Anyone Could Have Become Spiritual Israel the Chosen Few


Let’s Talk About Scottie (now Scott) Clarke the preacher/watchmen to the chosen few.  The “rightly dividing” henchman of the end of days.  He is found on Youtube at this Link

Scott Clarke in a nutshell insists on reading correctly just who each scripture is written to prior to saying “that’s to me” & “that’s me!”.   He proclaims that most scripture is to the chosen few.  And that the Gentiles have little to do with the bibles.

If we were not in the end of days his rightly dividing would be wrong.  But since we are in harvest time now he is right in saying “most of the new and old testament scripture is written to Israel.

Gentiles have not become the clay in God’s hands to continue their spiritual growth in Him.  They went their own way rather than following the Way of Jesus.  No more learning for them.

However just as each religion/legion founded their churches on one great & Godly Truth. So too each watchmen anointed of God was given one great Truth about the end of days.  And of course they all are called to warn the people of Jesus’ coming.  And to preach the gospel of Jesus along with the one great truth they received.  Whatever that truth may be.

For Scott it’s the salutations that matter, his rightly dividing epiphanies.

But we remember that each salutation used to be generally addressed toward one of the churches.  Now—not so much since the bibles are magically changing.  But that magic is hidden from the Gentiles & unbelievers alike.  Via the strong delusion.  Scott uses the term “breathren” previously “breathren of Jesus” to count as “Israel” Paul’s brethren.  Jesus calls the chosen His Breathren.  Whereas now He calls the Gentiles “friends”.

Stay with me here.  The Seer sees what was, what is, and some of what will soon come.

It is harvest time and Israel the chosen few know exactly who, why, and what, they are.  God revealed that to us beginning in 2017.

Gentiles, many of them claim to be the chosen few 144 but they missed the war.  They proclaim that the battle is coming with their training.  Yet God Almighty trained us up years ago.  And now time is short.  The war is pretty much over.  The victory is ours and God Almighty carries out the finish.

The battle is the Lord’s?  Literally yes.  But Father has an army who have been fighting in Spirit for many years.  Higher warfare is done in the Spirit by higher language.  Father gave us purpose in His army to war in Spirit.

So Scott lacks the big picture.  And no Gentiles is able to properly interpret fulfillment of scripture unless they get one great Truth as the Watchmen each have. This is why I watch the Watchmen.  For a little Truth and validation.

Prior to harvest time anyone could have started the process of becoming a chosen one.

“Many are called few are chosen”.  Had they walked the Way of Jesus they would have become the bloodline of Israel in both body and spirit.  But there is only a few months left on the fallen Earth.  How then can a man receive a lifetime of training in four months?  Not to mention how much work could the man get done in four months with training?

So Scott is correct…much of the Bible is not to the Gentiles anymore.  At least not the True words.  The bible has become a fallen bible for a fallen generation.  It’s the Dark Lord who is rewriting the bibles now…one and all old and new.  The Gentiles somehow glean Truth from lies its quite miraculous to watch the strong delusion be overcome by the Gentiles in that way.

If the Gentiles used Webster’s when reading their desecrated bible their perceptions of holiness in the words would fall to the ground black and marred.  The true words from God are no longer in the book.  Therefore their perceptions of Holy would not hold up under true English interpretations.

What am I saying?  I am saying if they use Webster’s with their KJVB they might just be able to see the abomination of desolation, that “wicked” standing in the holy place.  But they prefer the lies at this point.  The truth is all too much to take in.

For example “for I could wish that myself were accursed from Christ for my brethren, my kinsmen according to the flesh: Who are Israelites;”

Winkies galore.  First of all Jesus doesn’t “curse” anybody according to God’s Truth.

“Bless and curse not” was written.

“could wish that myself were” the grammar is nauseating and it was not so.  True KJVB scholars would roll over in their graves if they read today’s bibles.

“according to the flesh” is popping up quite often as an inverted precept.  The Dark Lord is all about “according to the scripture” and “according to the flesh” and so on.  On and on go the desecrations of God’s words as the Gentiles trample trample trample His Truth.

Go ahead ….say it…”that’s not what it means!”  But  it is what it reads!

The great falling away is happening now.  And desecrated bibles are at the helm of the debauchery.  That’s why I cannot will not let go of exposing it.  Even though I will lose most of my readers if they are religious.  If they put the book above God Himself there is a problem.

Curse abound in the near desolate bibles now.  It’s literally spiritually dangerous to read it aloud!

Not all of the Dark Lord’s verses are about desecrating God’s words.  He has his own agenda and words by the author of confusion.  They have turned unto fables Scott.

Where the Eagle lands so to the corpse shall lie. Eagle is one of the marks of the beast on the forehead.

Bottom line about salvation.  “If ye have a mustard seed sized Faith in God ye shall be saved.”

But first most are deceived.  The 1,000 years of sleep for Gentiles (as one day).  It will seem like only one day for the Gentiles..  Then awaken to The New Earth.  New nature will be miraculous. The Sun of God will transform the Earth by the Glory of The Son of God in the Sun of God.

What the Earth was always meant to be.

Papaver somniferum Giganteum

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