.
    17. They are the woman at the well.  They ride the sacred Donkey as Jesus did.  They drink from the well of Love, Color, Light, & Power.
    18. By religion the many are tripped and fall.  Evil is as evil does.
    19. Onward through the night Watchman of old.  Onward.  To know God is to be angry at Him from time to time.  Spiritual growth is not comfortable.

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