Alleged-Gene Oh Side In All the Earth

Naomi Wolf Investigative Reporter on Youtube channel blckbx

Watch on youtube “If Europe does not wake up, you will all be dead says Naomi Wolf author of “Facing the Beast”

The poison is in the cure.  She says it’s only the U.S. that has fallen prey to the events of Gene oh side.  However I don’t believe that for a minute.

In this reality the cure is usually the illness.  Ms. Wolf says it’s only the citizens of the U.S. that have fallen prey to the events of Gene oh side.  However I don’t believe that for a minute.  All the Earth’s controllers are dancing the same dance.  The elite are likely telling every country’s people the same daunting story of peril and war.  I could be wrong but prophecy fulfillment proves to me that it’s harvest time .  And that means people in all countries are being spiritually harvested one way or another.  This is just the beginning.

NOBODY no matter how powerful gets to steal the ending from the Alpha and the Omega.  He IS the one who ends it.  He is the beginning and the end.

WHY ARE WE HERE?  The big spiritual question….we are here to make our choice of our God or no God.  We are here to seek God or go to the soul death.

The New Earth is coming and God has big plans for His children of Faith.  The choices are made.  The end is nigh.  End of days is in all the prophecies of every religion.

Binary & binary thinking.  Binary example- The planets that are in Earth’s solar system are magnetically connected to and dependent on each other & Earth for their stability.  So Ms.Wolf (name is suspect so I suppose Ms.Wolf is likely promoted by the Beast.  Otherwise she would be silenced all together we think.  I could be wrong, maybe the elites let her slip through the cracks of sin sore ship.)

Anyway what she means by “binary thinking” is that the cognitive dissident people are not free thinkers or free speakers.  They cannot perceive of diabolical evil when it’s pointed at them because it’s just too fucking scarey.  But Ms. Wolf didn’t mention why they are unable to process simple facts.  It’s a side effect of mind control that starts in childhood.

The majority of human beings in this country are dependent on what is socially accepted and considered normal regarding their thought and verbal expression patterns.  They are also binary in their behavior.  Their understanding is remiss.


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