Why Are they Really Fighting Over the Dome of the Rock?

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Mysteries revealed by the Seer.

In a sentence?  They are fighting over the Dome that’s built on the Rock of Ages.  Because of the powerful demonic favors once doled out by the demonic presence inside that crystal of Earth.   Under the dome he Onyx once spoke.  The Black Amethyst rose mankind unto power to rule the world.  The Black Saphire brought the men in black hats wishes from the well of souls.   By death offerings from Life sacred and True they gnashed by their own greed while offering their priceless solemn first love in return for heinous favors.  Their first Love cannot ever be returned to them.

Each man will answer for his deeds.  And the heart that’s too far gone is incapable of repentance unless repentance is given as a gift by God Himself.

The Seer can tell you exactly why that tiny piece of property is so valuable.  But you likely won’t believe it unless you believe in the supernatural.  Both supernatural good and evil exist on this Earth in ways few realize.  This is the preface of why they are fighting for the piece of land called Jew ru Salem.  It WAS, the hub of supernatural dark power.

But what they don’t know is the power is squashed crushed is the head of the serpent!  But before it was recently crushed I will reveal the vision of Jazweeh to you of what was there and what remains there.

“Thrones” are not what you think they are.  Oh sure they are golden chairs which kings sit on to give themselves self worth & confidence to oppress others & pomp vanity.  But there is another kind of throne.  A greater throne that gives true power.  We are not sure when they rose up inside the Earth but the dark thrones end has come as prophesied.  “His time is short”.

Thrones are crystal.  Deep dark crystals that go down down down like a great root of tree sinking down into the depths of darkness.  They look something like this.

The thrones grew over many years of Earth’s very creation.  Just as all true crystals grow.  Power thrones can harbor within them either good spirits of Light/of God or bad dark spirits of evil by the Dark Lord.

All across the Earth thrones of darkness grew and rose up.  Each throne grew as a foundation of evil in certain locations akin to sacred geometry.

And because of mankind’s sin in the world these black crystal thrones grew far more powerful than the lighted thrones.  But only for a time.  These thrones gradually filled with very powerful demonic entities capable of granting supernatural wishes.   So to those who worshipped before the thrones inhabited by demons the men in black hats came to RULE THE WORLD BY GREED, LUST, ENVY, COVETOUSNESS, AND FALSE PRIDE.  By their heinous need for more they financially & physically crushed mankind. 

The throne in Juru Salem ruled over all the other dark thrones on Earth.  It’s likely that the other countries on Earth may not yet realize the fall of the dark throne in Jew ru Salem.  But its also likely that Palestinians know something since they are now fighting back.  If the image of the beast news stories are accurate at all.  The TV lie’s like hell.

Demons always came to steal, kill, and destroy God’s creation.  And so with each wish that the demons granted…came a crushing blow to the good people of Earth.  The innocent and the unknowledgeable suffered while the men in black hats served their demonic presence to turn the world into a portion of Hell.

But now the THRONE OF LIGHT have arisen and cannot be destroyed by any evil.  Now is the time of the Lion.  The demons in their evil thrones have already been cast to Hell.

And although these men fight over that land of power there is no demon to grant their wishes.  Not anymore!

None of the stories hold true 100% “The Black Stone of Mecca”, the “Dome of the Rock” none tell the whole tale.  They keep their secrets and fight to the death for that rock’s lost power.

Make no mistake if there is any latent power in those thrones they will soon cease desist! By the very will and Spirit of God in Heaven.

Would thou war against thine own Creator?

By sorceries the men in black hats betrayed their own people, brothers, wives, sisters, and family for the sake of ruling the world.  They got their wish.  The demons kept their long sought after promise.  But ….as any good story goes…false pride blinds the evil men with pomp and visions of immortality.  Demons always get the last laugh over those who trust them.

The Dark Lord the leader and ruler over every demonic entity in Hell serves God Almighty.  These demons were created for a very good reason.  So mankind could make their eternal choices.  The men in black hats will wish they chose the light because their eternity with either end or end in Hell.  These men will be abused by the very demons who served them in the Throne of Darkness.

Their wish was the demons command.  But a price was paid for every black gift the demons gave.

THE THRONES OF DARKNESS ARE FINISHED.  NO DEMON WILL EVER AGAIN BRING ITS VOICE FORTH FROM THE CRYSTAL ROCK OF AGES.  tHE Rock of Ages whom they call their “Cryst”.  Therein is why religion deemed crystals as being “evil”.

However it’s not the crystals that are evil it was demons which inhabited them that are evil, of course.


So then now what?  What of these LIGHT CRYSTAL THRONES?

The Thrones of Light have risen and so the dark thrones are literally decomposing, crashing, cracking, decaying in the Earth.  While the Thrones of Light are energized and filling with God’s Holy Presence.  The thrones rule the state of the Earth.  Goodness is becoming more and more powerful each day.

Mankind will have a chance to turn to God and to know His son Jesus but time is short.  Probably seven years hence the Harvest will be complete.  And now that darkness knows it’s rein is over its killing and turning as many to evil as it possibly can…out of spite.   It’s mankind who is the bringer of death and darkness.  The first murder conjured up the first dark demon.

Who are you Jazweeh to write these things?  I am a scribe of God therefore I am given the information in visions, dreams, and simply … by knowing.  That’s how it works.  The knowledge is for you.

The Beast

Hence the men in black hats professed to be scribes themselves way back in Jesus’ day.  That’s how propaganda came to lead all of religion to be “Legion” into darkness and deception.  The Dome of the Rock is Legion and they are many.

The greedy men took Jesus and then they stoled Truth from the people. They lived long lives and poisoned the food of the masses for short lives. They hoarded all and every good knowledge they could.  They built hospitals to kill by their medicines and torturous “procedures”.  They built medical schools to kill & torture the people.   They devised big pharma to kill and make money to oppress.  They made towers of babel to rule men’s minds.  And they conceived to corrupt every piece of literature on the face of the Earth and did so by the towers of Babel.

By their gained knowledge they could have made the world a very beautiful place.  A land of plenty for everyone.  But they chose destruction and annihilation instead.  They chose hate over Love.

By their actions they cursed their own sons.  By their lust they covered the Earth with poisons. They stoled the knowledge of the Zodiac.  They stoled the knowledge of self sufficiency by family gardening and their mass $ farming $. They contaminated & turned the sea into a red tide sea of death with their artificial nitrates in miracle grow.  Miracle grow runs down the Mississippi River from they vulgar poison food fams into the Gulf of Mexico and fast paced miracle grow’s the Karenia brevis algae.  Which steals the Oxygen from the water.  Then the lying scribes of the beast label & advertise the red tide problem as a “natural phenomena” Pish posh!

They say they can’t grow food without Bayer/Monsanto’s TOXIC chemicals.   And yet we grow food in the sandy soil of Florida with no chemicals.  What they mean to say is “we won’t make an extra 10% profit if we don’t use the chemicals.  Then they destroy the ocean and kill fish with their co-owned miracle grow.  The growers own the company that makes the toxic chemicals… so there’s that.

On and on the genocide spins for those whose eyes have seen the Beast.  And now that we see the beast the woman of Revelation 12 who survived her tribulation of youth and birthed her child/warrior within now crushes the unbelievers by the hand of Jesus.  By the Spirit of God the Sun of God will return as The Sun of God and few will be able to stand.  For that is the Harvest.  The believers will be purified by the fires of the Sun in His purity.

Some shall be purified and made white these will stand before Jesus.  The Gentiles will sleep.  While the New Earth is born and seeded.

NEVER AGAIN WILL GO ALLOW SUCH EVIL ON EARTH.  NEVER AGAIN WILL MANKIND DESTROY NATURE.  The New Nature will be something to behold.  It shall far exceed the nature which had to defend itself against man for so long.

The New Earth is Coming But first the Harvest is True.


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